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The Top Tips for Preventing Fires in a Commercial Space

Fires in commercial spaces can be incredibly dangerous. With so many chemicals and machinery around, it is easy for the fire to spread quickly. What’s more, these buildings are often in remote areas taking it a while for the fire department to get there. Thus, it is important to take the necessary steps for preventing fires in this space. Here are the top tips to consider:

Have Procedures for All Tasks

If employees have to deal with chemicals, electrical items, or anything else that can be a fire hazard make sure that there are proper procedures in place for handling and storing them. It isn’t enough for there simply to be instructions about what to do. Instead, have seminars walking your employees through the process.

Each individual should also have access to the proper safety gear and equipment needed to handle such hazards. To ensure that the proper steps are being taken have a checklist that employees have to follow. This will show them the right way to tackle these tasks every single time.

Match the Safety Equipment to the Materials

It is important to consider what is happening in a particular area of the commercial space and what materials are being used there. This will make it easier to determine what kind of safety equipment will work best in that situation.

For instance, are there a lot of metal filings and waste in a certain room or space? In this case you should consider installing fire extinguishers for metal fires specifically. Should disaster occur you can guarantee that the problem will be taken care of swiftly and easily.

Focus on Protecting the Merchandise and Equipment

The goods, merchandise, machinery, and equipment inside any commercial space is incredibly expensive and valuable. And, when it comes to computers and tech, these also hold a great deal of information. As such, you need to guarantee that these are safeguarded in the event of a fire and any extinguishing protocol.

This is why you should consider installing a FE 36 extinguisher at several points throughout such an area. These work to extinguish the fire but don’t produce any kind of residue that can damage electronics or other sensitive gear.

Have Proper Alarms and Highlighted Exit Points

As commercial buildings are so large, it isn’t easy to know when something is going on in another part of the building. This is why you should have alarms that set off each other. This way, even people farther away will know to evacuate.

Once again, as these spaces are so vast, you should have properly highlighted arrows pointing to the exits. Make sure the exits are clearly outlined as well. This increases the likelihood of people getting out in a timely manner.These are the top guidelines that you should follow to safeguard your facility or any commercial space. For the best results, implement all these strategies as, combined, they can do a great deal to reduce the risk of fires. In doing so, you will not only be able to save lives but also quite a bit of money.

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