Canada’s Emerging Accounting Startups: Innovating the Financial Industry Locally

January 4, 2024

As we venture deeper into the digital era, we’re seeing a significant shift in the Canadian startup scene with a surge in innovative companies, particularly in the field of accounting. In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the most compelling new startups that came to life in 2020 and beyond. These businesses, headquartered in various locations across Canada, are leveraging modern technology to transform the accounting sector and are set to make a substantial impact in their respective industries.

The accounting industry, traditionally a realm of paperwork, manual tasks, and archaic systems, is now witnessing a digital revolution driven by technological advancements. Startups are realigning the priorities of accounting from merely balancing books and preparing tax returns to providing significant insights and value-added services to the businesses and individuals they serve. They are digitizing, automating, and simplifying accounting processes like never before.

Canada is playing an essential role in this transformation. From Vancouver to Toronto, and from Quebec to Alberta, Canadian startups are pioneering new ways of doing accounting, disrupting the old order, and setting new accounting standards for the digital age. Let’s delve into some of these startups that are reshaping the Canadian accounting landscape.


Founded by visionary leader Paul Cross, HiPoint AG is a revolutionary startup that combines accounting technology with environmental engineering. It offers the unique EPR Zero software, a solution for responsible waste management, disposal, and reuse. The company is located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. See their LinkedIn profile for more information.

Libre DeFi

Fintech startup Libre DeFi, founded by Josh Davis and Julian V., is a Toronto-based startup that operates in the blockchain and DeFi space, delivering transparent and rewarding financial services. Libre is a legitimate pillar of the blossoming financial tech industry. Check out their LinkedIn here.


trakrSuite, led by Brenda Saunders, offers effective and straightforward commercial accounting applications. Located in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, they are pioneers in the software sector. Visit their LinkedIn for more information.


Aubooks is a Toronto-based firm providing cutting edge financial services through intuitive apps. Their products significantly simplify accounting processes. Check out their LinkedIn to learn more.


Benepeak, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, combines accounting technology with health care and insurance services via a user-friendly mobile app. More about Benepeak can be found on LinkedIn.

Premier Business Consulting

Premier Business Consulting, located in London, Ontario, provides personalized accounting and management services. They offer a range of consulting and accounting services, providing fresh insights. They can be found on LinkedIn.

Fiscal Talent

Fiscal Talent, co-founded by Alex McAulay and Devon Loosdrecht and headquartered in Vancouver, is a specialist in staffing for the accounting industry. More information can be found on their LinkedIn.

Kassim & Baybay

Kassim & Baybay is an accounting firm based in Calgary, Alberta, specializing in providing comprehensive and seamless accounting services.


HealthBank, founded by Odero Otieno and located in Toronto, is a unique platform at the intersection of healthcare and financial services. The company is developing the financial OS for insurance and consumer payments, bringing convenience and transparency. Check out HealthBank on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Cameron Stephens and Clayton Latimer, ProShyft provides a groundbreaking platform for small business owners to connect with vetted Canadian professionals for all their accounting needs. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, their platform is an essential asset to small businesses. More about ProShyft is on their LinkedIn.

Orchid B

Established by Claudio Romano, Montreal-based Orchid B delivers end-to-end back office services for small companies and freelancers, including business registration, insurance, accounting, and payroll. More on Orchid B can be found on LinkedIn.

It’s safe to say that these innovative startups are drastically reshaping the accounting industry. By marrying cutting-edge technology and traditional accounting practices, these companies are providing better, more efficient, and cost-effective solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We look forward to seeing what they have in store for the future.

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