Albertan Art Startups: Embracing Canada’s Flourishing Creative Enterprises

January 3, 2024


The province of Alberta is making waves in the startup scene as leading tech entrepreneurs leverage breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Within the art industry, these startups are creating transformative and innovative solutions that have ripple effects in various sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, software development, and more. Born out of a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, these startups are rising leaders in their respective industries.

We are pleased to be showcasing the following startups—all of which were founded in or after 2020 — as part of our spotlight on the vibrant startup ecosystem of Alberta. The companies we highlight here are employing artificial intelligence and machine learning in innovative ways in service of the art industry. The variety of their applications, from healthcare to agriculture, underscores the fact that these technologies – when appropriately leveraged – can have widespread and transformative impact.

While some of these startups operate in industries that have long benefited from technological innovation, others are pushing the boundaries and venturing into sectors that have not traditionally leveraged technology. By dissecting complex problems and devising unique solutions, these companies are driving the future of the Albertan and Canadian economy.

Naiad Lab

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Naiad Lab firmly sits at the intersection of machine learning and health care. The company, founded by Esmat Naikyar, offers a platform called MedROAD that uses AI, advanced data analytics, and video conferencing to connect healthcare providers with remote patients. Through a combination of AI and advanced data analytics, the company aims to detect anomalies in data, visualize patient conditions, and provide instant alerts – all while ensuring a two-way communication between health care providers and patients. Find them on LinkedIn.

Traiffic Labs

Operating out of the artificial intelligence and software industry in Edmonton, Traiffic Labs are pioneers in the adoption of AI for software solutions.

Mojow Autonomous Solutions

Founded by Mojtaba Hedayatpour and Owen Kinch, Mojow Autonomous Solutions applies AI to the agriculture and machinery manufacturing industry. With digital technologies and AI deployment, this Edmonton-based startup digitizes farm operations and supports the implementation of autonomous farm machinery. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.

Browse AI

Browse AI, co-founded by Ardalan Naghshineh and based in Edmonton, provides online automation software that captures website actions and performs them in the cloud. They offer a wide range of services including data extraction, website monitoring, price monitoring, and real estate data extraction. Find them on LinkedIn here.

Skymount Medical

Located in Calgary, Skymount Medical disrupts the medical industry with its AI-based Deep Drug platform. The platform uses AI to stimulate compound and formula production which seeks to streamline and improve drug research processes. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Ethically Aligned AI

Founded by Katrina Ingram, Ethically Aligned AI is an Edmonton-based startup offering research, tools, and services to organizations building or deploying AI solutions. They assist companies in understanding AI risks and benefits in business contexts and ensure AI application integrity. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.

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