9 Key Features To Consider In Online eLearning Software

September 16, 2022
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According to Global Market Insights, the eLearning market size is expected to observe a 20% CAGR from 2022 to 2028. It’s no secret that the eLearning platform has been rapidly evolving over the years. The application of artificial intelligence into the learning industry will make it a great place to work.

In this article, we are going to share some of the important features you should consider when you want to develop online eLearning software.

What is an eLearning Platform?

What’s in the name? Some call it an online learning platform. Others call it a learning management system or LMS. Whatever you call it, your eLearning platform must be capable of fulfilling a certain amount of basic functionality.

9 eLearning Features You Must Consider

1. Advanced Dashboard to Analyze Data and Strong Reporting

Strong reporting and data analysis functionality are one of the most important features that you need in your online learning platform. This feature is a must to boost the learning experience, analyze the content requirements of your learners and track many other things. Whatever eLearning platform you choose, make sure that it can generate reports about the number of visitors on the website, most visited pages, bounce rate, email tracking, session tracking, and much more. These are some of the most important metrics you’ll need to set up your marketing campaign and eLearning course.

2. Platform Tutorial to Guide Users About Your Website

The eLearning system must be designed considering the learner’s experience. Your learners must be able to log on just in a single step and find relevant learning material within just a few clicks. It is advisable to create a complete tutorial about your platform to saw users how quickly they can find the learning resources they need.

Some platforms provide How to Tutorials, which will help get learners up to speed with the guide to use the eLearning platform without putting any extra effort. Keep in mind that if the learning resources are not easy to find and use, they will not be used. If your learners can’t find relevant online learning resources then forget about that platform. Make sure that the learning platform should be able to offer a slick and personalized learner experience.

3. Create Responsive Design to Enhance the Learning Experience

Learners can’t learn all the time on a desktop. So, it is important to have a responsive design to allow learners to access learning resources from any device. Make sure that you test the responsiveness of the content within the eLearning platform before making a final decision. There are many learning management systems that offer a great learning experience on desktops but do not open correctly on any other device such as a smartphone, iPad or tablet. So, it’s not worth choosing that learning platform.

4. Integrate Cloud Storage to Ease the Management of Learning Resources

Having an online learning management platform that only provides access to one or two types of learning resources will send you back to the days of inefficient and time-consuming learning systems. Your online learning platform should allow you to have access to different types of learning resources in formats such as word documents, images, video files, audio files, PDFs, and online courses. By learning in different ways, learners will be able to learn things faster and with ease.

5. Use the Latest Technology to Create Scalable eLearning Platform

Finding a solution that is going to meet all your current and future needs is quite challenging. So, don’t invest your time looking for such a solution initially. The most important thing is to find and choose a solution that you can expect to grow in the future. Once your organization grows and your learners develop, you’ll be able to meet their current as well as future needs.

6. Create a Separate Panel for Your Online Community

Learning becomes more exciting if you have a group of like-minded people. Smart eLearning platforms support social engagement. They include forums, group discussions, and blogs to help you communicate with peers and take your learning to a higher level. Regular communication with peers supports learners and helps them enjoy their journey of learning.

7. Create a Communication Channel to Provide Live Feedback

This feature not only helps in encouraging your learners when they perform well but also helps in analyzing the areas of learning where they need to improve their performance. So, the online learning management system must be able to track learners’ progress and assess their performance. Furthermore, there should be a feature to provide live feedback to learners based on their performance. Some of the important assessment features that need to have in an eLearning platform include test scoring, multiple scoring methods, leaderboard, course progress tracking, grade book, multiple quiz types, simulations, custom quiz options, and a lot more.

8. Student Management for Proper Administration

Now, here comes a great feature related to student management. This feature is important to ensure the smooth functioning of tasks related to online learning management. The absence of learner management features can force you and your training professionals to invest time in tasks other than teaching or learning. To ensure the easier management of learners, the eLearning platform should include features such as attendance functionality, the ability to enroll learners in bulk, filter students based on their performance, and many more.

9. Uploading and Managing Content on the Platform

You may have heard that great content speaks for itself. Providing useful content helps a growing user base. As content is always the king, it must be among the important online learning platform features. As videos are highly in trend, it is advisable to provide features that help students to manage their content effectively. You can take help from a few WordPress plugins to manage good quality video content for your online learning platform.

Final Words

eLearning is here to stay and is expected to grow tremendously over the world. We have already discussed which features should be there in an online learning management platform. And don’t forget that effective educational content should be the primary feature that needs to be there on your eLearning website. Adding the above-mentioned features to an online learning system is a must to make the learning experience more enjoyable for learners.

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