Canadian Big Data Startups: Rising Stars Based in London, Ontario

January 3, 2024

The big data industry is burgeoning in Canada, with multiple startups creating groundbreaking and innovative solutions. These startups, founded in 2020 or later, are utilising big data to transform various sectors from analytics and predictive analytics, to market research and even environmental consulting. The endeavor of these startups to solve real-world problems by harnessing the power of data makes Canada an exciting place to watch for future developments in this industry. This article highlights some of the London-based companies that are making significant strides in the field of big data.


Bitfount, co-founded by Blaise Thomson and Naaman Tammuz is a unique startup in the big data space operating in not only artificial intelligence and machine learning but also offers dedicated support to privacy-preserving data analysis, enabling data scientists and custodians to securely collaborate on data analysis. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Specializing in cryptocurrency market tracking, London-based startup DropsTab provides users with real-time data from varied sources, helping them monitor the performance of their assets. Their innovative platform collects data from all blockchain transactions, decentralized, and centralized exchanges.

Gorton Software

Co-founded by Abhi Bhardwaj, Gorton Software is committed to harnessing the potential of AI and analytics to solve organizations’ toughest problems globally. Alongside providing bespoke data and tech-powered solutions, they are at the forefront of identifying and capitalizing on the most meaningful insights from big data.

Vizniti Solutions

Known for offering a vast spectrum of services ranging from cloud computing to cybersecurity, and from consulting to internet things, Vizniti Solutions is a multi-faceted big data startup in London. Stay updated with their latest offerings and achievements via their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Borago Insights

Borago Insights, founded by Emma Haslam, operates at the intersection of big data and consulting. They stand out for their commitment to non-profit causes as well.


Co-founded by Jade Bates and Tom McDonough, Airslip melds the power of big data with fintech, aiming at revolutionizing financial services and information technology. Get the latest updates from their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Offering a niche service, Tactic assists organizations in optimizing their research processes. Co-founded by Jack Hodkinson and Rudolf Lai, the startup provides actionable information on companies, people, and keywords.


Elm co-founded by Cian Kennedy and Emily Prevezer provides FMCG brands with a comprehensive tool to leverage their sales data fully. Not just limited to data visualization and analytics, they also delve into the realm of retail tech and SaaS.

Data Catalyst

Having been co-founded by Dr. Nicholas Rendell and Jude Fisher, Data Catalyst is a premier platform for developers and founders wanting to connect their applications and services to diverse data sources. The company specializes in regulatory compliance, managed data connections, standardization and more.

Vast Dreams

Offering a range of software solutions for diverse sectors, Vast Dreams specialises in enterprise-grade software infrastructures. From business process automation solutions to AI-powered data infrastructure, this London-based outfit is at the forefront of redefining how data is harnessed in multiple industries.


Sustainability is at the heart of DataClue, a London-based startup that utilizes big data for environmental consulting. Co-founded by Suki Nagra, Teddy Lazebnik, and Virginia Payne, DataClue’s work is paving the way towards combining technology with environmental consciousness.

In conclusion, these startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with big data, displaying tremendous innovation and creativity in their solutions. With their exceptional offerings and rapid growth, these London-based companies are undoubtedly leaving a significant impact in the big data industry.

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