20 Best Canadian Funny Podcasts of 2022

Are you wanting to learn more about canadian funny? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best canadian funny podcasts of 2022.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best Canadian Funny Podcasts 2022

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Commander Cookout Podcast

  • Publisher: Commander Cookout Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 364

A Canadian Magic: the Gathering podcast based on unique, spicy and funny Commander deck building!

Player’s Own Voice

  • Publisher: CBC Sports
  • Total Episodes: 125

Host Anastasia Bucsis, Two-time Canadian Olympic speedskater, brings her unique backstory to funny, friendly conversations with high performance athletes. No formulaic jock talk here … these are buddies who understand each other, and help us do the same.

Coaches Don’t Play

  • Publisher: Pammy
  • Total Episodes: 128

Coach P is a Punjabi – Canadian self-proclaimed funny girl. Join her every Thursday as she brings on a guest to talk about life, relationships, and gives her two cents on all things pop culture with a comedic twist! The coach doesn’t play, but she’ll tell ya’ll how to play! Follow us on Instagram @coachppodcast


  • Publisher: Josh Lichti
  • Total Episodes: 52

A podcast created by Canadian bush workers who think they’re pretty funny. Topics range from silviculture, music, biking and anything else that comes to mind.

The Zedcast

  • Publisher: Bruce Murray
  • Total Episodes: 74

Here’s a Canadian guy from the city, who moved to small town Nova Scotia. All was well until he fell through a hole in the Podosphere. Then..strange things started happening… Comedy, Funny, Stories, Skits, Sketch, Canada, Canadian,Audio blog

Yes Ma’am

  • Publisher: Yes Ma’am Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 41

A friendship, lifestyle, stream of consciousness podcast! Come hang out with two friends who are tall, Canadian and full of introspective thoughts. Lots of funny stories about relationships, work, living our last year in our twenties and much more! Thanks for listening!

Big Blue Bent

  • Publisher: BBB Network
  • Total Episodes: 37

A look at (mostly Canadian) politics, news, and information from the viewpoints of a panel of Montreal-based conservatives. Factual, reverential, confrontational and, from time to time, funny (we think.)

Sooo…Podcast | Personal Development, Self-Improvement and Personal Growth

  • Publisher: Elle, Em, Mel-J & Kenzie
  • Total Episodes: 31

What is the Sooo…Podcast? A Self-Help, Self-Care, Self-Improvement based podcast with 4 Co-hosts with diverse opinions. Funny and engaging Gen-xer’s; Elle, Em, Mel-J and Kenzie are Canadian-Caribbean women from the side of the black diaspora not often heard from but have vital, refreshing and important perspectives to add to the conversation. Learn from their honest takes on relationships, sex, life, work, mental health, well-being and parenting while they unpack old principles, adapt new ones and learn from their mistakes as they move forward with fresh viewpoints for a better and more fulfilled life!

It’s pronounced “Majumder”

  • Publisher: Shaun Majumder
  • Total Episodes: 15

Canadian Actor/Comedian Shaun Majumder shares his brain with the world. Random interviews with human people- friends, doctors, lovers, the occasional celeb. He works out new material for future standup comedy shows, and every now and then sings a song. It’s insightful, funny and super fun. No agenda, just random fun.

The Bicultural Identity

  • Publisher: The Bicultural Identity
  • Total Episodes: 67

The Bicultural Identity is hosted by two sisters in their twenties who are second generation Canadians from an ethnically Chinese background. The West differs from the East in countless ways- values, societal norms, cultural practices and pop culture, just to name a few. Join Connie and Jenny as they reflect on experiences and nostalgic memories from their upbringing that are unique to young Asians who were raised in a western society. The content of the podcast ranges from social commentaries, to funny childhood memories, to fun discussions about pop culture and their current interests.

Basketball Engine

  • Publisher: Amitoz Brar, Gurman Dulay, Daniyal Naumani
  • Total Episodes: 6

A few Canadians who love talking about basketball so much that they decided to start a podcast! Hosted by Gurman Dulay, Amitoz Brar, and Daniyal Naumani- a group of quirky, motivated, and educated individuals who look to provide a unique, funny, and educational perspective on basketball, while sustaining an excellent balance between analysis and personality. While talking about the NBA is always fun, our patriotism chose to set in, hence we will be providing insight on the Canadian hooper’s journey. Our umbrella style of content will allow us to feature guests ranging from: players, coaches, trainers and key influencers within the basketball community, where we will get an opportunity to interview, discuss, and debate specific topics and get their general overview on the game today. We’re glad you dropped by, EH!

Den Dwellers Comedy Club

  • Publisher: Colin & Trey
  • Total Episodes: 10

An all Canadian show, with two funny dudes, hanging in a den. They’re known as Colin and Trey, but they’re also the Den Dwellers. Join the club!

Last three brain cells

  • Publisher: Jacob davis
  • Total Episodes: 17

Funny podcast.with a Canadian boy


  • Publisher: ElectrizGaming
  • Total Episodes: 4

Hi!, I’m Electriz, It‘s your fault for clicking! All jokes aside… Welcome! This is a podcast featuring so so much cool, funny, and weird stuff, If you Ike gaming and playing, this is for you. If you like comedy, this is for you! But not if you are Canadian. That is not ok. But come join! It will be a wild ride, trust me! -Electriz & Friends

Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame Podcast!

  • Publisher: Chad Noonan / CCHOF
  • Total Episodes: 9

The Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame Podcast! A place for emerging and established comedians and entertainment professionals to discuss what makes Canadians so darn funny and to advocate on behalf of the legends who should join the Hall of Fame! Hosted by Eastern Ontario Famous broadcaster Chad Noonan!

Masters of the Multiverse

  • Publisher: John and Kyle
  • Total Episodes: 17

A podcast about all things geek and pop culture from the perspective of two regular, kinda funny Canadian guys. Feedback, Questions or Episode Suggestions can be emailed to [email protected]

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Konprann

  • Publisher: Stelly & Leila
  • Total Episodes: 10

The podcast is about being the second-generation Caribbean, combining our experience as Haitian Canadian and the process of being in this community. We want to have a funny and light way to explain our experiences as being second generation Haitian immigrants in North America while broadcasting or showing others our great culture. Chita, vinn kouté. Sit & Listen

Overly Dramatic with Brent and Patrick

  • Publisher: Patrick Russell
  • Total Episodes: 15

A couple of former drama teachers, Patrick and Brent, have funny takes on mostly Canadian topics. Patrick taught high school drama for many years. He’s an improv performer and a standup comedian. Brent is a musician, actor, and also a stand up comic. He travelled around Canada for years doing theatre and film and TV. He also taught high school drama. Follow us on Instagram: @overlydramaticpodcast

My Mex-y-Can Life 🇲🇽 🇨🇦

  • Publisher: Rebecca McKague
  • Total Episodes: 4

An audio blog about the life of a Canadian in Mexico. Sometimes it’s good memories I want to remember. Sometimes it’s random or funny. Sometimes it’s thoughts that I need to processes outloud (así es la vida – especially at the beginning – cuando no tenía muchos amigos!)

Dr. Michael’s One-Minute Magic Moment

  • Publisher: Dr. Michael’s Magic Moment
  • Total Episodes: 12

Magic commentary by Dr. Michael. Sometimes funny, sometimes controversial, always informative!
Dr. Michael is a Member of The Magic Circle, the Canadian Envoy for the Society of American Magicians International Assembly #272, and On-Air Host/Producer of The Canadian Magic Monthly News for AbraTV News. He starred in his own television show for 9 years, and performed more than 250 magic-shows a year for a dozen years.

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