Alberta’s Innovative Advertising Startups: Revolutionizing Canada’s Marketing Landscape

January 4, 2024

Within the innovative hub of Alberta, a burgeoning scene of advertising startups has emerged with a disruptive approach to the traditional advertising industry. These startups, founded from 2020 onwards, are employing cutting-edge technology, creativity, and strategic planning to re-define the realm of advertising and illustrate the promising future of the industry. From narration tools for publishers, digital marketing agencies, to SEO experts, these new businesses are offering a diverse range of services to meet the varying needs of their clients.

Equipped with their unique ideas, vibrant energy and digital savvy, these startups are showing that they are more than capable of competing with the more established players in the field. With their fresh outlook, innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to creating value for their clients, these startups are not only enriching Alberta’s advertising industry, they’re changing the game.

Let’s delve deeper into these startups, their operations, unique selling points, and the founders who are driving their success. Below you’ll find a snapshot of each company, along with their website, and social media handles.

Ad Auris

Launched by founders Logan Underwood, Tina Haertel, and Varun D. Sharma, Ad Auris is a narration tool specifically designed for independent publishers, to transform written work into a sophisticated audio experience. The platform facilitates increased reader engagement by converting text into a pleasurable auditory session. The company operates in the advertising, audio, and software industries from its headquarters in Vancouver, Alberta, Canada.

ChivLabs Digital

Grande Prairie based advertising company, ChivLabs Digital stays ahead of the curve by keeping abreast of real-time advertising trends and strategies. Its mantra, “we are in the now,” perfectly encapsulates the brand’s commitment to staying contemporary with its advertising techniques.

Innovate Media Canada

Helmed by founder Jordan Geske, Innovate Media Canada offers a plethora of services from advertising and digital marketing to graphic design and SEO. This Calgary based start-up serves to invigorate its client’s digital presence with compelling designs and strategies.

Customer Maps

Set up by insurgent Rahul Aga, Customer Maps is a Calgary-based start-up that aids in managing digital transformations and superior brand experiences for businesses that drive growth. The company offers a comprehensive range of online marketing tools including Digital Ads, Website development, E-commerce, SEO, Social Marketing, and Google Analytics. The company was founded in 2020 to provide solutions for Physical+ Online omnichannel digital marketing needs of different businesses.

Rogue52 Marketing

Found by Jamie Bay, Rogue52 Marketing is one of Edmonton’s finest advertising, digital marketing and web design agencies. This innovative startup is dedicated to helping its clients achieve their business goals through strategic digital marketing.

Unleashing Influence

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Unleashing Influence offers an array of services in the advertising, digital media, and social media marketing sphere. This start-up is geared towards helping brands leverage the power of digital and social media for their business growth.

Get Likes

With the dynamic Gagan Singh at the helm, Get Likes is a Calgary-based advertising and digital marketing startup. This company has dedicated its efforts to assist businesses in amplifying their brand presence and gaining traction in their respective markets.

Startup Marketing Consult

Startup Marketing Consult, based out of Calgary, is an advertising and digital media marketing consulting firm. The company is bent on revolutionizing the marketing activities of startups by introducing contemporary and effective consumer engagement experiences to help small businesses achieve their audacious objectives.

Bullseye Digital Marketing

The Edmonton-based Bullseye Digital Marketing offers a comprehensive selection of marketing and advertising services to fit the unique needs of each brand it partners with, especially in serving industries.

Two Scoops

Founded by Ashik Karim, Two Scoops is a strategic marketing and branding agency based in Vancouver, Alberta. The company focuses on helping businesses to create an indelible brand identity that resonates with their audiences.

Display Digital Marketing

Sheldon Semmler’s venture, Display Digital Marketing, is a Calgary-based digital marketing agency serving small businesses in Alberta. With over 8 years of experience in the industry, the company provides a wide array of services including Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising, and Web Development.

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