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UpperBee Inc. Launches New Website

Montreal August 30, 2021 – UpperBee Inc. launches its new website and unveils its suite of software solutions specialized in real estate for the management of large and small buildings.

Beyond the ergonomic, visual, and interactive aspects aimed at facilitating navigation, this launch aligns with the company’s ambitious development strategy and is in line with the strong demand of the real estate market for its products, but also with the evolution of the regulatory context, whether for condominiums or rental housing buildings.

Property managers and owners of rental properties play a key role in the real estate industry and help create living environments that are appreciated by all: residents, tenants, owners, co-owners and administrators. The UpperBee platform has been designed to accompany them in daily challenges and offer the best services to residents.

This launch comes after a year of significant growth for UpperBee and the commercialization of several innovative and complementary service software in response to the needs of its customers such as Meeting and Track&Fix.

A platform created by managers for managers

UpperBee has been around since 2007 and started with the development of an all-web service software for condominium management formerly known as This development period of more than 10 years has allowed UpperBee Inc. to become the publisher of the most powerful all-in-one online software solution for the management of all types of residential real estate properties. Particularly renowned in North America, the software is recognized for the breadth of its functionalities, both financial and operational, its ease of use, its transparency, and the quality and expertise of its support to users.

Faithful to this positioning as an innovative leader, and a recognized proptech player in the property management software market, UpperBee launches its new avant-garde software suite that is part of the digital shift of the real estate industry. Unique on the market, UpperBee facilitates management of all types of residential real estate properties, and is a tool designed and developed by professional managers, and this, for owners, managers, portfolios, and real estate professionals.

More than 100,000 users have already chosen UpperBee

In web and mobile software version, UpperBee has several tens of thousands of users, mainly in Quebec. Firmly established in the industry, it has greatly evolved over the last 14 years, especially with the requests of its customers and users, who constantly bring excellent ideas for improving management tools to always save time and money.

The UpperBee suite offers a wide range of products including:

  • UpperBee Manager – for portfolio management and management professionals.
  • UpperBee Condo – for the management of condominiums and homeowners’ associations.
  • UpperBee Rental – for the management of large income buildings and multiplexes.
  • Track&Fix – real estate inspection solution for pre-acceptance inspections, inventory, building visits and regulatory inspections, already used by several renowned developers for the delivery of their projects.
  • Meeting – software for virtual assemblies and meetings to compile your quorums and votes in real time, and this, considering the number of votes assigned to each.
  • Bonjour – digital entry register to track the arrival and departure of each visitor and subcontractor of your large residential or commercial buildings. Bonjour will notify you in real time of the arrival of any subcontractor at the building.

UpperBee, the all-in-one property management software

Today, UpperBee is one of the few property management software products on the market to bring together all the organizational, communication, accounting, and technical monitoring tools of equipment in a single integrated software suite. It is therefore now possible to centralize all your management activities to gain productivity compared to traditional accounting software packages and business software. No need to subscribe to multiple software with limited functionality.

“By choosing UpperBee, it is no longer necessary to pay for multiple platforms to try to meet all property management needs. The use of a single web platform maximizes all management efforts and offers an impeccable quality of management and an unparalleled experience to owners, co-owners, tenants, residents, partners, and collaborators. ” explained Eric Deslauriers, President of UpperBee.

Launch of Rental UpperBee

UpperBee adapts to the needs of traditional rental real estate and now allows the management of multiresidential rental properties. Rental property owners can finally manage their buildings in a single platform: up-to-date and accessible finances from anywhere with complete collaborative accounting tools, rent summaries and financial statements, all information on leases, tenants and residents centralized in one place, access to simplified communication tools to increase the well-being of partners and communities, simple automations to optimize your management, improve your investments and improve the comfort of your tenants and residents.

The combination of UpperBee Rental and UpperBee Manager offers owners of buildings managed by a third party, an innovative property management that promotes transparency. Never before have you had access to so much information in real time. In addition, with UpperBee, your tenants will have access to their up-to-date account statements on the Mobile App, and they will be able to submit requests for services or book, among other things, gym equipment.

The UpperBee advantage: A software service that evolves according to the needs of its users and adapted to the legislative evolution of the co-ownership.

“Depending on your needs, the software will adapt to you. Whether you are a small or a large management company, UpperBee has the solution for you. The strength of UpperBee is to make available to small managers the management tools usually reserved for the largest property management companies in North America. UpperBee adapts to your reality, its flexibility and its role-by-role security management system ensures that UpperBee will constantly meet the needs of all its users, from the simplest to the most advanced. Not to mention that UpperBee allows you to manage the operations of your management company, along with the buildings you manage. In other words, UpperBee follows you, if you are a management company in full development, UpperBee has all the tools to follow you and meet your needs of today, as well as those of tomorrow. ” said Eric Deslauriers, CPA, CMA.

UpperBee, always on the lookout for new features

UpperBee already integrates the new obligations and impacts arising from Bills 141 and 16 (claims management, implementation of the maintenance book, etc.).

Enhanced accessibility

UpperBee is accessible at any time, from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. In addition, the UpperBee mobile app is available on Google Play or the App Store. It is therefore easy for all users to follow up, regardless of their roles or needs. From anywhere, you can view your current financial statements, service requests from your residents, the list of equipment, maintenance tasks, and other operational data of your buildings.

A resolutely modern site that brings its share of new features

Also to be discovered is UpperBee TV, a unique tool for online and video-on-demand training: whether it is training aimed at the use of UpperBee, Meeting or topics relating to property management, all training aims to facilitate the daily life of users. The content is also available on our YouTube channel.

Another UpperBee advantage: connected applications. It is easy to integrate UpperBee with many software solutions in order to fully meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

To learn more about UpperBee and discover all the features of the software suite, go to the or contact us.

About UpperBee

UpperBee was founded in 2007 by a team of property management professionals, accountants, and software engineers. The team is multidisciplinary and multilingual. It has nearly 100 experienced employees from the business and real estate communities (CPA, Adm.A., MBA, engineers, and technicians, CHRA, etc.), working to meet the needs of its clients.

UpperBee has several thousand clients in autonomous management and counts among its clients some of the most important Canadian property management firms, including SolutionCondo, Wilkar Real Estate Management, Domis Real Estate Management, HPDG, and many others.

Press Contacts:

Eric Deslauriers, CPA, CMA, President [email protected]
Sandrine Boisselier, Marketing Director: [email protected]

The public site of the UpperBee software“”was designed by the UpperBee teams, in collaboration with David Beaulieu for the design and Ubéo for the development and programming.

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