Budget-Friendly Online Marketing Techniques For Startups

November 15, 2022
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Your business is all set up, your product is fully developed, and you’re ready to show your audience what you have to offer. How do you get the word out, make your brand known and reach your target audience? Luckily, thanks to the many options available online, you don’t need to have a large marketing budget to let the world know about you. There are many budget-friendly online marketing techniques that can go a long way in establishing your brand and attracting customers.

Provide value with high-quality content

Customers aren’t so much looking for products and services. Rather, they are looking for solutions to the problems they have. It is essential to keep this in mind at any stage when communicating with your audience. In all your marketing communication, customers should be able to see and understand how you can solve their problems. Rather than simply listing the features of your product or service, the content you deliver needs to provide value and answer questions your customers have. From well-written website content and blogs to high-quality images and videos, any form of content should include information valuable to the audience that proves your knowledge and expertise and shows them how you can address their pain points. And having valuable content isn’t just beneficial for your audience, it can also boost your ranking in organic search results. Google evaluates the quality of a search result based on (among others) the amount of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of the content you publish. You can use guides by marketing professionals online that list some of the main requisites valuable content posted online needs to have to speak to both your audience and search engines. Before investing a lot of money into expensive ads, optimizing the content you publish is an even more important and much cheaper way to reach your audience.

Let customers try your products with freebies and trial periods

It can be hard for online businesses to let potential customers try out their products and services before they buy. After all, it’s not a land-based store where customers can touch and try a product or where a salesperson can easily show and explain a service. This is where freebies, goodies, bonuses, trial periods, and such come in. They allow users to give your product or service a try for free before making a purchase. One widely used way to do this is by offering trial periods. Many subscription-based services such as streaming, music, and gaming platforms give new customers access to their libraries for free for a limited amount of time, so they can find out if they want to spend their hard-earned dollars on it or not. In other cases, providers offer demos of their products for customers to try for free, as can be seen in the iGaming space. On certain platforms, users can play a wide variety of Vegas online slots in Canada for free without placing any wagers. If they like the games, they have the option to easily move to one of the best-rated online casinos to play with real money. With these types of offers, you can lower buying barriers and increase the chance of a prospect turning into a paying customer.


Be available and engaged on social media

It should be as easy as pie for your customers to contact you. Having a contact form and potentially a phone number or email address on your website is important, but being active on social media is even more essential in our digital day and age. Social media platforms have become the preferred way for many users to communicate and engage with brands, making social media marketing a must-have for any business. Find the most important social media platforms for your business depending on where your audience is, create your company profiles and, most importantly, engage with your audience. If a customer messages you or writes a comment, make sure to promptly reply. Posting regularly, replying to questions on your page, and jumping into discussions in groups and on forums are more ways to communicate with your audience, increase brand awareness and show your expertise without the need for a big marketing budget.

Getting your brand known and reaching your target audience does not need to cost much. The internet allows for a bevy of budget-friendly marketing techniques for startups that will help you attract customers and reach brand awareness.

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