20 Best Canadian True Podcasts of 2022

Are you wanting to learn more about canadian true? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best canadian true podcasts of 2022.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best Canadian True Podcasts 2022

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Adventures Through The Mind

  • Publisher: James W. Jesso
  • Total Episodes: 171

Adventures Through The Mind is an interview-based podcast hosted by Canadian author and public educator, James W. Jesso. Although the show topics range—from spirituality, mental health, and emotional maturity; to love, relationships and sexuality; to history, philosophy, and neuroscience—there are two underlying themes that intersect them all: psychedelics & the mind. James W. Jesso is the author of Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom and The True Light Of Darkness, both about his experiences exploring the potentials of psychedelics.

Tom Brown’s Body

  • Publisher: Texas Monthly
  • Total Episodes: 16

In 2016, a popular high school senior mysteriously disappeared on the night before Thanksgiving. His remains were found two years later. What happened to Tom Brown in the small town of Canadian, Texas that night? It seems everyone in town’s become a suspect, including Tom’s family, friends, the local sheriff, and a high-flying private investigator. Acclaimed writer Skip Hollandsworth digs into the mystery that’s torn this town apart in this eight-part true crime podcast series.

From the Texas Monthly team behind “Boomtown”—a popular eleven-part podcast series about the culture and economy of the West Texas oil fields—“Tom Brown’s Body” launches September 29 and is the first narrative podcast series from Hollandsworth.

Not Always Polite

  • Publisher: Selene Mayhew
  • Total Episodes: 78

A Canadian true-crime podcast featuring lesser-known Canadian cases. Hosted by Selene Mayhew located in London ON, Canada

Besties, Boos and Booze Podcast

  • Publisher: BestiesBoosandBooze
  • Total Episodes: 54

Join two Canadian besties, under the influence, as they look at {mainly} Canadian true crime, spooks, haunts and horrors.

Whose Crime Is It Anyway?

  • Publisher: Whose Crime Is It Anyway?
  • Total Episodes: 61

Lisa and Chelle are two Canadian friends who cover True Crime from the True North. Coast to coast and all throughout history there’s crime being committed across Canada. We ask the questions you want to ask, we theorize on what really happened, and we try to find out the truth behind every single case. If you’re like us, you’ll always be wondering…Whose Crime Is It Anyway?

Gone, But Never Forgotten

  • Publisher: Lance Ryan
  • Total Episodes: 26

Gone, But Never Forgotten is a podcast that tells mostly Canadian true crime stories. Disappearances, solved and unsolved murders and more. A proud member of the Darkcast Network. 

True Crimes in the Great White North

  • Publisher: Megs & Jess
  • Total Episodes: 20

Can’t get enough of Canadian true crime? Neither can we! Created and hosted by a couple of prairie gals, Megs & Jess.

Ending Poverty Together

  • Publisher: Food for the Hungry (FH) Canada
  • Total Episodes: 31

Let’s talk about poverty—its causes and solutions, and the beautiful, messy attempts people all over Canada are making to help. Listen in as host Shelaine chats with Canadian experts working to overcome poverty. Together you’ll tackle tough questions, cover hot topics, and hear true stories. Explore with us how ordinary people can create lasting change. What are Canadians doing about poverty in your neighbourhood, across Canada, and around the world? What can YOU do? The Ending Poverty Together Podcast is an initiative of Food for the Hungry (FH) Canada, a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to ending poverty – one community at a time. Together with bold Canadian partners, FH Canada walks alongside the most vulnerable communities throughout the developing world as they strive toward sustainability.

The Dark North

  • Publisher: Postmedia
  • Total Episodes: 10

Each season of The Dark North will tell a true crime story in a different Canadian city. Season 1 examines the struggle for control of Montreal’s underworld, produced by the Montreal Gazette and hosted by Paul Cherry.

Two Countries One Crime

  • Publisher: Caitlin Vargas & Bibi Careau
  • Total Episodes: 16

Welcome to the true crime comedy podcast where your hosts, Caitlin and Bibi, make fun of American and Canadian criminals and justice systems!

Beyond Style Matters

  • Publisher: Jeanne Beker/ TSC / Frequency Podcast Network
  • Total Episodes: 38

Canadian media icon Jeanne Beker changed the face of fashion reporting with the internationally acclaimed Fashion Television. For almost three decades, Jeanne took us behind the scenes of the world’s most famous runways. At TSC, she has demystified trends for a home shopping audience with Style Matters with Jeanne Beker. She now expands her reach with Beyond Style Matters, giving listeners insider access to fashion’s top designers, trend-setters and most fabulous players. Join Jeanne and her guests as they tell their stories, examine the true meaning of style and discuss some of the hottest topics disrupting a trillion dollar business.

Why are people watching this?

  • Publisher: Why are people watching this?
  • Total Episodes: 110

Dave, Justin, and Ashley watch the #1 show on Netflix for the week and try to answer the question: why are people watching this? Comedy and consternation ensue as two agreeable middle-aged chaps and a punchy millennial from rural Canada are subjected to bizarre Korean sci-fi, graphic true crime documentaries, unnecessary medical dramas, baffling 90s sitcoms, and insufferable Hallmark Christmas films. Their honest reactions are filled with wit, insight, and that oh-so Canadian brand of wholesome irreverence and humble exasperation. Support this podcast:

A Million Other Choices

  • Publisher: Kim Toller
  • Total Episodes: 45

When my niece was murdered in 2018, my interest in true crime turned to an obsession. I cover mostly Canadian cases and largely from my hometown of Calgary. I respect the victims and their families because I’ve been there. Every victims story deserves to be told. No chatting about my personal life or witty banter….I just get right to the case and tell the victim’s story. My personal story can be found in Season 1, episodes 17&18.

Nothing Ever Happens in Canada

  • Publisher: Nothing Ever Happens in Canada
  • Total Episodes: 115

Most people think nothing ever happens in Canada but this simply is not true. This is a Canadian podcast, looking to explore the myths, legends and just good old tales Canada has to tell. Choose your own adventure now and join me in discovering some of Canada’s most unique stories. Website – show notes and more! https://canadiangirl2319.wixsite. Support the Show Leave a Review Souvenir Shop – Merch Make a Donation to the show PayPal Support this podcast:


  • Publisher: Kaleidoscope of Crime
  • Total Episodes: 7

Tonya jumps on her soap box and discusses all things Canadian True Crime

Girl, You Haven’t Heard?? |True Crime & Black History

  • Publisher: Jayda Hope
  • Total Episodes: 14

Girl, You Haven’t Heard?? Is a podcast where we discuss Black History that the Canadian government would prefer we forget, and true crime cases from a critical perspective without the copaganda.

The Truth About Real Estate Investing… for Canadians

  • Publisher: Erwin Szeto
  • Total Episodes: 185

The Truth About Real Estate Investing… for Canadians is by Canadians for Canadians eh? The show is exactly that, we speaks truths, no get rich quick schemes, investing is a marathon, if you’re looking to get rich quick this is not the place for you. Instead, we invest based on economic fundamentals using tried and true best practices that generate wealth for the long term. The Show is hosted by Erwin Szeto aka Mr. Hamilton. Erwin is a professional real estate investor, Realtor at Rock Star Brokerage Inc., 2015 winner of Realtor of the year by the Real Estate Investment Network AND the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine. He is an expert in his field and knows his business like no other. In this show, he deconstructs world class investors, digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and lessons that all investors can use.

The Desi Crime Podcast

  • Publisher: Aryaan Misra & Aishwarya Singh
  • Total Episodes: 38

Desi Killers, Desi Kidnappers, Desi Criminals – find them here. We are your one stop shop for all things Desi, and all things Crazy. Tooooooooo much of true crime is centered around America – New York murder this and Chicago Killer that. What about the Delhi Dons and Karachi killers and Bangladeshi Burglars?! If you are tired of the the same-old American murderer, British killer, Australian kidnapper, Canadian stalker… NO MORE! The Desi Crime Podcast brings DESI crimes. From India, Pakistan, Nepal and other brown communities, we’ll bring you cases that can only be described as Desi. Crimes that take place in the Indian subcontinent aren’t remotely similar to Western crimes— desi crimes are gory, complicated, corrupt and hardly documented. After thorough research on the most sinister cases, we’ll take you on a bumpy, jaw dropping ride around South Asia. Crime is a popular genre in India. CID was watched by boomers, John Grisham was read by millennials, and now, The Desi Crime Podcast is there for Gen Z.

The Potato Talkies Show

  • Publisher: Potato Talkies
  • Total Episodes: 4

This show is about Money, entrepreneurship and achieving true success in Canada. In this show, we talk to people who made it BIG in Canada and are living the Canadian dream so that you know that it’s possible – if not now, 10 years from now – but it’s possible!


  • Publisher: Incriminasian
  • Total Episodes: 39

A slice of Asian true crime and creepy culture in the form of a biweekly podcast. Brought to you by Leanne and Tammy, two Asian Canadian true crime enthusiasts. Follow us on Instagram! Read our Show Notes!

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