Canada’s Innovative Construction Startups: Reinventing Industry Standards

January 3, 2024

Founded in 2020 or later, there’s no shortage of impressive startups breaking new ground in Canada’s bustling construction industry. With their innovative ideas and advanced technologies, these companies are incredibly diverse, offering solutions that range from building materials to AI optimization. What unites these startups is their commitment to shaping the future of Canada’s construction sector and sharing the holistic vision of developing efficient, sustainable, and technologically advanced solutions associated with this industry. Here are a few notable examples worth watching out for:

We will be discussing a variety of startups based in locations across Canada. Each company has been carefully vetted and selected based on their potential, innovation, and overall contribution to Canada’s construction industry. Whether they specialize in construction materials, software, architecture, or consulting, these startups have made tremendous strides in their respective fields and continue to forge forward with their unique offerings.

In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at these companies, providing you a glimpse into their origins, their missions, and the groundbreaking work they’re doing. From Ontario to Alberta and beyond, these Canadian startups are redefining what’s possible in the construction industry. Let’s dive in and see what’s on offer.

ZS2 Technologies

Located in Calgary, Alberta, ZS2 Technologies breaks the mould by creating and producing its own line of advanced building technologies, including prefabricated structural panels and cementitious building materials. These innovations are not only fire-rated and non-toxic, but also low carbon, confirming the company’s commitment to sustainable practices. You can connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn for the latest updates.


Based in Toronto, Ontario, ICAREUM is gamifying pre-construction and architectural visualization by employing BIM and digital twin technology. The team, composed of skilled programmers, developers, designers, architects, and professionals, firmly believes in leveraging technology to bring about positive change. Updates about the company can be found on its Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Collegium, based in Edmonton, Alberta, provides a delivery model and a fully integrated technology that collapses the cost of making buildings. As an enterprise technology solution, it manages to align the interest of project stakeholders and addresses the most wasteful and anti-collaborative aspects of the Buildings ecosystem. Follow Collegium on LinkedIn for more info.

Future Condos

Located in Oakville, Ontario, Future Condos is a unique marketplace, connecting investors with developers for pre-construction homes. Its platform allows investors to research pre-construction projects and reserve units directly from developer inventories. Future Condos also improves the efficiency and productivity of developers’ workflows. Don’t miss any updates following their LinkedIn page.

Extergy AI

Extergy AI out of Montreal, Quebec, is an artificial intelligence company specializing in optimizing energy consumption and costs for buildings under construction or renovation. Their offerings include energy modeling, 3D modeling, visualization, design, and life cycle assessment. Follow them on LinkedIn for latest updates.


BuildMapper, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, simplifies lead generation in the construction industry with its easy-to-use platform. By creating a central hub of information on active construction activity, BuildMapper makes it easier for subcontractors, suppliers, builders, and homeowners to connect. Catch their latest activities on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Global Machinery Auctions

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Global Machinery Auctions is a marketing and auction sales solution dedicated to the heavy equipment sector. This company focuses on pre-owned quality equipment, parts and other assets across various industries, such as construction and agriculture. Their recent updates can be followed on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Devotek Construction

In Montréal, Quebec, Devotek Construction stands out with its consulting services and management of construction projects in various sectors. You can engage them through the inquiry form available on their website. For more about the company, consider following their page on LinkedIn.


Positioned in Petersburg, Ontario, CircuitIQ caters to the construction and electrical distribution sectors. For more, you can follow them via their LinkedIn page.


Based in Surrey, British Columbia, WareHoos operates an online building supply yard that helps contractors source competitively priced building products. They work with established suppliers to ensure timely deliveries. To know more about their work, follow them on the Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Cantiro Group

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, the Cantiro Group drives the future of real estate with a diverse range of services. These include finalizing home finishes, investment opportunities, and designs for residential rental projects. Be sure to follow them on LinkedIn for the latest updates.

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