Canada’s Top Sydney-Based Analytics Startups Revolutionizing the Data Sphere

January 3, 2024

As we advance in this digital age, the role of data in shaping the future of an organization is indisputable. This article, part of a series for Beststartup Canada, invites you to explore some fascinating new startups based in Sydney. What catches our attention is not only their fresh ideas and innovative methods but also their significant emphasis on Analytics. These startups, established in or later than 2020, are not restricted by geographical boundaries and are actively contributing to this global ecosystem.

Data has become the new oil pumping energy into a diverse range of fields from artificial intelligence (AI) to customer services, market research to health diagnostics. With big data becoming increasingly popular, its accurate analysis has become invaluable. However, to exploit big data to its full extent, extensive training, expertise, and use of sophisticated tools are required. The startups mentioned below are not only navigating these challenges effectively but are also leading the way forward in this industry in 2021.

These companies have been successful in making significant contributions in this space by creating solutions which leverages data to its full capacity. The products and services offered by these startups range from turning a business’s data into actionable insights to creating the world’s first public simulation of Planet Earth to solve crime, poverty, and congestion.

Relevance AI

Founded by Daniel Vassilev and Jacky Koh, Relevance AI is an analytics company that helps businesses rapidly understand insights hidden in their text fields and image files without having to manually comb through all their qualitative data. This Sydney-based company has made leaps and bounds in the areas of analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter for more updates.

Place Intelligence

Place Intelligence was founded by Bonnie Shaw, Norion Ubechel, and Sean Campos, who have developed cloud-based location intelligence software. Their software assists built environment groups in planning, delivering, and managing urban spaces more successfully. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page for more information.


A brainchild of unknown founders, BruntWork aims to help businesses improve productivity and reduce operational costs by tapping into offshore talent from low labour cost locations such as the Philippines. This one-of-a-kind startup deals in a variety of fields such as digital marketing, analytics, and web development. Follow their latest updates on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Incepted by Daniel Han-Chen, Moonshot aims to develop the world’s first public simulation of Earth to resolve issues like crime, poverty, and congestion. You can get a closer look at their work by visiting their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by George Qiao, George Wu, and Melissa Hayes, PiXCo offers a host of services including product data, advanced analytics, application design, and much more. Follow them on their LinkedIn page for more updates.

RT Reporting

Under the leadership of its founder Tyler Sidwell, RT Reporting helps SMEs convert their business data into actionable insights. Their cash flow forecasting and reporting software is used worldwide to support small businesses. Get the latest updates from them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


smrtr, founded by Boris Guennewig and Georgie Brooke, is known for its new approach to Data as a Service (DaaS), providing insightful audience segments and advisory services. Connect with them on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Corporate Connect Research

Founded by Paul Sanger, Corporate Connect Research specializes in the analysis of issuer-sponsored research for ASX-listed companies. Follow them on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages to stay updated.


Although not much is known about the founders of One51, its reputation as a consulting firm in the field of analytics is highly acknowledged. For more details, one can visit their LinkedIn page.

Arche Analytics

Under the capable leadership of Megna Murali, Arche Analytics is making a name for itself in the field of analytics, database management and information technology.

Time Tink

Time Tink is a platform which enables recording and verifying learner hours and monitoring their progress related to a study course. You can visit their LinkedIn page or follow their updates on Twitter to know more.

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