20 Best Canadian French Podcasts of 2022

Are you wanting to learn more about canadian french? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best canadian french podcasts of 2022.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best Canadian French Podcasts 2022

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French-Canadian Legacy Podcast

  • Publisher: French-Canadian Legacy Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 164

Today, there are more than 2 million descendants of French-Canadian immigrants living in New England. This is our story. Welcome to the French-Canadian Legacy Podcast.

Maple Stars and Stripes: Your French-Canadian Genealogy Podcast

  • Publisher: Sandra Goodwin: Genealogy Podcaster, Speaker, and Instructor
  • Total Episodes: 142

A podcast and website dedicated to helping you improve your French-Canadian genealogy research.


  • Publisher: Amy Frost and J-F. Dubeau
  • Total Episodes: 67

Achewillow is a storytelling podcast about Miriam DuFour, a French Canadian woman drawn into the bizarre world of Achewillow and her own family’s history in that town. Through her eyes we discover a strange landscape of subtle magics, bizarre people, coffee, the occasional demon, and baked goods. Written by J-F. Dubeau and narrated by Amy Frost

Retrospect ’60s Garage Punk Show

  • Publisher: Phil Grey
  • Total Episodes: 299

Obscure ’60s garage punk, garage rock, proto-punk, freak beat and psychedelia. 1960s US and Canadian rarities, UK, French and Italian freakbeat, ‘Yugobeat’, ‘Group Sounds’ and way cool 60s garage sounds from all parts of the planet! Back episodes available via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio and all good podcast apps. We have a list at and you can find us on Facebook and Insta. This is a weekly show hosted by Phil Grey and first broadcast on Free FM [Hamilton, New Zealand], a Community Access radio station proudly supported by NZ on Air, with repeat airings across New Zealand and selected Canadian community and campus stations.

Pining for Penny

  • Publisher: Heather & Emily
  • Total Episodes: 11

This is the one and only fan podcast exclusively for the Three Pines Armand Gamache series by Louise Penny. For fans of the series or those who are simply investigators at heart who love murder mysteries, join us each episode as we summarize the chapters, discuss and eat delicious French Canadian foods from the book, and (attempt) to speak French.

We Didn’t Get a Rose with Mike Carrozza and Chris Mejia

  • Publisher: Mike Carrozza and Chris Mejia
  • Total Episodes: 53

Mike and Chris may not have gotten a rose, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be part of Bachelor Nation.

This is a recap podcast covering The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and any other worthwhile relationship reality show we agree to talk about.

Mike Carrozza is in the French-Canadian East and Chris Mejia is in the Pacific Northwest, but nothing can keep these two comedians from talking about the wildest moments of these shows.

Evangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807 – 1882)

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 20

Evangeline is one of Longfellow’s most popular poems and was once a great favorite with the American people. For many years almost every school child studied this poem during the middle school years. Although the decline of the reputation of the once-idolized poet has also brought neglect to this classic, it is still a very touching and expertly written work of art. It is based upon the tragic expulsion of the French settlers from Acadia (located in the Canadian maritime provinces) during the French & Indian War (1754-1763). Many Acadians died as a result of their exile, and many families were separated, including the heroine of this poem and her betrothed. Although she is a fictional character, statues of her and other memorials exist in Nova Scotia and other places now inhabited by descendants of the Acadians, later frequently known as “Cajuns.” (Introduction by Leonard Wilson)

Life in a Small French Village

  • Publisher: Jill Culiner
  • Total Episodes: 39

Born in New York, raised in Toronto, Jill Culiner has lived in several cars, one closet, a Hungarian mud house, a Bavarian castle, a Turkish cave dwelling, in a haunted house on the English moors, in the Sahara desert, on a Greek island, in several French villages and has worked as a go-go girl, belly dancer, fortune teller, translator, newspaper deliverer, radio broadcaster, contemporary artist, photographer, actress and writer. She has written two mysteries, Sad Summer in Biarritz, and Death by Slanderous Tongue. Her other books are: Finding Home In the Footsteps of the Jewish Fusgeyers, winner of the Tannenbaum Award for Canadian Jewish History; Félix et moi: à la recherche du patrimoine; a photography book, Sans s’abolir pourtant; and four romances. She now resides in a 400-year-old former inn in a French village of no real interest. Much to everyone’s dismay, she protects all living creatures–especially spiders–and her wild (or wildlife) garden is a classified butterfly and bird reserve.

TriWatches Podcast

  • Publisher: TriWatches
  • Total Episodes: 99

An Englishman, a Frenchman and a Canadian walk into a watch shop. Here’s what happens next…

We Just Met Podcast

  • Publisher: Camelia Lefebvre-Rafik & Kori Schagunn
  • Total Episodes: 10

Kori, an American comedian and Camelia a French-Canadian comedian, find themselves living in Dublin, Ireland. The pair met one cloudy day volunteering, noticed their similar accents, and the rest was history. Frustrated with the struggle of making friends in a new place, they decided to join forces and create a Podcast all about forging new friendships. Each week Kori and Camelia will get to know each other and meet and make new friends and we want YOU to join us! Making friends can be hard sometimes, but we want to say ‘’F*CK that!’’ We are all human and everyone deserves friendship! So, grab a beverage, pull up a chair, and come meet your new friends!


  • Publisher: Dani Cloos
  • Total Episodes: 2

Updated my podcast name from Real Talk with Dani to “Hyphenated-Identity”. My mission is to speak on the many identity crises we face as individuals due to the many hats we wear or even where we come from. Whether you’re Filipino-American, Cameroonian-American, French-Canadian, a surfer by day, and coffee barista by night, there are so many things to uncover when it comes to identity. Let’s walk together and learn from one another. Let’s address identity issues at their root and walk more closely towards our purpose.

The Best of Miki Agrawal

  • Publisher: Miki Agrawal
  • Total Episodes: 13

Miki Agrawal has been interviewed on a multitude of podcasts and we have collected all of them here into one meta-podcast where you can both hear all about Miki and her projects and also discover new podcasts and podcasters. Miki Agrawal is an identical twin, half-Japanese, half-Indian French Canadian, former professional soccer player, graduate of Cornell University and proud new mama of Hiro Happy.

Jesuits in North America in the 17th Century, The by Francis Parkman, Jr. (1823 – 1893)

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 80

Parkman has been hailed as one of America’s first great historians and as a master of narrative history. Numerous translations have spread the books around the world. The American writer and literary critic Edmund Wilson (1895-1972) in his book “O Canada” (1965), described Parkman’s France and England in North America in these terms: “The clarity, the momentum and the color of the first volumes of Parkman’s narrative are among the most brilliant achievements of the writing of history as an art.” Parkman’s biases, particularly his attitudes about nationality, race, and especially Native Americans, has generated criticism. The Canadian historian W. J. Eccles harshly criticized what he perceived as Parkman’s bias against France and Roman Catholic policies, as well as what he considered Parkman’s misuse of French language sources. However, Parkman’s most severe detractor was the American historian Francis Jennings, an outspoken and controversial critic of the European colonization of North America, who went so far as to characterize Parkman’s work as “fiction” and Parkman himself as a “liar”. Unlike Jennings and Eccles, many modern historians have found much to praise in Parkman’s work even while recognizing his limitations. Calling Jennings’ critique “vitriolic and unfair,” the historian Robert S. Allen has said that Parkman’s history of France and England in North America “remains a rich mixture of history and literature which few contemporary scholars can hope to emulate”. The historian Michael N. McConnell, while acknowledging the historical errors and racial prejudice in Parkman’s book The Conspiracy of Pontiac, has said: “…it would be easy to dismiss Pontiac as a curious perhaps embarrassing artifact of another time and place. Yet Parkman’s work represents a pioneering effort; in several ways he anticipated the kind of frontier history now taken for granted…. Parkman’s masterful and evocative use of language remains his most enduring and instructive legacy.” (Summary adapted from Wikipedia by Karen Merline) Part 1: Pioneers of France in the New World Part 2: The Jesuits in North America in the 17th Century Part 4: The Old Régime in Canada Part 5: Count Frontenac and New France under Louis XIV Part 6: Montcalm and Wolfe Part 7: A Half Century of Conflict

Mental Health Much?

  • Publisher: Vincent Francoeur
  • Total Episodes: 34

Mental Health Much?, the podcast that talks about everything queer and mental health. Each episode, Vincent – a French-Canadian therapist living in Toronto, Canada – invites a friend or a colleague over to discuss mental health, queerness and everything under the sun. Some episodes will be recorded in French. Follow us on Instagram @mentalhealthmuch

Franglish MainteNow

  • Publisher: Lindoberg Goncalves & Masaru H
  • Total Episodes: 17

Welcome to the Franglish Maintenow, an English / French bilingual podcast presented by two Brazilian/Canadian guys. Soyez bienvenue au Franglish Maintenow, un balado en Français et Anglais présenté pour deux gars brésilien/canadien.

Ménage à Deux

  • Publisher: Ménage à deux
  • Total Episodes: 120

A Canadian podcast about board games with Jake Gerard and Luc Tardif. All episodes are available in English and French. Un podcast canadien sur les jeux de société avec Jake Gerard et Luc Tardif. Tous les épisodes sont disponibles en français et en anglais.

Afternoon in July, An by Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon (1829 – 1879)

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 28

LibriVox volunteers bring you 14 recordings of An Afternoon in July by Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for July 7, 2013.Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon, born Rosanna Eleanor Mullins, was a Canadian writer and poet. She was “one of the first English-Canadian writers to depict French Canada in a way that earned the praise of, and resulted in her novels being read by, both anglophone and francophone Canadians.”Leprohon’s novels were popular in both English and French Canada in the late 19th-century, and were still being reprinted in French in the mid-1920s. They gradually went out of fashion in the early 20th-century, as literary styles changed.”Since 1970, however,”says the Dictionary of Literary Biography, “the life and works of Rosanna Eleanor Mullins Leprohon have been frequently noted and increasingly praised by critics and scholars of both English-and French-Canadian literature, and new editions of her works have been published.” (Summary by Wikipedia)

A brush with art

  • Publisher: Micheline Robinson
  • Total Episodes: 1

Join French Canadian artist Micheline Robinson as she interviews other professional artists to find out what drives them to do what they do and how they survive as artists.

Inner Queer

  • Publisher: Zakary-G. G.
  • Total Episodes: 7

Zakary-Georges (they/them), a french-canadian queer creative, takes you on their self-discovery journey. Through sharing conversations with other queer individuals, they are eager to connect with other’s inner queer. This podcast is supported by ReelOut Arts Project ( )

The Candid Coffee

  • Publisher: UpstartED
  • Total Episodes: 13

Welcome to The Candid Coffee, a space for honest reflections and conversations around how we can empower young people to become innovators who engage with the complex challenges of our world in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable way. The podcast is brought to you by UpstartED, a bilingual Canadian Education nonprofit – you can expect episodes in English and French.

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