20 Best Canadian Medical Podcasts of 2022

April 4, 2022

Are you wanting to learn more about canadian medical? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best canadian medical podcasts of 2022.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best Canadian Medical Podcasts 2022

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MSK Matters

  • Publisher: Dr. Ali Rendely and Guests
  • Total Episodes: 21

A sport and exercise medicine podcast for Canadian medical residents and senior medical students

MEDamorphosis Podcast

  • Publisher: UBC Medicine Learning Network
  • Total Episodes: 40

Inspired by the American Undifferentiated Medical Student Podcast with a Canadian context, UBC Medical students interview various physicians with the aim of learning more about their specialties to help them navigate their medical careers. Created by UBC Medicine students, Faizan Bhatia and Tien Tina Lu. Subscribe to the podcast for new episodes every second Tuesday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and all major podcast platforms.

Learn Oncology

  • Publisher: Chloe Lim
  • Total Episodes: 6

LearnOncology contains comprehensive information encompassing the discipline of oncology. The material is intended to teach medical students, residents, practicing or registered healthcare professionals the skills necessary to manage oncology cases, and is designed to encompass the Canadian Oncology Goals and Objectives for Medical Students.

The Panic Pod

  • Publisher: Joshua Fletcher
  • Total Episodes: 39

Joshua is the author of best-selling books on anxiety, a previous sufferer and a qualified psychotherapist. Co-hosted by Canadian singer, producer, and amateur linguist Ella Jean, The Panic Pod is a discussion-based podcast offering bite-sized practical advice on managing anxiety. It is also an opportunity to illuminate what medical and academic spheres know about anxiety to discuss it in a way that you can take to the pub. Joshua is a fully qualified Psychotherapist and runs a private counselling practice based in Manchester called The Panic Room. [email protected]

The Medical Dads Podcast

  • Publisher: Stuart Harman & David Hsu
  • Total Episodes: 108

A weekly parenting podcast by two Canadian dads who happen to be medical doctors. Dr. Stuart Harman is a Paediatric ER Doc from Ottawa, Ontario and Dr. David Hsu is a Family Physician from Toronto, Ontario. Join them as they discuss medical issues related to parenting and share stories about their own experiences as dads.

The SAR Take

  • Publisher: Dylan & BK
  • Total Episodes: 42

The SAR Take is a Canadian Pararescue show where we highlight elite operators who work in austere environments to provide medical aid to Canadians. Our goal is to share stories and highlight people who have done some incredible acts of selflessness so that others may live. RESCUE

Stroke FM

  • Publisher: Stroke FM
  • Total Episodes: 24

You’ve heard of thrombolysis? We are here to deliver anxiolysis when it comes to learning about stroke. We are a Stroke Educational podcast originally developed by a keen group of doctors in the Neurology program in Toronto. We are also the official podcast of the Canadian Stroke Consortium and will be releasing episodes with the prefix “CSC” to designate those podcasts. Ideas and opinions are our own and not any institution or hospital, and this podcast is not a substitute for expert medical advice. The purpose of this podcast is medical education. https://www.stroke.fm/the-team/disclaimer


  • Publisher: Airwayve Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 20

The Airwayve Podcast is a Canadian anesthesia podcast for medical students led by medical students (Puru Panchal, Alexa Caldwell, Grace Martin) from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

GetBriefed Podcast

  • Publisher: MDBriefCase
  • Total Episodes: 22

GetBriefed Podcast is the latest mdBriefCase Group offering, developed to inform healthcare practitioners regarding a variety of relevant medical topics, and available on a convenient downloadable platform. Now, access education from leading medical experts on-the-go! mdBriefCase Group is Canada’s foremost, online continuing medical education (CME) provider, with a membership of over 110,000 Canadian healthcare practitioners who currently use and help shape content. We provide FREE multimedia, interactive and accredited learning programs written by leading medical specialists and developed by prestigious educational institutions.

Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine – The Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine Podcast

  • Publisher: Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine
  • Total Episodes: 55

Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine is an international refereed journal published for clinicians with a primary interest in sports medicine practice. The journal publishes original research and reviews covering diagnostics, therapeutics, and rehabilitation in healthy and physically challenged individuals of all ages and levels of sport and exercise participation. The Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine is the official journal of: American Medical Society for Sports Medicine American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine Australasian College of Sports and Exercise Physicians Canadian Academy of Sport & Exercise Medicine

Why are people watching this?

  • Publisher: Why are people watching this?
  • Total Episodes: 110

Dave, Justin, and Ashley watch the #1 show on Netflix for the week and try to answer the question: why are people watching this? Comedy and consternation ensue as two agreeable middle-aged chaps and a punchy millennial from rural Canada are subjected to bizarre Korean sci-fi, graphic true crime documentaries, unnecessary medical dramas, baffling 90s sitcoms, and insufferable Hallmark Christmas films. Their honest reactions are filled with wit, insight, and that oh-so Canadian brand of wholesome irreverence and humble exasperation. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/whyarepeoplewatchingthis/support

Seeing Clearly: A Pre-Clerkship’s Guide to All Things Ophthalmology

  • Publisher: Eye Curriculum
  • Total Episodes: 15

In support of Eye Curriculum (EC), this podcast is hosted by Emaan Chaudry and Danielle Solish, two Canadian medical students who are the executives of EC. Seeing Clearly is a podcast where students interested in ophthalmology can listen and learn from current residents, physicians and other healthcare professionals who work in the field of ophthalmology.

Too Much Iron

  • Publisher: Canadian Hemochromatosis Society
  • Total Episodes: 10

Too Much Iron is a podcast series from the Canadian Hemochromatosis Society featuring renowned academic and medical professionals. More information on hemochromatosis and the Canadian Hemochromatosis Society is at toomuchiron.ca

A Tincture of Time Podcast

  • Publisher: Stephie Massey & Stacy Bobak
  • Total Episodes: 11

Stacy and Steph share their story of accessing medical cannabis as breast cancer patients. As co-founders of EduCanNation, a Canadian nonprofit organization that provides evidence-based cannabis education and supports certified cannabis educators, Steph and Stacy share the knowledge they have learned as certified cannabis educators to help advocate for the patient and the plant. Their stories of staying positive and hopeful despite the hardship of a breast cancer diagnosis, helps to remind us that we are always stronger than we think we are.

Sound Mind: conversations about physician wellness and medical culture

  • Publisher: The Canadian Medical Association
  • Total Episodes: 12

When physicians are healthy and fulfilled, they’re better equipped to care for others. Yet many doctors, residents and medical students report burnout, depression and other concerns at some point in their career — and countless others stay silent out of fear of stigma. Sound Mind is a podcast that sheds light on physician wellness and medical culture, produced by the Canadian Medical Association and hosted by psychiatrist and wellness expert Dr. Caroline Gérin-Lajoie. This interview-based program is for physicians, medical learners, administrators, and anyone interested in the wellness challenges medical professionals face and the ways they’re being addressed.


  • Publisher: Drs. Kristin Black and Lindsay Drummond
  • Total Episodes: 14

This is a medical education podcast hosted by Obstetrics and Gynecology residents at the University of Alberta covering a wide variety of topics in OBGYN. This podcast will include Canadian-specific content for medical students and residents, covering the basics and beyond.

Multipotent MD

  • Publisher: Ziad and Christopher
  • Total Episodes: 75

Multipotent M.D. is a podcast where we invite Canadian medical students, residents, and physicians to help us navigate through this crazy career we’ve chosen to pursue. Every week we have a guest on the show to chat with us about their experiences in medical school and residency, and to tell us about all the ins and outs of their speciality.

We are Ziad and Christopher, 3rd year medical students at Schulich School of Medicine in London, ON, and we invite you to tune in every Thursday for a brand new episode of Multipotent M.D.

CMPA: Practically Speaking

  • Publisher: Canadian Medical Protective Association, CMPA
  • Total Episodes: 8

CMPA Practically Speaking is a Canadian Medical Protective Association podcast where we share expert advice on a variety of topics affecting physicians and their practice. From assisting physicians in reducing medical-legal risk and enhancing safe medical care, to discussing physician wellness and how the CMPA supports its members in a changing healthcare environment, this podcast will cover what you need to know when you need it most. Earn Self-Learning Section 2 MOC credits and non-certified Self-Learning Mainpro+ credits for each episode.

Caribbean Medical School Podcast by MedmatchMD

  • Publisher: MEDMATCHMD
  • Total Episodes: 2

Welcome to MedmatchMD! Did you know that less than 50% of applicants are accepted to US medical schools?Many of these students are not only qualified but competitive however there’s just not enough spots. Are you are a premed or non-traditional student who is frustrated & loosing hope due to unsuccessful attempts of getting accepted to US or Canadian Medical Schools, and just want to be given a chance to fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor?. Meet MedmatchMD where we help students like yourself make an educated decision of choosing the right school so you can fulfill your dream of becoming a practicing physician in the United States and Canada. MedmatchMD is a centralized online platform where students can search and compare close to 40 Caribbean Medical Schools side by side.Sign up with MedmatchMD at: https://medmatchmd.com/ to search close to 40 offshore Caribbean Medical Schools.

The Objective Lens

  • Publisher: The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science
  • Total Episodes: 34

This podcast is about life in the medical laboratory and discusses issues that are important to the people who work there. We also will give you tips and support for some of the unique challenges of working in the medical laboratory and in health care. Although each episode will have a laboratory slant to it, many people working in health care may find the information useful and relatable. We’ll be talking to subject matter experts in their fields, such as lawyers, union representatives and physicians, using their expertise to help you. If you want to connect with us, ask questions or give suggestions for future episodes you can find us on Facebook and Twitter @csmls. The Objective Lens is the official podcast of the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS), the professional society for medical laboratory professionals in Canada.

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