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Fun Virtual Activities For Remote Start-Up Teams In Canada

To run a successful business, you need a great team. Team building activities help businesses to create a healthy bond between team members and foster better relationships. As more Canadian start-ups adopt a remote working model, the need for team bonding activities is more important than ever. 

Thanks to the internet and digital technologies, there are many fun ways to connect team members across borders and strengthen brand culture. If you’ve been looking for fun online activities for your remote team, here are some creative ideas you could use.


Learn something new together 

You and your team could pick one fun thing for everyone to learn together. For example, if a team member knows a unique way to tie a tie, the person could be the tutor for a “tie knotting” session within the team, and everyone gets to learn and practice together. The things you learn together as a team could be as simple as knotting a tie or as complex as cooking a foreign dish. 

These activities can also help you learn about the cultures of team members from different regions. Learning something new as a team is a great way to interact with each other, share ideas, and gain new perspectives.

Play games

Online games that allow teams to connect remotely are now available on the internet. Teams can play free online games, chat room quizzes, or casino games during bonding time. These games can help your team members become more productive, improve team spirit and boost morale. There are online Canada Day games like Canada Day bingo, capital quiz, virtual word search, and lots more that teams over the internet can play.

Team members can also play casino games like poker, slots, blackjack, etc. With casino gaming increasing in popularity around the world, it’s likely that some team members are already familiar with online casino games from having played in their free time – by only using trustworthy, licensed operators, of course. When playing at home, the options are varied and include playing games streamed live from a studio where a dealer physically conducts the play. Those familiar with how to play casino games remotely can support their colleagues in this fun team-building option.


Open mic nights 

Everyone on your team has something they enjoy doing. You could organize a virtual open mic night where you ask team members to showcase their skills and talents. For instance, you could ask each team member to sing, play an instrument or perform a joke while others watch and have fun. This fun activity can be done over a video call with a specific time allotted to each team member to perform before the rest of the team. Organizing virtual open mic night activities can unlock new opportunities for building community. You can share the video recordings during birthday celebrations or on social media to give people a glimpse of what it’s like to work with your team.

We’ve shown you some actionable virtual ideas that you can use to improve staff rapport and team performance. However, there are other fun virtual activities for remote start-up teams, like setting up a health club, movie club, book club, podcast club, and others based on shared interests within your organization. You could also prioritize staff birthdays and plan virtual celebrations for each individual on their birthdays. There’s also an option to build something cool with the team and give everyone ownership. You can do many fun virtual activities with your team, and you just have to pick what works for you.

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