20 Best Canadian Marketing Podcasts of 2022

Are you wanting to learn more about canadian marketing? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best canadian marketing podcasts of 2022.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best Canadian Marketing Podcasts 2022

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  • Publisher: Gerry Lewis Inc.
  • Total Episodes: 13

Gerry Lewis Inc., or GLINC for short, is a Canadian communications firm that specializes in consulting, strategy, design, marketing and change readiness.

Obscurity To Authority

  • Publisher: Darren Cabral
  • Total Episodes: 40

Darren Cabral is a Canadian entrepreneur and the CEO of digital marketing agency Suits Social Inc. His personal goal is to reach 100-Million people and help them drive attention to their ideas and their business, and build the life they deserve in the process. It’s his belief that the biggest threat to your success is obscurity. No matter how great your idea, your vision, and your intentions, you can’t help anyone if nobody knows you exist. That’s why you need a blueprint to success. Join Darren as he shares his story and the stories of others who have gone from obscurity to authority and built the business and life of their dreams.


  • Publisher: NEWSTALK Sauga 960 AM
  • Total Episodes: 72

nFocus w. Annie Koshy takes a focused look at three primary components: People, Places and Events as they all interact on a local, national and international branding and marketing perspective.

The first component looks at people and the milestones they have in their life, as they build their brand. What have been their challenges, achievements and breakthrough moments and how are they utilizing their story to market themselves?

The second component takes a look at events that bring our communities together and the messages conveyed to the larger Canadian community through those events.

The third component acknowledges the fact that we are in a digital era and our stories and voices heard locally are an echo of stories and voices from other parts of the world as well. We look at sharing the journeys and success of influential people of global repute who are changing the world with their work and message.

Each week, nFocus will celebrate the People, Places and Events that serve to entertain, challenge and ultimately, inspire us all.

KeyStone’s Stock Talk – Canadian & US Small-Cap Growth & Dividend Stocks, Tips & Portfolio Building Strategies

  • Publisher: Stock Talk Podcast by KeyStone Financial
  • Total Episodes: 166

Hosted by Ryan Irvine & Aaron Dunn, the podcast is highly interactive taking listener questions each week on individual Canadian & U.S. stocks as well as stock portfolio building strategies. The podcast focuses on high quality Canadian Dividend growth stocks, unknown & profitable Canadian Small-Cap stocks, U.S. tech leaders and high growth small-cap stocks. We also provide simple portfolio building tips for DIY investors. Weekly show highlights include: – Case For & Against Any Stock: our Ryan, Aaron & Brennan debate the pro’s & con’s of investing in a stock from a fundamental perspective and one of our analysts acts as judge, jury, and executioner to settle the lively debate. -Your Stock, Our Take Segment: Need a sober second opinion on any stock in your portfolio? Send a question to our Your Stock Our Take segment and we will review the business based on our BUY/SELL/HOLD criteria. – DIY Portfolio Building Tips: Interested in building your own DIY stock portfolio while paying less fees? Listen-in every week to uncover tips on how to take control of your financial future and dissect the hot button topics and stocks of the week. – Dividend Growth Stocks & Profitable Unknown Small-Caps: KeyStone’s Stock Talk Podcast is the only podcast talking Canadian & U.S. stocks across all market sectors. From profitable, unknown small-caps to great dividend paying mid and large caps, it is they type of stock discussion you can find nowhere else. – Canadian Stock Content: For Canadian investors & created by Canadian investors, we actually talk Canadian stocks. Real stocks to add to your watch list and, perhaps most importantly, which stocks to potentially avoid. – Hot Topics: From the FAANGs, AI, SaaS, cloud computing, and cybersecurity to gold, Cannabis, renewable & alternative energy to day trading vs. long-term investing, we have you covered.

Alternative Thinking: Both Sides of the Investment Coin

  • Publisher: caasa
  • Total Episodes: 63

We explore global and Canadian markets in alternative investments from two distinct perspectives. Our guests include Pension Funds, Single Family Offices, Multi-Family Offices, and Managers that are involved in Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Private Lending, Venture Capital, Crypto and Blockchain, and other alternative strategies. Brought to you by Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies and Assets (CAASA).

BMO Views from the North

  • Publisher: BMO Capital Markets
  • Total Episodes: 32

BMO’s Canadian Rates Strategist, Ben Reitzes hosts roundtable discussions offering perspectives from strategy, sales and trading on the Canadian rates market and the macro economy. To listen to more great episodes visit For legal disclosure, visit

The Growth Whisperers podcast

  • Publisher: Brad Giles & Kevin Lawrence
  • Total Episodes: 103

The Growth Whisperers are Brad Giles and Kevin Lawrence, two advisors to mid-market businesses, one Australian, one Canadian, who each work with CEOs and Leadership Teams across the world with a mission to build enduring, great companies. Each weekly episode covers interesting situations and questions from the world of strategic planning, leadership development, talent and hiring in high growth entrepreneurial companies where real results matter.

Avenue Insights

  • Publisher: Avenue Investment Management
  • Total Episodes: 18

Avenue Insights is a podcast focused on discussing important topics in the world of investing and markets for Canadian investors. Based in Toronto, Avenue Investment Management is an independent private client investment manager.

The Real Estate and Mortgage Show

  • Publisher: Walter Monteiro
  • Total Episodes: 134

The Show is a weekly podcast giving Canadian Home Buyers advice,information & helpful tips of what you should know about buying real estate in Canada’s hot real estate Market. #realestate #canada #mortage #ontario #cambridge

Commercial Real Estate Library

  • Publisher: Dayma I. & Garret M.
  • Total Episodes: 57

Commercial Real Estate Library – or CRE Library – is a Canadian Commercial Real Estate podcast focused on connecting you with industry leaders. Listen to insightful discussions with commercial real estate executives who drive the market – from founders of the largest REITs and pension funds to the fastest growing organizations in CRE tech. Your hosts on the show are Dayma Itamunoala – a leading investment broker at Colliers International specialized in the multifamily asset class, and Garret MacGillivray – a senior mortgage lender at Trez Capital. Subscribe for weekly episodes!

comanusrising’s podcast

  • Publisher:
  • Total Episodes: 174

Exploiting inefficient markets for profit with an emphasis on the Canadian junior resource sector for stocks traded on the TSX and TSX Venture exchanges. Gold and silver explorers will be the focus as they will have the ability to generate returns of 10-100 times in the upcoming resurgent bull market in junior exploration stocks.

The Investing Academy Podcast

  • Publisher: Brandon Beavis, Marc Beavis
  • Total Episodes: 164

Here we help Canadians learn how to invest in the stock market the right way. In particular, we focus here on long-term investing! If you’re looking to fast track your learning experience, be sure to check out our Investing Academy for online courses and training – Investing is a tool that everyone should be taking advantage of. We have so many valuable years ahead of us to let our investments compound, even by saving small amounts we can generate hundreds of thousands/millions of dollars for retirement. It’s the ones that take action today that will be rewarded years down the road.

Chromosome F

  • Publisher: Ivy Cuervo
  • Total Episodes: 4

Chromosome F is a podcast about fitness, female friends and fun. Hosted by Ivy Cuervo, marketing and communications consultant and former Canadian broadcast journalist.

CMA Connect

  • Publisher: Canadian Marketing Association
  • Total Episodes: 27

Welcome to CMA Connect – the voice of the Canadian marketing community. Join host John Wiltshire as he has empowering discussions with industry leaders about the rapidly changing world of marketing, and asks the questions no one else is asking. 

Libertarian-Conservative Power Hour

  • Publisher: Mitchell Foley
  • Total Episodes: 2

A new monthly podcast that will be discussing the landscape of Canadian and American politics, The economy and discussing how small government and free market ideas would make Canada more prosperous and free!

Immigration on the Canadian Prairies

  • Publisher: Lindsay Rubeniuk
  • Total Episodes: 25

There is so much information about Canadian immigration on the internet but do you know what critical information is missing? It’s the communities you can live in! Where you chose to live determines your quality of life this includes your mental & physical well-being. So with all the research into “how” to immigrate to Canada, how about we spend time learning about “where” you could live your best life? If you agree, this is the podcast for you! We will look at various communities across the Canadian Prairies & review their career opportunities, housing market, community services, education, recreation & their amenities. The essential information you will want to know when choosing where to live in our vast country.  We will also be delivering Canadian Immigration tips as well as career advice to give you even further insight.  If this sounds like something that sparks your interest then join Lindsay Rubeniuk as she takes you on a journey through the Canadian Prairies to help you discover the possible places to immigrate to!

Understanding Climate Finance

  • Publisher: Faheem Noor Ali, Climate Finance Trade Commissioner for Canada
  • Total Episodes: 31

My Name is Faheem Noor Ali and I am a Climate Finance Trade Commissioner based out of the Embassy of Canada in Washington DC.In a typical day, I get to meet with, and introduce Canadian project developers to, investment officers at some of the most prominent Development Finance Institutions in Washington DC such as the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Inter-American Development Bank and the Development Finance Corporation.I also get a chance to interact with a variety of other climate financiers in the private sector, government and everywhere in between.The purpose of this series is to bring the perspectives of the various people are active in climate finance to you.This will keep you informed of new developments and, for our Canadian Trade Commissioner Service clients, get you better prepared to meet some of the people from these various institutions. For those of you not familiar with the Trade Commissioner Service, or TCS for short, we help Canadian companies navigate the complexities of international markets and make better business decisions. The TCS is on the ground in more than 160 cities worldwide. We gain market intelligence, uncover opportunities for Canadian companies and help reduce business costs and risks. The TCS is a free service of the Government of Canada, helping companies to prepare for international markets, assess market potential, find qualified contacts and resolve business problems. Our network of international contacts is unbeatable. As part of Global Affairs Canada and of Canada’s network of embassies, the TCS has access to local governments and key business leaders and decision makers. We can increase the credibility of Canadian companies in global markets by helping them gain access to local contacts not readily available to outside businesses. As the Climate Finance Trade Commissioner for the Americas, my role is to connect clients to opportunities with DC based institutions as well as funders in Latin America and the Caribbean.


  • Publisher: Pierce Ujjainwalla
  • Total Episodes: 34

Unconventional wisdom on marketing and technology, and disruptive ideas that go against the grain. Hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, marketer, and stereotypically friendly Canadian, Pierce Ujjainwalla. Every week, we feature provocative guests who will challenge what you thought you knew about marketing, technology, your career, and life in general.

Future Frontiers in Residential Real Estate

  • Publisher: Sean Zahedi
  • Total Episodes: 2

In the midst of an affordable housing crisis, the Canadian Real Estate industry must come together to find innovative solutions to build a stronger future. Future Frontiers in Residential Real Estate is a Canadian podcast produced by RAD Marketing and hosted by Sean Zahedi, VP, created to investigate the key factors affecting the residential market and find the solutions in revolutionary technology, design, and processes.

Influencers of Sponsorship Marketing – a Roth Revenue Podcast

  • Publisher: Gavin Roth
  • Total Episodes: 34

Gavin Roth chats with fellow sponsorship marketing leaders about the industry from a brand, property and agency perspective. Each episode delivers a mix of insights and inspiration. I hope you enjoy! About the host: Gavin has spent 30 years in sponsorship marketing, sports marketing and media and is regarded as one of Canada’s leading partnership architects. He trains/coaches partnership executives at Canada’s leading sponsorship properties, and hosts the Influencers of Sponsorship Marketing Podcast, shining a light on the Canadian sponsorship marketing industry.

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