An Introduction To Gambling With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the new frontier, and there are plenty of viable ways that Bitcoin can be used in the modern world. Gambling is no exception, and recent developments have made it easier and sometimes even preferable to use Bitcoin to gamble.

This guide will provide some information and tips on how to gamble with Bitcoin, and will be bound to help any player, seasoned or new, who gambles or is looking to get into gambling with bitcoin.

Gambling With Bitcoin

What you need to get started is simple — some Bitcoin, and a gambling website that uses it as currency. Gambling websites have taken to using Bitcoin increasingly as Bitcoin gains popularity, and even offer Bitcoin as an exchangeable currency to facilitate the process. From here, you can play classic casino games, “Bitcoin Games” as well as bet on other traditional gambling services like sports. If you dabble in online gambling frequently, you might have chanced upon advertisements that promote players to use Bitcoin at Betonline!

Signing Up

First, you have to register an account on a gambling site that suits your needs and desires. Take note of whether the gambling site is more traditional in that it accepts Bitcoin as one of many payment options (which often requires a KYC verification process), or exclusively takes Bitcoin from your wallet address and lets you play anonymously.

Choosing Games

Bitcoin is versatile in that it can be used as a shared currency across many online gambling platforms and games, and as such you have a wide option of games to pick from. Don’t be afraid to look for games that you will enjoy before you settle on any one game.

Cashing Out

After a successful gambling session, you can now opt to withdraw your winnings through Bitcoin as a payment method. This allows you to instantly and easily withdraw money from anywhere around the world, without additional delays or charges.

Set Your Sights On A Site You Like

Gambling is supposed to be fun, so picking a website that is fuss-free and suits your needs should take precedence, especially since there are a plethora of options to choose from online.

Whether it be casinos, sports, or even esports, websites that cater to your interests are bound to exist and there is a thriving community of bitcoin gamblers that will give recommendations on which site to use, both from enjoyment and a bang-for-your-buck perspective.

Choosing A Reliable Site

The best part of Bitcoin can also be its biggest downfall. As most online gamblers are already greatly aware of, sketchy gambling websites are abundant online, and this issue is compounded by the anonymous nature of Bitcoin.

You want to find websites that have garnered a strong reputation as reliable and safe. It is your money, after all! Here are some things to look out for:

  1. Read the terms and conditions of any gambling website you intend on using to be confident in your transactions.
  2. If you do encounter any issues, you would want a solid customer service experience to resolve your issues. Look out for any sites that are recommended for their customer service, as you will be thankful when you have to go through them.
  3. Look for websites that explicitly mention they have responsible gambling rules and regulations. Those that make it a point to care about their users are always the best of the lot.
  4. Gambling with cryptocurrency is a new experience for most. Hence, selecting a site with a robust customer support system is a bonus for new gamers. This system should be knowledgeable about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin banking, as well as the gambling industry.

The Legality Of Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin gambling is perfectly legal, though you may wish to be careful of using sites outside of your country or state to err on the safe side. By using such websites (particularly unlicensed ones), your local authorities may not be able to help you if something goes dire.

The Benefits Of Gambling With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is great due to its universality in value, which means that it is easily accessible on almost any gambling website. Leveraging its blockchain system, its transparency and reliability mean that it is a trusted payment option that anyone would accept. Not to mention, the anonymity factor of Bitcoin enables players to gamble while worrying less about potential data leaks and adds to the experience of online gambling.

Additionally, several sites offer incentives for using Bitcoin over other payment methods. From Sign-up bonuses to even offering free spins or rounds in games, the benefits that bitcoin gambling websites can offer are often plentiful and it is worth your while to shop around and find the best bang for your Bitcoin.

Types Of Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin Promotions

Bitcoin bonuses work similar to those in regular gambling options, just that they are located on cryptocurrency sites. Most sites now allocate their bonuses directly in Bitcoins, which can become increasingly competitive as companies aim to entice customers with lucrative offers.

Regardless of whether you’re betting, playing in casinos, or poker, crypto bonuses are relatively easy to use and simple. However, not all bonuses offer the same value, so customers must be aware to pick one that is specific to their gameplay conditions. Otherwise, Bitcoin offers free bets, spins, and various no-deposit incentives. These allow players to greatly increase their funds through joining these platforms.

Bitcoin Phone Applications

This particular bitcoin gambling platform may be appealing to some, as it offers a portable experience that some would find enjoyable or are used to from their FIAT online gambling websites.

Most trustworthy Bitcoin websites do not offer an app for use as many of these websites opt to streamline the experience, particularly because having a Bitcoin wallet is one thing that needs to be managed already. Some traditional gambling sites do have apps that accept Bitcoin as a payment method, however.


Bitcoin is a great alternative to traditional currency when gambling online, as it gives much of the perks that players want (anonymity, fast transfers, and wide acceptance by most gambling sites). Because of this, Bitcoin is rapidly becoming a popular option for players, and the ecosystem for Bitcoin is growing to meet this newfound demand.

Of course, there will be concerns about cryptocurrency losing its value due to its more volatile nature as compared to FIAT currency, but the opportunity to farm and fatten your Bitcoin wallet does make the option more compelling. Besides, these fluctuations can also be seen as another gamble, and that can also be seen as part of the fun.

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