20 Best Canadian Celebrities Podcasts of 2022

Are you wanting to learn more about canadian celebrities? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best canadian celebrities podcasts of 2022.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best Canadian Celebrities Podcasts 2022

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Jeff Knows Inc.

  • Publisher: Jeff Lopes
  • Total Episodes: 169

Jeff Knows Inc is a podcast hosted by Canadian Entrepreneur / Author Jeff Lopes. Established in 2020, the podcast has quickly grown into one of Canada’s most popular shows, regularly receiving millions of views, also including a wide array of guests from celebrities to some of the globes top entrepreneurs.

Marilyn Denis Does a Podcast

  • Publisher: Bell Media Studios
  • Total Episodes: 71

MARILYN DENIS DOES A PODCAST is a 30-minute, CTV original podcast series. At home and in isolation, Canadian radio and television icon, Marilyn Denis, talks with familiar experts and celebrities featured on The Marilyn Denis show and CHUM 104.5 radio, sharing great stories, conversations and good laughs. It’s the stuff Marilyn talks about with her guests when the mics are off! So whether you’re curious, bored, overwhelmed, or just in need of a bit company, this podcast is for you!

Stars, Stripes and Maple Leafs

  • Publisher: Stars, Stripes and Maple Leafs
  • Total Episodes: 10

Internationally renowned comedian Tom Papa and his Canadian friend Sara Singer Schiff talk about all the differences between the United States and Canada and what makes Canada unique. They talk about what Canadians think about Americans, what is Canadian cuisine, which major celebrities are Canadian and much more.

The Canadian Star System with Steve Patterson

  • Publisher: Apostrophe Podcast Network
  • Total Episodes: 24

Canada doesn’t really have a ‘star system’ like our neighbours to the south. In fact, many of our celebrities have had to leave the country to find the work and recognition they deserve. 

Well, THE CANADIAN STAR SYSTEM aims to change that. Each week, host Steve Patterson (CBC Radio’s The Debaters) and his producer/co-host Diana Frances (Canadian Screen Award winning comedy writer) interview a well-known Canadian celebrity who then shines the spotlight on someone THEY think should also be a star. That person joins the conversation and we learn why they are worthy of being a household name… in households other than their own.

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The April Anderson Show

  • Publisher: April Anderson
  • Total Episodes: 23

April Anderson is a Canadian journalist and former radio host who interviews on a wide range of topics both locally & internationally from lifestyle, health, and politics to popular culture, environment, business, and entertainment with authors, celebrities, experts, and professionals in their fields.

HOT TALK: A Climate Change Podcast

  • Publisher: Newstalk1010
  • Total Episodes: 11

Canada’s climate is getting hotter, wetter, and wilder. Now is the time to hear the truth – or the many truths – about climate change in Canada. This podcast is hosted by Elliott Cappell who’s a national leader in climate resilience.  Elliott is a National Director for WSP Canada, where he leads one of the largest climate change consulting practices in the country. Elliott will use a range of methods to host the podcast, including 1:1 interviews, roundtables, and short stories with Canadian and international experts, politicians, and celebrities.  

Women Run Canada

  • Publisher: Kirsten Parker
  • Total Episodes: 115

Women Run Canada is a podcast that celebrates Canadian women runners from all walks of life and the community we create within this fantastic sport. Hosted by Kirsten Parker, this show is the perfect partner to get you inspired, laughing and best of all, gets you out running this beautiful country we call home.


  • Publisher: Amadeus Choir of Greater Toronto
  • Total Episodes: 6

Join the Amadeus Choir of Greater Toronto for Songwalks: Choral music for your daily journey. Each episode is designed to accompany your walk through the city or countryside, at dawn or at dusk. They are the perfect way to let your imagination loose as you move through the world around you. You will hear music by composers throughout the ages recorded by the Amadeus Choir, and spoken word poetry by leading Canadian writers, as well as members of the Amadeus Choir. ABOUT THE AMADEUS CHOIR OF GREATER TORONTO Enlivening Toronto’s arts community for 47 years, the award-winning Amadeus Choir is a semi-professional choir of auditioned voices from Toronto and the surrounding areas. The Choir champions the best of choral music and premieres works of Canadian and international composers through a self-produced Toronto concert series, guest performances, and special events. Known well beyond Toronto through tours, festivals, recordings, and national and international radio broadcasts, the Choir collaborates with many professional performing arts organizations in the GTA. The Amadeus Choir is proud to take a leading role in educating the next generation of choral musicians by providing workshops for conductors, composers, singers, and students. The Choir is known for its strong support of Canadian music, and regularly commissions work from established and emerging Canadian composers. In 2019, after celebrating the 35-year leadership of Lydia Adams, the Choir welcomed Kathleen Allan as Artistic Director and Conductor.


  • Publisher: NEWSTALK Sauga 960 AM
  • Total Episodes: 72

nFocus w. Annie Koshy takes a focused look at three primary components: People, Places and Events as they all interact on a local, national and international branding and marketing perspective.

The first component looks at people and the milestones they have in their life, as they build their brand. What have been their challenges, achievements and breakthrough moments and how are they utilizing their story to market themselves?

The second component takes a look at events that bring our communities together and the messages conveyed to the larger Canadian community through those events.

The third component acknowledges the fact that we are in a digital era and our stories and voices heard locally are an echo of stories and voices from other parts of the world as well. We look at sharing the journeys and success of influential people of global repute who are changing the world with their work and message.

Each week, nFocus will celebrate the People, Places and Events that serve to entertain, challenge and ultimately, inspire us all.

Confessions of a Rock’n’Roll Cameraman

  • Publisher: Pat Canavan and Tony Wannamaker
  • Total Episodes: 5

New episodes every Thursday! In the 1980s, Culture was being shaped by immerging digital video technology. Tony Wannamaker was one of the founders of Much Music “The Nation’s Music Station”. The messages playing out in music videos. Being a blue-collar cameraman gave Tony the ability to access and document this cultural revolution through the camera lens while adding to the cultural shift itself through his visual reporting. As Pat Canavan interviews Tony about his 40-year career, the podcast delves into the Canadian identity in pop culture outside of the US narrative. We get an inside look at Tony’s adventures around the world, including encounters with celebrities like Sidney Poitier, musicians David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Lenny Kravitz and more. Then we will dive deep with sharks of unknown names or celebrity status, travel to Africa to shoot the BIG 5 and meet the Masai Prince and even explore a near-death experience.

ANOKHI Uncensored

  • Publisher: Rukus Avenue Radio
  • Total Episodes: 64

#ANOKHIUNCENSORED is a monthly talk radio show by ANOKHI LIFE. Its hosts are two dynamic personalities who have come together for the very first time, to deep dive forbidden and controversial topics about the South Asian, global community. Gen-Xer Hina P. Ansari’s 20+ years as a journalist, was launched by her being the first South Asian Muslim woman to break into the Canadian publishing world at FLARE magazine. Celebrities that she’s worked with have included: Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, and Gwen Stefani. She has blogged about foreign policy and social justice issues for The Huffington Post Canada, and is the long-standing editor-in-chief of ANOKHI magazine (print and then online). Hina has filmed her first doc, The Style Atlas-Jakarta and has been a guest of the Emerging Leaders Conference in 2014 at The White House, as part of Women’s History Month. Millennial co-host Ruchika Bindra-Anand, is a Lifestyle & Entertainment media personality, who holds a Master’s degree in Communication Studies and has been hosting on-camera and live events for over five years now. Former host of the hit TV show #NoFilter on Rogers TV, Ruchika has also been the red-carpet host and entertainment reporter for Anokhi Pulse TV, where she has interviewed/met celebrities like: Jennifer Lopez, Tamanna Roashan (#DressYourFace), Abhishek Bachchan, Taapsee Pannuu, and Robin Sharma. Hina and Ruchika are excited to tackle the world of #ANOKHIUNCENSORED!

Sports Talk

  • Publisher: CBC Radio
  • Total Episodes: 40

Celebrated sports broadcaster John Hancock combs through four decades of contacts, dialling up top Canadian athletes and people in the sports world to chat about how sports have shaped their lives.

Behold Dianna

  • Publisher: Borderland Pride
  • Total Episodes: 12

Behold Dianna is a podcast miniseries celebrating the late Dianna Boileau, one of the first Canadians to receive gender-affirming surgery, back in the 1970s. In this series, you will hear Dianna’s story in her own words, through a reading of her autobiographical novel, “Behold, I Am a Woman”, originally written by Dianna with author Felicity Cochrane. This podcast is produced by Borderland Pride, the LGBTQ2 Pride organization serving the Rainy River District in Northwestern Ontario – the unconventional queer frontier where Dianna spent some of her formative years and gained support for her transition from a local physician. The series features present-day commentary, dramatic readings by members of Fort Frances Little Theatre, and audio of Dianna herself. Credits for individual episodes are provided in the descriptions and audio content. See the episode descriptions for content warnings. Inquiries may be directed to [email protected]

All Writers Are Conmen

  • Publisher: Susan Swan
  • Total Episodes: 6

The Dead Celebrities Club is the newest novel by Canadian award-winning author Susan Swan. In this special summer podcast, she will be reading the first chapters of her acclaimed new novel as well as answering questions about her writing process.

Sunday Homilies

  • Publisher: Canadian Martyrs Roman Catholic Church
  • Total Episodes: 99

Sunday homilies as part of Mass celebrations at Canadian Martyrs Church, from Hamilton, Ontario.

Even Strength

  • Publisher: Emily Renneberg
  • Total Episodes: 14

Celebrating and encouraging diversity in Canadian sport by sharing stories, insight, and inspiration from athletic lives and careers.

Afropolitan Dialogues

  • Publisher: Meres J. Weche
  • Total Episodes: 35 is a trusted source to celebrate and showcase excellence in Canada’s multifaceted Black community. Our podcast, Afropolitan Dialogues, features both established and emerging African-Canadian and international movers and shakers.

Podcast by

Jacob’s House

  • Publisher: Jacob Dinh
  • Total Episodes: 6

Join me in my experience as a Canadian living in Tokyo! Crazy stories, how being an online English teacher has made me a local celebrity, and interviews with both native Japanese people and other foreigners living in this wonderful country are just some things that I hope to share with everyone.

Kol Avrum

  • Publisher: The CJN Podcast Network
  • Total Episodes: 3

The phrase “Kol Ram” literally means “a loud voice” in Hebrew, and veteran radio host and CJN contributor Avrum Rosensweig certainly has a loud voice—and a valuable one. Every month, Avrum invites a different guest to share their story and better understand what it means to be Jewish. Whether it’s a local butcher or a federal politician, Avrum listens to their stories in a long-form interview to better understand what makes the Canadian Jewish community worth celebrating.

Vi Can Shine!

  • Publisher: Vi Can Shine!
  • Total Episodes: 17

Vi Can Shine! is a monthly podcast that shines a light on the Vietnamese community in Vancouver and Canada. We highlight and give Vietnamese Canadians a platform to share their stories and experiences. We gather to celebrate the achievements of Vietnamese Canadians and also inform and connect all generations in the community. The show is run by VPABC and a dedicated team of volunteers along with support from VietBC Radio. You can listen to us on the radio every first Sunday of every month on VietBC Radio on CFRO 100.5FM in Vancouver, BC. Our podcasts are released on the same Sunday evenings.

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