Canadian Angel Investment Startups: Thriving Innovators in Our Homegrown Sector

January 5, 2024

The last few years have seen a surge in new startups in Canada — particularly those in the Angel Investment industry. Born out of the need for fresh thinking and innovative solutions, these startups offer a plethora of opportunities for both entrepreneurs and investors alike. Here we highlight some of the most promising startups that were established in 2020 or later and have their headquarters in Canada.

The companies we are showcasing today are part of a rapidly evolving landscape, bringing new ideas and technologies to the forefront of the business world. They come from diverse sectors including venture capital, business development, financial services, HR and more. Indeed, they represent the best of what Canada has to offer in terms of startup potential.

It’s worth noting that starting a new business in these uncertain times is risky – but with risk comes reward. The founders of these startups have shown that they are strong, dedicated, and capable leaders who are ready to weather the storm. They are equipped with the right tools and strategies to navigate the business world, and their companies are poised for great success in the future.

Allied Venture Partners

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Allied Venture Partners was founded by Matthew Wilson. This startup is making waves in the angel investment and venture capital industry in Western Canada. Being one of the largest angel investor groups in the country, they provide local investors with viable investment opportunities and entrepreneurs with outside capital that comes with a wealth of experience.
Connect with them on LinkedIn


With its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Moken is a multi-industry startup, founded by Kendra Garagan and Mohamed Ibshara. Moken, in particular, is a hub targeting startups – offering expert advice, business strategies, and product development solutions. They are committed to fostering a global success-oriented ecosystem for startups. Find them on Facebook and Linkedin.

5D World

Based in Toronto, Ontario, 5D World, founded by David Heden, specializes in angel investment, business development, healthcare, and venture capital industry. They are using innovation to drive growth within the business realm. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.


Established by Jeff Waldman in Toronto, Ontario, ScaleHR is impacting the angel investment, human resources, recruiting, and venture capital industry. They provide solutions to common problems faced by growing companies, such as staff turnover and recruitment hurdles. Follow them on Facebook and Linkedin

XTY Capital

With its roots in Vancouver, British Columbia, XTY Capital is a venture founded by Alex Hua and Fathi Qaddoura. This startup is making a significant impact in the angel investment, financial services, and venture capital industry. Stay updated with them on LinkedIn


Located in Toronto, Ontario, fundii is an innovative startup offering financial services for tech startups through equity crowdfunding. This dynamic startup was founded by Maryam Fouladirad. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Mobility Innovation Lab (MIL)

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, the Mobility Innovation Lab (MIL) was created by Jaspal Singh. MIL is truly diverse in its operations, providing an avenue for new technologies within the city’s transportation and environmental spaces. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Sublime Ventures

Sublime Ventures, a Vancouver-based startup, focuses on investing in web3 technology companies. They pride themselves on their innovative approach and their ability to tap into the potential of their investments. Connect with them on LinkedIn

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