Canadian Advice Industry Innovators Thriving in Sydney: Startups Spotlight

January 5, 2024

As the world undergoes a digital revolution, the need for consultants and advisory services becomes increasingly critical. Startups in the advice industry have surfaced to fill this growing demand, offering innovative solutions across various sectors. Special mention goes to the following startups in Sydney, Australia, that have gained a foothold in their respective fields. These startups have leveraged their expertise and cutting-edge technology to provide strategic advice and insights to businesses and individuals alike.

The list comprises a diverse range of companies operating in various industries such as business intelligence, construction, market research, financial services, and more. Their services are adopted by a wide range of clientele, from small businesses to large corporations. Here are seven startups headquartered in Sydney, Australia, operating in the advice industry with their inception in 2020 or later.

A common trait among these startups is their innovative approach to resolving business challenges using technology. Through their services, they provide businesses with valuable insights, helping them make informed decisions and stay ahead of competitors.


IIMBE is an innovative startup specializing in advice, business intelligence, construction, consulting, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and project management. Built on innovation and expertise, the company leverages technology to solve complex business challenges. Learn more about their services on their LinkedIn page.


LookB4 operates in the advice, market research, and online portals industry. This forward-thinking startup utilizes cutting-edge technology to offer astute market insights and research. You can find more about their operations on their LinkedIn page.

Corporate Connect Research

Cofounded by Paul Sanger, Corporate Connect Research specializes in providing unbiased research for ASX-listed companies. It stands unique in the industry due to its unbiased approach as it does not manage any in-house funds that could influence the research report. Find more details on their Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Aequitas Investment Partners

Aequitas Investment Partners offers advice, asset management, financial services, impact investing, and professional services. It’s a one-stop solution for businesses looking for expert advice and strategic insights to drive investment decisions. More information can be obtained from their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Anuradha Coorey, DigiConsult is a digital consultancy providing services across various sectors, including business intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, education, IT infrastructure, project management, software, and software engineering. It aims to solve business challenges using technology. They have a comprehensive YouTube channel detailing their services which can also be found on their LinkedIn page.

Walsh Capital

The advisors at Walsh Capital specialize in providing advice in the area of finance. Leveraging their expertise in financial services and professional services, they offer strategic advice that helps businesses make informed decisions. More about Walsh Capital can be known through their LinkedIn page.

DASH Technology

Cofounded by Andrew Whelan, DASH Technology provides advice, financial services, software, and wealth management services. The startup is committed to providing financial services that help businesses make intelligent financial and investment decisions. Further details about the company can be found on their LinkedIn page.

In summary, these startups represent the vibrancy and dynamism of Sydney’s advice sector. They leverage their expertise and cutting-edge technology to help businesses make insightful decisions and navigate through complex challenges. This list exemplifies how Sydney nurtures innovation, fostering startups that make a significant impact across industries.

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