Angel Investment Startups Elevating Canadian Business Scene from London

January 6, 2024

The Canadian startup landscape is buzzing with innovation, from the finance industry to healthcare to cryptocurrency. While there is no shortage of innovative startups making their mark, a few have exhibited remarkable progress in their respective fields despite their recent inception. Our focus today is on a selection of startups that are pioneering advancements in the Angel Investment industry, all coming from the perch of London, England. These companies demonstrate the potential and dynamism of Canada’s entrepreneurial prowess.

A closer look at these recent arrivals reveals characteristics that differentiate them from other startups. These characteristics include an in-depth understanding of the market, a commitment to innovation, and a significant level of industry experience. This Sydney financial services cluster, despite its relatively short existence, shows promise in shaping the financial service industry’s future landscape.

Among these emerging game-changers are Fundsure, Adelio Partners, HAUS of VENTURES, Spex Capital, Nordic Velo, and Fokus Ventures. Each of these startups boasts a unique tag – from risk management to innovation, management consulting, and healthcare. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting batch of newcomers.


Based in London, Fundsure operates within the Angel Investment, Finance, Financial Services, Project Management, and Risk Management sectors. This startup aims to orchestrate service providers, general management, operations, governance, and risk management sectors while providing a regtech solution for individuals obliged to comply with the FCA handbook.

Adelio Partners

Adelio Partners, another London-based startup, targets the Angel Investment, Finance, Financial Services, and Wealth Management sectors. Founded by Antoine Badel, the company seeks to leave its mark within these industries.


Anchored by founders Barbara Cichello McAlpine and Ken McAlpine, the HAUS of VENTURES operates within the Angel Investment, Business Development, Innovation Management, Management Consulting, and Venture Capital sectors. With its focus on these key areas, it intends to shape businesses and instill innovation and manage ventures.

Spex Capital

Focused on revolutionizing the Angel Investment, Financial Services, Health Care, Impact Investing, and Venture Capital sectors, Spex Capital is another noteworthy London-based newcomer. Founded in 2021 by Claudio D’Angelo, the firm’s specialty is identifying, supporting, and investing in the early-stage digital health companies to commercialize and scale within the NHS and other healthcare delivery systems.

Nordic Velo

Nordic Velo makes its stride in the Angel Investment, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, Market Research, and Venture Capital domains. Based in London, it leverages these sectors to establish itself as a major player in the market.

Fokus Ventures

Founded by serial entrepreneur Abass Kargbo, Fokus Ventures, based in London, targets the Angel Investment, Finance, Financial Services, and Venture Capital sectors. The firm takes a unique approach by dedicating its efforts towards supporting minority founders and female founders to launch and scale their businesses.

These startups, despite their infancy in the industry, show a promising glimpse of the future of local and global financial markets. We look forward to their more substantial contributions to industries as they grow and establish their foothold.

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