Canada’s Rising Cloud Security StartUps: A Focus on London Base

January 4, 2024

The global Cloud Security Market in 2020 was estimated to be USD 34.5 Billion and is projected to reach USD 68.5 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 12.4% over the forecast period (2021-2026). This emergence is greatly attributed to the efflorescence of startups around the globe, especially, in Canada. As cybersecurity becomes increasingly important to businesses of all kinds, the Canadian startup landscape is seeing a rise in companies dedicated to providing superior cloud security services. Here, we highlight several London-based startups that have contributed to this progress since their inception in 2020.

In today’s digital epoch, the need for robust and reliable cloud security solutions is crucial. With escalating cyber threats, businesses are looking for more resilient and intelligent systems to protect their sensitive data and maintain operations securely. Amidst all challenges, several startups have emerged, providing cutting-edge, innovative cloud security solutions. These new companies offer services that not only protect crucial business data but also ensure consumer trust, deliver regulatory compliance and ultimately drive business growth.

The aim of this article is to provide an overview of noteworthy startups that have made significant progress in the domain of cloud security. We have chosen to focus on companies based in London, UK, making it a lucrative market for cybersecurity offerings. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the companies that are helping businesses secure their presence in the cloud.

Push Security

Founded by Adam Bateman, Jacques Louw, and Tyrone Erasmus, Push Security is a trailblazer in the cybersecurity sector. They provide a security automation platform, providing guidance on implementing critical security controls. Connecting on Linkedin provides further insights into their offerings.


Andrew Zhulin, Dima Zhulin, and Peter Fedchenkov’s brainchild, Soveren is a name to reckon with in the Cloud Security landscape. It offers intelligent solutions to modern security teams, simplifying data protection tasks. Soveren’s full portfolio can be found on their Linkedin page.


ISTARI, a venture by investment company Temasek, incorporates a novel model combining advisory, investment, and education elements, striving to create digitally resilient clients. The ISTARI Linkedin page provides additional insights about the company.


Renowned in the Cloud security domain, Fortbridge offers top-notch IT and security solutions. Stay updated about Fortbridge by following them on their Linkedin page.


Izyits stands out with robust offerings extending to Network Security, Cloud Security, Consulting, and Cybersecurity. Further information can be found on the Izyits Linkedin page.

Secure Delivery

Founded by Andrew Gordon-Brooks, Grant Ongers, and Toby Irvine, Secure Delivery is a name to trust for advancements in digital product security across all industries. To learn more about Secure Delivery, visit their Linkedin page.

CloudGuard AI

CloudGuard AI, led by Javid Khan and Matt Lovell, is a vanguard in cybersecurity and uses a combination of AI and human intelligence. Find out more on the CloudGuard AI Linkedin page.

Be Data Solutions

Providing robust Cloud Security services, Be Data Solutions helps businesses secure their presence and trust. More insights can be found on their Linkedin page and Facebook page.

Cyber Mentor DoJo

Dedicated to cybersecurity mentoring, Cyber Mentor DoJo, is the only one of its kind in the EdTech industry. Explore more about this startup on their Linkedin page.

Cyber Legion Ltd

Incepted by Ioan Iuga, Cyber Legion Ltd provides comprehensive security testing solutions from web and mobile app security testing to DevSecOps and CI/CD automation. Further insights are available on their Linkedin and Facebook pages.


With Yash Kadakia at the helm, ShadowMap is a standout for its Digital Risk Protection platform which offers zero knowledge attack surface monitoring and threat intelligence. Find out more on their Linkedin page and Facebook page.

These startups demonstrate the technology burst that has accelerated post-pandemic, with cloud security as a critical pivot. They are pivotal players in the wave of digital transformation, fending off increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Each of these companies provides unique, trailblazing solutions to cloud security and showcases the next generation of cybersecurity.

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