20 Best Canadian Positive Podcasts of 2022

Are you wanting to learn more about canadian positive? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best canadian positive podcasts of 2022.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best Canadian Positive Podcasts 2022

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Frank’s Backyard

  • Publisher: Frank
  • Total Episodes: 7

Positive Canadian Stories For All To Hear

Live a Good Story

  • Publisher: Lauren Swigger
  • Total Episodes: 16

Hosted by Lauren Swigger, a Canadian born 21 year old, wants to inspire you to live a good story! This podcast will motivate you to live your best life and grow in all areas of life. I want to share what I’ve learned so far and inspire you to create positive change in your own lives!

A Tincture of Time Podcast

  • Publisher: Stephie Massey & Stacy Bobak
  • Total Episodes: 11

Stacy and Steph share their story of accessing medical cannabis as breast cancer patients. As co-founders of EduCanNation, a Canadian nonprofit organization that provides evidence-based cannabis education and supports certified cannabis educators, Steph and Stacy share the knowledge they have learned as certified cannabis educators to help advocate for the patient and the plant. Their stories of staying positive and hopeful despite the hardship of a breast cancer diagnosis, helps to remind us that we are always stronger than we think we are.

Real Talk Guidance

  • Publisher: Alexandre Lescot
  • Total Episodes: 13

This is Real Talk Guidance with Alexandre Lescot, the place for hope, hard truths and tough love, the Canadian podcast which mission is to provide a platform were successful immigrants share positive experiences and empowering guidance. This podcast is aimed at first generation immigrants feeling unfulfilled, stuck in their routine, and wanting more out of life in general.


  • Publisher: FPSE
  • Total Episodes: 15

The Federation of Post-Secondary Educators and its member locals have been serving the needs of BC’s educators for fifty years, providing resources and support and advocating for workers’ rights and benefits since the College Faculties Federation first formed in 1970.

As members of the BC Federation of Labour, the Canadian Association of University Teachers (and its National Union), and the Canadian Labour Congress, FPSE stands with 3.3 million union members in Canada who work for quality public services, good jobs, positive working conditions, and strong benefits.

CommuniTea in Arabic

  • Publisher: Anwar Jebran & Malek Abdulsamad
  • Total Episodes: 16

We highlight successful stories of Arab Americans and Arab Canadians who positively impact the community. Sponsored by Lipton Yellow Label.


  • Publisher: @getrealmovement
  • Total Episodes: 3

Get REAL FM is a podcast produced by the Get REAL Movement, a Canadian non-profit focused on combatting 2SLGBTQ+ discrimination and bullying in schools, summer camps, and workplaces. We have a number of different youth hosts who broadcast on a variety of topics, all under the general theme of “young people, doing cool things, to make a positive impact in our world”. Follow us on Instagram @getrealmovement!

Clinton Jaws | Police Podcast

  • Publisher: Clinton Jaworski
  • Total Episodes: 166

Retired RCMP officer. This is a police podcast. A RCMP Podcast and a anything I feel like discussing podcast. In other words, I might not always talk about policing. A focus on American and Canadian policing. I started this youtube podcast to provide insight into why police do what they do; breaking down policing videos. I soon realized I have a story to share about the real policing world. Police bosses, management, the recruiting process. If your interested in how to become a police officer and want to hear my perspective about the cop life, watch my episodes. I discuss the negative and positives of policing life; police recruitment process, police commissioner, police bosses, current events and my life. After 3 years of Criminology I applied to become a cop in 1995 and failed miserably. This is my book on how I became a cop and the struggles I encountered as a Police officer. Call my hotline and leave a message. 604-330-2512. Its voice mail only.

Open College Podcast

  • Publisher: Produced by Possibly Correct Media
  • Total Episodes: 54

Dr. Stephen R.C. Hicks is a Canadian-American philosopher who teaches at Rockford University, Illinois. He has had visiting positions at Oxford University (England), Kasimir the Great University (Poland), and has lectured at universities across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. He specializes in modern European philosophy and politics, and has written extensively on Kant, Marx, including his two books, Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault and Nietzsche and the Nazis.


  • Publisher: Graven
  • Total Episodes: 22

A kindness, positivity and music based round up and town hall of all things graven-ish and friends far and wide in the smaller and larger Graventown community. Created and authored by Canadian singer songwriter Matty McKechnie (known musically as Graven).

Navaid Aziz

  • Publisher: Muslim Central
  • Total Episodes: 370

Navaid Aziz is a Canadian Muslim public figure with a diverse academic and social background. He was raised in Montreal, Quebec where he completed a diplome d’etudes collegiales in social sciences from Champlain College. He then proceeded to the Islamic University of Madinah, where he completed an Associate’s Degree in the Arabic Language and a Bachelors in Islamic Law. Upon returning home to Canada, Navaid began teaching for Al-Maghrib Institute. He has since transitioned to their Director of Public Relations. During this period, he volunteered as the Islamic Editor for Little Explorers Magazine and began his work as a family and youth counselor. It was also during this time that he established himself as a sought-after public speaker. He has lectured across five continents and over 20 countries thus far. In 2012, Navaid moved to Calgary, Alberta to become the Director of Religious and Social Services for the Islamic Information Society of Calgary, a position he currently holds. In Calgary his youth counseling work extended further to include helping in the mitigation of criminal radicalization. This included the creating and implementation of holistic youth programming which included civic engagement opportunities, volunteer programs at the local shelters, community cleanups, tree planting days, and blood drives amongst other things. In 2015, Navaid became the first ever Muslim chaplain with the Calgary Police Services. Through his involvement with CPS he consulted in the development of their world-renowned ReDirect program. In 2018, Navaid also joined the Organization for the Prevention of Violence in Alberta as a programming and intervention coordinator. His focus remains on increasing education, literacy, and dialogue through multiple communities. Navaid’s free time is spent exploring local eateries, traveling, and hiking the Canadian Rockies. He is also known to enjoy playing basketball and hosting game nights—with Monopoly and Cranium being his favorites.


  • Publisher: kinzandklomp
  • Total Episodes: 118

Welcome to KINZ and KLOMP LIVE! Take our LIVE show ON THE GO! This is your place for a fun and positive Canadian entertainment show.

Humans, On Rights

  • Publisher: Stuart Murray
  • Total Episodes: 36

Humans, On Rights is an intellectual and stimulating conversation with human rights grassroots influencers, community leaders, policymakers, advocates and educators about their passion to become human rights champions. Humans, On Rights host Stuart Murray, the Inaugural President & CEO of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights will explore with his guest the power of a positive outcome when you connect the three human rights dots – Education. Mobilization. Take Action.


  • Publisher: rotf
  • Total Episodes: 9

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce launched Resources of the Future (ROTF) in an effort to start a dialogue about the positive role Canada’s resource sector can play in navigating digitalization, leading climate action, creating new partnerships with Indigenous communities and providing social and economic development across Canada. To join in on the conversation and learn more about the different ways organizations in Canada’s resource sector are building a better tomorrow, visit, follow or use #ROTF on Twitter.

Ruby’s Tuesday Review

  • Publisher: Ruby Roxx
  • Total Episodes: 8

Brought to you by Ruby Roxx, an internationally published, Canadian model, who has been in the industry for over 15 years. Ruby will discuss all things related to, body positivity, self love, and mental health, and, she gets up close and personal about her career in the modeling industry, relationships, sex, and more. Ruby also discusses many things that interest her, including (but not limited to) vintage fashion, lingerie, music, food, current events, activism, human rights, travel, and will feature interviews with many of her incredible, smart and talented friends. Premiering January 2021

IbnRushdCenter, Ottawa

  • Publisher: Ibn-Rushd Canadian Islamic Cultural Society
  • Total Episodes: 1

To create a general atmosphere and platform for dialogue and fructuous cultural exchange between diverse components of Canadian society. To engage and encourage youth in making a positive contribution to the society, and to excel in their academic and creative endeavors. To educate Canadians about the Islamic civilization and its contributions to human knowledge development. To initiate, engage and support humanitarian, charitable relief efforts within the community and across Canada.

You, The Artist

  • Publisher: Ryley Robertson
  • Total Episodes: 10

Brought to you by Canadian Post-hardcore band, Judgement. Our podcast surrounds music, our lives, current events in pop culture, and importance of positive change in today’s society. We’ll focus on learning about the lives of musicians, producers, and those in touch with music. We are striving to provide our listeners with information about the industry, us as individuals, and a few laughs along the way. We’ll be sharing stories, experiences, and our personal opinions on some of the things going on around us in hopes to provide value and/or another perspective to the conversation.

Let’s Keep Talking – Ontario Pharmaceutical Marketing Association

  • Publisher: OPMA / Lampyon Health Communications
  • Total Episodes: 6

“Let’s keep talking” is a podcast by the Ontario Pharmaceutical Marketing Association (OPMA). Each episode is a conversation capsule with the people of Pharma, those who have made a mark on our industry, who can help us become better in our roles, all for the benefit of the Canadian Patient. The OPMA is committed to adding value to those working in the pharma industry. We look to elevate the reputation of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry as we work together to positively impact the overall wellbeing of the Canadian patient. If you would like to know more about upcoming PodCasts or Webinar Events, please visit …and “Let’s keep talking”! Podcasts on this channel are produced by Lampyon Health Communications. For more information, please see or email [email protected] .

Make it Shine – The Money Podcast

  • Publisher: Make It Shine
  • Total Episodes: 3

Make it Shine – The Money Podcast is a personal finance podcast driven by a singular mission: to help as many Canadians as possible live wealthier lives. ​ Everyone worries about money, but most of us don’t know how to take control of our finances. By equipping people with the power of behavioral psychology, we believe we can help everyone build long-lasting, positive financial habits to help you save and invest. Armed with the advice from our podcasts and free money tools you will quickly gain the confidence to take charge of your financial health and make it shine! Disclaimer: Any views or opinions represented in this podcast are personal and belong solely to the podcast creator and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated.

The Pharmacists Are In

  • Publisher: Lampyon Canada Inc. & John Papastergiou
  • Total Episodes: 10

The Pharmacists Are In is the Canadian pharmacists’ guide to expanding and innovating scope of care within the pharmacy profession. Host John Papastergiou will guide you in revolutionizing your pharmacy practice through discussions on point of care testing and monitoring, counselling strategies and implementing the latest in care best practices. Your Host John Papastergiou is a frontline community pharmacist owner, assistant professor at the University of Toronto and University of Waterloo school of pharmacies and an internationally recognized author, speaker, researcher and a point of care testing evangelist. John is passionate about developing and positioning community pharmacies to become a hub for monitoring patients for chronic diseases. In 2014, John was named Canadian Pharmacist of the Year and received the Ontario Pharmacist’s Association Mentorship Award. Podcasts on this channel are produced by Lampyon Canada Inc. For more information, please email [email protected] .

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