Canadian Big Data Startups Thriving From Their Sydney Headquarters

January 5, 2024

Canada is a land known for its diverse industries, and the big data industry is no exception. This article aims to spotlight some of the rising stars in the big data scene all the way from the beautiful Sydney, Australia. These companies, established in 2020 or later, are part of a powerful new wave of startups utilizing the power of big data to transform various sectors ranging from real estate to advertising and information technology.

Big data is not just a buzzword, it’s the backbone of innovation. The startups on this list are leveraging big data analytics to improve urban planning, enhance advertising strategies, and advance real estate services. They’re also using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to take their big data strategies to the next level.

An essential part of the big data industry is the ability to make complex data comprehensible and useful, and each of these companies is abiding by that principle. Despite being fairly new, they have accomplished significant feats and are showing great potential in their respective fields. Check out these promising startups and learn how they are shaping the big data industry in Canada and beyond.


Founded by Eric Fan, LUMOS is revolutionizing the advertising platforms. By capitalizing on big data, LUMOS aims to enhance ad retargeting, outdoor advertising, and marketing automation. LUMOS on Linkedin.

Place Intelligence

Place Intelligence, founded by Bonnie Shaw, Norion Ubechel, and Sean Campos, focuses on providing advanced big data analytics for better urban planning. The company’s location intelligence and place performance management software are breaking grounds in urban planning. Place Intelligence on Linkedin.


Bringing a fresh perspective to the real estate industry is Kribb, founded by Akshat Sondhi and Kogulan Ledanan. Kribb uses artificial intelligence and big data to make property management easier and efficient. Kribb on Linkedin.


Advertising and marketing are the focus points for RKTD, founded by Ben Grace and Stephen Hunt. The company incorporates big data into its operations for more streamlined workflows. RKTD on Linkedin.

Knobin Digital

Shane Hudson’s Knobin Digital is another startup that is using big data to revolutionize the advertising landscape. Knobin Digital on Linkedin.


With its roots in analytical, artificial intelligence, and location-based services, Jason San Diego’s Pathzz is a startup to watch out for. Pathzz on Linkedin.

Hemisphere Digital

Hemisphere Digital, founded by Mike Welling, is making headway in the big data, geospatial, and information technology landscape. Hemisphere Digital on Linkedin.

Veinticuatro (V24)

Veinticuatro or V24 is carving out a niche in the big data sector with its focus on blockchain, machine learning, and information technology. Veinticuatro on Linkedin.

In conclusion, these startups are harnessing the power of big data to influence industries and improve processes. They represent the future of the big data industry – a future that’s innovative, dynamic, and full of potential. Stay tuned for more articles in this exciting series as we delve deeper into the world of Canadian startups shaping the global big data industry.

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