Canada’s London-Based Startups Innovating in Augmented Reality Industry

January 4, 2024

Augmented Reality (AR) has witnessed revolutionary developments over the last decade, becoming an essential technological tool for many industries. The AR industry finds its most fertile ground in startups, fostering creativity and innovation. London, known for its vibrant tech scene, teems with ambitious early-stage companies that are harnessing the potential of AR to transform their respective fields. This article covers some of the most innovative emerging startups in the AR space with a London base, carving a niche for themselves as they disrupt traditional industries and define cutting-edge technologies rooted in artificially augmented experiences.

In today’s interconnected world, startups have the power to go global right from their inception, hence the focus on companies founded no earlier than 2020. This endorses the relevance of their applications in today’s economic and cultural context as their products and platforms are designed to cater to contemporary needs. The startups have been selected based on their innovative approach, the potential impact on the AR industry, and the promise they hold for the future.

The companies outlined in this article span a variety of industries – from healthcare and beauty to sports science and entertainment. They exemplify the broad reach of AR capabilities and testify to the transformative potential of this technology across diverse sectors. These companies are charting new territories at the intersection of creativity, technology, and the consumer experience, crafting memorable, interactive, and ultimately, meaningful encounters with AR.


Founded by Caleb Paullus, Hannah Arevalo, Matthew Arevalo in London, Pinfinity is a pioneer in the Augmented Reality and Collectibles. They bring animation, video, music, and exclusive content from some illustrious entertainment companies to fans with patent-pending pins.


Created in 2020 by Andrew Hall and David Budden, London-based BALLN is a startup that offers an AI and AR-oriented software application for sports science and behavioural science. Their breakthroughs aim at revolutionizing athletic performance and training.

Berne Omolafe is the creative mind behind, an enterprise that looks to blend the digital and the real-world through a platform that hosts real-time interactive hybrid experiences in Augmented and Virtual Reality. With this platform, creators can interact with their audience through various devices in real-time, elevating both engagement and immersion.


Founded by Ali Rezaei Haddad, NeuroNav stands at the intersection of AR and healthcare. It is an augmented reality and computer vision platform that aims at augmenting surgical performance using advanced vision.

Beauty by Holition

Built by Jonathan Chippindale, Katsiaryna Matusevich, and Russell Freeman, Beauty by Holition harnesses the power of AR and AI to deliver virtual try-on solutions for the cosmetics and skincare industries.


PhotonLens, co-founded by Chris Shi, Lisa Pan, and Yong Liu, is an AR hardware company specializing in mixed reality smart glasses. The aim of PhotonLens is to improve the way we exercise, play, and experience our environment through their AR headsets.


Zeruxs’ innovative software development solutions help transform business ecosystems by using blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. It provides extensive services for various industries.

Founded by Udaya Sharma, TheClub.TV is an online events platform aiming to bring fans closer to their favourite artists by sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of their journeys.


Kaizan, the brainchild of founders Glen Calvert and Pravin Paratey, is an AI company designed to simplify business operations and client relationship management through conversational intelligence.


YouNeed3D (YN3D) is a leading company that creates and visualizes 3D assets and infrastructure, centralizing and sharing information in extremely authentic, visually realistic environments.


Co-founded by Amith Lankesar, Visualax has successfully reinvented Augmented Reality for the metaverse by creating “Visuverse” – an entertainment engine that blends music, stories, and games across different platforms.

In conclusion, these are a few of the novel start-ups revolutionising various sectors with advanced augmented reality applications in London. They will continue to evolve with technology’s progression, potentially transforming industries down the line.

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