Canada’s Emerging Clean Energy Startups Revolutionizing Sustainable Innovation

January 5, 2024

In response to growing global demands for clean energy, a rising tide of startups has appeared on the scene, each with its unique approach to tackling climate change while simultaneously providing sustainable alternatives to traditional energy sources. In Canada, a country known for its commitment to environmental responsibility, this trend is especially evident. This article aims to feature some of the promising new entrants operating in the Clean Energy sector whose inception happened in 2020 or later and are headquartered in Canada.

Each of these companies has a unique mission, ranging from water purification to renewable energy production and even reducing chloride contamination in our water sources. The emergence of these clean energy startups is testament to the innovative spirit and dedication to environmental sustainability that thrive in Canada. Without further ado, let’s dive in to learn more about these exciting companies.

They represent the future of a sustainable-energy driven economy, working towards creative solutions in areas like CleanTech, Artificial Intelligence, Commercial and Public Safety, and more. This article will provide an overview of each company’s mission, location, and website for further exploration.


Located in Toronto, Ontario, Clear operates within the Clean Energy sector, with significant contributions to Commercial, Public Safety, Residential, and Water Purification industries. This startup is dedicated to pioneering innovations in its field. You can follow their updates on their social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Clean Nature

Hailing from Quebec, Clean Nature is a startup that combines Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, and Environmental Engineering to tackle the pressing issue of chloride contaminated water. Their solution involves a smart tool using AI to reduce salts roads application, thereby reducing chloride water pollution. Follow their progress on their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.

Marine BioEnergy, Inc

Although headquartered in La Canada Flintridge, California, Marine BioEnergy, Inc has a presence in Canada’s Clean Energy industry. This company is developing a novel system to grow giant kelp in the open ocean, creating a potential biomass feedstock. Catch their updates on LinkedIn.


Based in Calgary, Alberta, Entropy is a startup focusing on commercializing energy-transition technologies. They are achieving this within the Clean Energy and CleanTech sector and showcase their latest developments on their LinkedIn page.

Carbon Zero Finance

Another startup based in Calgary, Alberta, Carbon Zero Finance utilizes Blockchain, IIoT, and AI technology to create a system for carbon capture, tracking, and trading. With a mission to provide fresh air through pollution control, this startup brings a unique solution to the Clean Energy industry. Updates on their activities can be found on their Twitter page and LinkedIn page.

Volterra Energy Marketplace

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Volterra Energy Marketplace primarily focuses on empowering renewable companies in Canada. They are currently developing a Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) market place through software for the Canadian voluntary market. Get updates from their Twitter page and LinkedIn page.


Positioned in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Voltai aims at reducing reliance on fossil fuels by harvesting energy from motion. This Clean Energy startup operates within the sectors of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, providing solutions to marine industries. Check out their website for more information.

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