20 Best Canadian Wellness Podcasts of 2022

Are you wanting to learn more about canadian wellness? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best canadian wellness podcasts of 2022.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best Canadian Wellness Podcasts 2022

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The Over|Thinking Podcast

  • Publisher: overthinking
  • Total Episodes: 9

Canadian Mental Health Association Durham’s Recovery College Wellness Centre presents Over|Thinking. A monthly podcast discussing mental health produced and hosted by individuals with lived experience.

TELUS Talks with Tamara Taggart

  • Publisher: TELUS
  • Total Episodes: 108

Each week, TELUS Talks with Tamara Taggart will bring exclusive conversations with experts and influencers making a difference for Canadians right now. From health and wellness, to community, to social responsibility, we’ll share stories, bust myths, provide simple and practical tips, and deliver information of value to Canadians.

The Canadian Investor

  • Publisher: Braden Dennis & Simon Belanger
  • Total Episodes: 157

The Podcast For Canadian Investors.

The podcast features in depth discussion around individual stocks and various investing strategies while incorporating the nuances of Canadian investment vehicles.

Show hosts Braden Dennis and Simon Belanger bring both experience, fresh takes, well-researched information and entertainment to an investing podcast for Canadians.

The Eco Well podcast

In this show, Jen Novakovich, Canadian cosmetic chemist from The Eco Well, interviews international cosmetic scientists and industry leaders to bring you a fresh new conversation a week about all things beauty!

Strong Bodies by Tish

  • Publisher: Tish Duffy
  • Total Episodes: 9

Hi, I’m Tish! And my goal is to use this podcast to help women get stronger through strength training while enjoying a balanced lifestyle. I’m a Canadian girl – born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, now living in Kelowna, British Columbia. Above all else, I’m passionate about fitness and wellness! I love helping and inspiring people – not only clients, but everyone I connect with day to day! It is what I love and live and want to share it with you! My passion is lifting, for many reasons which you’ll hear more about in these episodes; but I also love hiking, mountain biking, skiing, traveling and spending time with my friends and family – my Husband, 3 fur kids, and my parents (the people who have contributed most to my drive and success). Join me as I learn, explore, and share the secrets to building a strong body!

Learn English with Bob the Canadian

  • Publisher: Bob the Canadian
  • Total Episodes: 274

If you want to learn English you’ve come to the right place. I’m Bob the Canadian and I make videos on Youtube (Just search for “Bob the Canadian” on Youtube!) as well as podcasts right here to help you learn English. Each week I teach a lesson and I host a question and answer session about the English language. During these sessions I will my best to answer as many questions as I can that you have about the English language!

The Intersection

  • Publisher: YEG Wellness Collective
  • Total Episodes: 30

Welcome to The Intersection, a Canadian podcast, where we talk about intersectionality and its impact on wellbeing. Each episode we challenge what it means to be inclusive by exploring how social identities affect how one is treated by society, the wellness industry, and the world. Join your hosts for unfiltered conversations about the many intersections of wellness, politics, current events, social justice, pop culture and history! Unfiltered includes some jokes, awkward moments, and laughs along the way! Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed during The Intersection are those of the hosts and do not reflect any employer’s, organizations, committees, or other group or individual that may be related to the hosts. And as critically thinking humans, that are bound to make mistakes sometimes, these views are subject to change, revisions, and rethinking at any time and past performances may not be indicative of future results. Additionally, the values and opinions should not be taken as professional advice and should not be taken over the advice of professionals. The Intersection is not liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from accessing this podcast. With that out of the way- we hope you enjoy our podcast!

DO YOU with Brianne Hogan

  • Publisher: brianne hogan
  • Total Episodes: 22

Welcome to DO YOU – an empowering space for those who want to DO life LESS conventionally, and a lot more authentically.

Join Canadian writer and author and self-described “mystical goofball” Brianne Hogan (Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Elle, BBC, HelloGiggles, etc), for hilarious, inspiring, and cosmically conscious conversations with amazing guests, diving deep into topics like wellness, spirituality, relationships, entertainment, and entrepreneurship.

What does it mean to DO YOU in a world that asks us to conform and play small? And how does one pursue a life that reflects their TRUE essence? What does that look like? And how do we DO it?

Through Brianne’s own story as well as in-depth interviews with various voices, DO YOU explores what it means to DO life as truthfully and creatively as possible. You will hear stories from people who continue to live out their dreams and follow their hearts despite setbacks, obstacles, and a world that often shames us for living our truth.

For all the late bloomers, black sheep, and wildflowers who think they’re running behind or doubt their own journey yet long to live a life aligned with their soul, this is a place for you. Get ready for some heart-centered and honest chats, and lots of laughs.

Follow Brianne on Instagram @briehogan and the podcast @doyoupod

Sound Mind: conversations about physician wellness and medical culture

  • Publisher: The Canadian Medical Association
  • Total Episodes: 12

When physicians are healthy and fulfilled, they’re better equipped to care for others. Yet many doctors, residents and medical students report burnout, depression and other concerns at some point in their career — and countless others stay silent out of fear of stigma. Sound Mind is a podcast that sheds light on physician wellness and medical culture, produced by the Canadian Medical Association and hosted by psychiatrist and wellness expert Dr. Caroline Gérin-Lajoie. This interview-based program is for physicians, medical learners, administrators, and anyone interested in the wellness challenges medical professionals face and the ways they’re being addressed.

ExtraTime, the Official Podcast of Major League Soccer (MLS)

  • Publisher: Major League Soccer
  • Total Episodes: 807

Extratime is the premier soccer podcast covering the beautiful game in North America. Every Monday and Thursday, hosts Andrew Wiebe and David Gass are joined by a rotating cast of Charlie Davies, Matt Doyle and Calen Carr to discuss the latest headlines in Major League Soccer (MLS), Concacaf and the United States and Canadian national teams. Tune in for A-list guests that include the biggest players, coaches, GMs and journalists in our region, as well as soccer discussions free to go wherever the banter leads!

Bob’s Short English Lessons

  • Publisher: Bob the Canadian
  • Total Episodes: 238

If you want to learn English with short easy-to-understand lessons then you’ve come to the right place. I’m Bob the Canadian and I make videos on Youtube (Just search for “Bob’s Short English Lessons” on Youtube!) as well as podcasts right here to help you learn English. Four times each week I upload a short English lesson with a complete transcript in the description. During these lessons I teach one or two curious phrases from the English language and answer a listener question. Thanks for joining me and I hope your English learning is going well!

What‘s In The Basement

  • Publisher: WITB
  • Total Episodes: 51

What‘s in The Basement? Well it‘s casual, comedic, chaotic, and Canadian! Join your friends Pat, Anton, and Chris as they give unique perspectives on… well… everything. Relationships, Finances, Video Games, The Internet, Pop Culture, and Just Being Alive! No topic is too big, too small, or too weird. We’ll tackle everything that the universe, internet, and you can throw at us. – New Episodes Every Monday

KeyStone’s Stock Talk – Canadian & US Small-Cap Growth & Dividend Stocks, Tips & Portfolio Building Strategies

  • Publisher: Stock Talk Podcast by KeyStone Financial
  • Total Episodes: 166

Hosted by Ryan Irvine & Aaron Dunn, the podcast is highly interactive taking listener questions each week on individual Canadian & U.S. stocks as well as stock portfolio building strategies. The podcast focuses on high quality Canadian Dividend growth stocks, unknown & profitable Canadian Small-Cap stocks, U.S. tech leaders and high growth small-cap stocks. We also provide simple portfolio building tips for DIY investors. Weekly show highlights include: – Case For & Against Any Stock: our Ryan, Aaron & Brennan debate the pro’s & con’s of investing in a stock from a fundamental perspective and one of our analysts acts as judge, jury, and executioner to settle the lively debate. -Your Stock, Our Take Segment: Need a sober second opinion on any stock in your portfolio? Send a question to our Your Stock Our Take segment and we will review the business based on our BUY/SELL/HOLD criteria. – DIY Portfolio Building Tips: Interested in building your own DIY stock portfolio while paying less fees? Listen-in every week to uncover tips on how to take control of your financial future and dissect the hot button topics and stocks of the week. – Dividend Growth Stocks & Profitable Unknown Small-Caps: KeyStone’s Stock Talk Podcast is the only podcast talking Canadian & U.S. stocks across all market sectors. From profitable, unknown small-caps to great dividend paying mid and large caps, it is they type of stock discussion you can find nowhere else. – Canadian Stock Content: For Canadian investors & created by Canadian investors, we actually talk Canadian stocks. Real stocks to add to your watch list and, perhaps most importantly, which stocks to potentially avoid. – Hot Topics: From the FAANGs, AI, SaaS, cloud computing, and cybersecurity to gold, Cannabis, renewable & alternative energy to day trading vs. long-term investing, we have you covered.

The MoneySaver Podcast

  • Publisher: Lana Sanichar/ Ellen Roseman
  • Total Episodes: 44

Journalist Ellen Roseman, and Canadian MoneySaver Editor in Chief Lana Sanichar interview leaders in personal finance and investing, as well as top bloggers, authors and entrepreneurs. The goal is to help you save money and increase your assets. Learn how to make smart choices at every stage of your life, safeguard your interests and protect yourself from poor advice. Sponsored by Canadian MoneySaver Magazine. Follow us on Twitter @lana_sanichar, @ellenroseman, @cdnmoneysaver The views and opinions expressed by the Guests are theirs alone and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Ellen Roseman, Lana Sanichar, Canadian MoneySaver Magazine or the MoneySaver Podcast.

The Mitch Lafon and Jeremy White Show

  • Publisher: Mitch Lafon and Jeremy White
  • Total Episodes: 655

The Mitch Lafon and Jeremy White Show! Available wherever you stream. 

Two of Canada’s top interviewers come together to bring in-depth conversations with the biggest names in showbiz and the crews that make it happen. Hosted by well respected music journalist Mitch Lafon and one of the most recognizable voices on Canadian radio Jeremy White!

From Hall of Famers to rising stars, guests on the show have included Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Def Leppard, KISS, The Go-Go’s, Cheap Trick, David Coverdale (Whitesnake/Deep Purple), members of Bon Jovi and more. Music heavyweights on the show have also included Bryan Adams, Bonnie Tyler, Alessia Cara, NKOTB, Keith Urban, Rick Astley, Bananarama, JXDN, Boy George, Gavin Rossdale from Bush, Kenny Loggins and many more!

Subscribe on YouTube to watch the exclusive interview videos, 

Follow the hosts on Twitter:

Mountain Nature and Culture Podcast

  • Publisher: Ward Cameron
  • Total Episodes: 89

This podcast explores the natural and human history of the Canadian Rockies as well as its attractions and culture. We’ll look at the ecology and wildlife as well as the unique plants and birds that make the Canadian Rockies home. Looking back through our history we will share the stories behind the scenery. This is the place for all things Rockies.

CMPA: Practically Speaking

  • Publisher: Canadian Medical Protective Association, CMPA
  • Total Episodes: 8

CMPA Practically Speaking is a Canadian Medical Protective Association podcast where we share expert advice on a variety of topics affecting physicians and their practice. From assisting physicians in reducing medical-legal risk and enhancing safe medical care, to discussing physician wellness and how the CMPA supports its members in a changing healthcare environment, this podcast will cover what you need to know when you need it most. Earn Self-Learning Section 2 MOC credits and non-certified Self-Learning Mainpro+ credits for each episode.

A Football Podcast

  • Publisher: StringerLabs
  • Total Episodes: 113

Welcome to A Football Podcast.

A weekly football show hosted by Devang Desai & David Gass, focused on Major League Soccer, Canadian Premier League and the rest of the World of Football. The 60 minute podcast features discussions on the top matches from the weekend, as well as all the big football fodder.

Includes: Lot of fun and a ton of insight.

Everyday Conversations Podcast

  • Publisher: Faith Beyond Belief
  • Total Episodes: 207

A podcast focused on preparing Christians to share the Christian worldview in everyday conversations. Host Jojo Ruba and co-host Shafer Parker address the difficulties and challenges that Canadian Christians face in everyday conversations, and aim to demonstrate a winsome and well-informed response.

Sultan + Shepard present Dialekt Radio

  • Publisher: Sultan + Shepard
  • Total Episodes: 117

Dialekt Radio is a brand new radio show presented by Sultan + Shepard. The dynamic Canadian production and DJ duo have returned to their progressive and melodic house roots, and are proud to present 60 minutes of music each week dedicated to these sounds. Get ready to go on a journey for 60 mins each week featuring brand new exclusive music from Sultan and Ned as well as exclusive mashups and deep cuts.

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