20 Best Canadian Personal Finance Podcasts of 2022

Are you wanting to learn more about canadian personal finance? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best canadian personal finance podcasts of 2022.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best Canadian Personal Finance Podcasts 2022

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Simple Money Podcast – Canadian Personal Finance

  • Publisher: Matthew Siwiec: Personal Finance Expert and Educator – Canada
  • Total Episodes: 99

A fun and exciting personal finance podcast that gets to the point! Join Personal Finance Expert and Educator, Matthew Siwiec as he explores what matters to you and investigates how current events will affect your finances. With a Canadian focus and short episodes, we’ll venture through topics like budgeting, debt, investing, housing, retirement, and much more. We’ll also directly answer questions from you the listener! Simply email [email protected] or visit See you in the digital realm!

The MoneySaver Podcast

  • Publisher: Lana Sanichar/ Ellen Roseman
  • Total Episodes: 44

Journalist Ellen Roseman, and Canadian MoneySaver Editor in Chief Lana Sanichar interview leaders in personal finance and investing, as well as top bloggers, authors and entrepreneurs. The goal is to help you save money and increase your assets. Learn how to make smart choices at every stage of your life, safeguard your interests and protect yourself from poor advice. Sponsored by Canadian MoneySaver Magazine. Follow us on Twitter @lana_sanichar, @ellenroseman, @cdnmoneysaver The views and opinions expressed by the Guests are theirs alone and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Ellen Roseman, Lana Sanichar, Canadian MoneySaver Magazine or the MoneySaver Podcast.

Real Money Talk – A fresh take on personal finance

  • Publisher:
  • Total Episodes: 50

A Canadian personal finance podcast that aims to give you real talk about exactly that: Money. Personal finance is rife with jargon, with seemingly impossible advice (don’t ever buy a latte; avocado toast is the reason you’re broke) from people who just don’t get it. They aren’t Millennials — trying to get ahead against impossibly high home prices and seemingly insurmountable debt — but we are. We may not be experts, we may not have all the answers, but we get it. And we’re here to give you the real talk on all things money.

The MapleMoney Show

  • Publisher: Tom Drake
  • Total Episodes: 191

The MapleMoney Show is a personal finance podcast helping Canadians learn how to make money, save money, invest money, and spend money in a way that helps you create lasting financial freedom. More information at

Simple Money Solutions – Reddit Edition

  • Publisher: Trevor Saunders
  • Total Episodes: 204

Simple Money Solutions is a podcast released weekly, devoted to helping Canadians navigate the world of personal finance. Your path to financial independence through deliberate lifestyle choices.

The Allied Health Financial Podcast: Personal Finance, Budgeting, Debt Repayment, Insurance and Investing

  • Publisher: Allied Health Financial: Personal Finance for Canadian Healthcare Professionals
  • Total Episodes: 106

Evidence-based personal finance education for Canadian healthcare professionals. We make complicated financial information simple and get you started on the journey to build personal wealth and reach financial independence. Discover how to budget, build an emergency fund, pay off debt, invest in your TFSA and RRSP. We’ll talk about life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, ETFs, mutual funds, high-interest savings accounts, stocks, bonds… we cover it all. We are members of the Canadian allied health community so we understand your struggle when it comes to understanding your finances, and we’ve got solutions for you. We take the guesswork out of managing your money so you can focus on what you love – helping your clients THRIVE. Managing your finances does not have to be complicated! You’re not going to want to miss this. Hit subscribe and get ready to change your life.

Real Estate Nomad

  • Publisher: Paulo Frencillo
  • Total Episodes: 9

“Creating passive income through real estate investing to Live your Best Live” With 15 years experience in the Canadian finance industry, Paulo shares his personal and professional journey on this Podcast. From being a financial advisor at Canada’s major banks, a senior underwriter for an alternative lender, to his current role as a mortgage agent, he will give you the financial perspective of real estate investing. As a seasoned real estate investor, he helps Canadians navigate the ‘ins and outs’ of the market. Paulo encourages people to build passive income so they can ‘Live their Best Life’. As he is an avid traveler, he promotes the travel lifestyle and learning about different cultures.


  • Publisher: Gloria
  • Total Episodes: 38

A personal finance podcast for young Canadians – starting from the basics to help you manage your money. Covering topics from budgeting to careers to the financial independence movement. Make your money work for you!

The Burn Your Mortgage Podcast

  • Publisher: burnyourmortgage
  • Total Episodes: 84

The Burn Your Mortgage Podcast is a Canadian real estate and personal finance podcast for new homebuyers and experienced homeowners. You’ll learn how to buy your dream home, enjoy mortgage-free financial freedom sooner through side hustle and frugal living, and live well while doing it no matter your financial situation. Inspiring, insightful and fun, the Burn Your Mortgage Podcast will transform the way you think about money and debt on your path to independent homeownership.

The Canadian Money Roadmap

  • Publisher: Evan Neufeld, CFP®
  • Total Episodes: 47

A personal finance podcast for Canadians. The Canadian Money Roadmap will help you on your financial journey to get from point A to point B.

It’s Personal Finance Canada

  • Publisher: Christine Conway, Cameron Conway
  • Total Episodes: 17

Helping you understand , budgeting, investing, insurance and all things personal finance from a uniquely Canadian perspective. Featuring Christine Conway, a Certified Financial Planner, author and owner of Braun Financial. Along with her husband Cameron Conway, an author in his own right whose trying to better understand this wide world of personal finance.  *This is for entertainment purposes only, please consult a local certified financial planner to assist you in developing your financial plan.

Money Hacks by Clem

  • Publisher: ClementChung
  • Total Episodes: 15

I teach money. My podcast will encompass all things around personal finance, investing, Canadian taxes and more! Find me at

Personal Finance in Canada Show (PFC Show) with Azizz Finance

  • Publisher: Azizz Finance
  • Total Episodes: 48

The Personal Finance in Canada Show – The PFC Show – is a Podcast specifically for Canadians to Help YOU worry less about your Finances! Join your Host, Tamer Azizz from the ZCommunity to teach you on everything Finance: From Canadian Credit, Investing in Canada and all the other topics that YOU need to Master your Finances in Canada! Don’t Forget to Subscribe or Follow to the Podcast to get CLOSER to Your Financial Goals! Have any questions? Reach out to us: Email: [email protected] OR Instagram- Azizz.Finance

Beaver Finance Podcast

  • Publisher: Beaver Finance
  • Total Episodes: 9

Business | Finance | Wealth | Personal finance education | One man’s mission to financial independence | Canadian

Spicy Sundays: Canadian Finance

  • Publisher: Jaein Jeong
  • Total Episodes: 14

We’re keeping it spicy on Sundays by unravelling some must-know Canadian personal finance curiosities. Tune in with your Sriracha sauce for a spicy episode each week on financial literacy and all things a college student faces! Let’s get our finances in track for 2021 and really hone down those savings skills for real this time. SEASON 2 airing starting August! See you every Sunday!

The Real Estate Entrepreneur Podcast

  • Publisher: Kamran rahman
  • Total Episodes: 14

Your host Kamran Rahman, A Canadian Mortgage Advisor in Montreal and Entrepreneur who wants to educate the Canadian masses on how to Earn, Save and Invest (through Stocks and Real Estate), Master their Credit and their Careers in an entertaining and easy to absorb way. Topics we will touch upon: *Real Estate/Mortgages *Personal Finance *Investing *Sales *Entrepreneurship/Business Every episode will handle a different topic to help people have a better understanding of their financial life, real estate investing and work towards reaching financial independence!

The Wealth Navigator Podcast with Richard Dri

  • Publisher: The Richard Dri Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 89

The Wealth Navigator Podcast with Richard Dri discusses current investment strategies and personal finance tools used by the most successful investors, business owners and incorporated professionals in Canada. You will learn how people like you live and interact with money, make smart investment decisions and are able to live rich and fulfilling lives, while achieving financial freedom. The Wealth Navigator Podcast is hosted by Richard Dri, financial blogger, media personality, portfolio manager and founder of Dri Financial Group at Scotia Wealth Management. Scotia Capital Inc. is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. Wealth advisory and brokerage services are provided by ScotiaMcLeod, a division of Scotia Capital Inc. For more information visit Dri Financial Group is a personal trade name of Richard Dri.

The PennyDrops Podcast

  • Publisher: PennyDrops
  • Total Episodes: 6

Statistics show that Canadian students are inadequately prepared to face the financial burdens of the real world. PennyDrops promotes financial literacy to help students make informed financial decisions post-graduation, through conversations about personal experiences with finances. If you’re a student who needs help understanding certain subjects, or if you just want to relate to other students who are in the same situation as you, this podcast is for you!

Make it Shine – The Money Podcast

  • Publisher: Make It Shine
  • Total Episodes: 3

Make it Shine – The Money Podcast is a personal finance podcast driven by a singular mission: to help as many Canadians as possible live wealthier lives. ​ Everyone worries about money, but most of us don’t know how to take control of our finances. By equipping people with the power of behavioral psychology, we believe we can help everyone build long-lasting, positive financial habits to help you save and invest. Armed with the advice from our podcasts and free money tools you will quickly gain the confidence to take charge of your financial health and make it shine! Disclaimer: Any views or opinions represented in this podcast are personal and belong solely to the podcast creator and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated.

Mike on Money

  • Publisher: Michael LeBlanc
  • Total Episodes: 64

Mike on Money is a personal finance podcast for Canadians with a focus on everything that has to do with strategic investing. Join Michael LeBlanc CIM®, FCSI®, AIFP™, who has over 15 years of industry experience, as he explores topics such as investments, tax, insurance, estate planning and retirement, and keeps you informed on the latest trends in business, finance and economy. Michael LeBlanc, Director, Sr. Portfolio Manager at Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management.Disclaimer: © Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved. No part of this podcast may be used without permission.

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