Canadian Biotech Startups: Victoria’s Pioneers in Biotechnology Innovation

January 4, 2024

Victoria’s Biotech Startups Transforming The Industry

Victoria has always been a hotbed for technological and scientific advancements and this holds true even in the field of biotechnology. Companies born out of the region, both in Melbourne and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, are making strides in therapeutics, health care, life science, and more. What’s intriguing is the diversity of their fields of operation, with some startups explores areas like 3D bio-printing, drug screening, chronic rhinosinusitis diagnostics, nano-tech enhanced microscopy, smart building biotech, and truly biomimetic drug solutions. These startups, born in or after 2020, are indicative of the emerging trends in biotechnology, coupled with the evolving needs in healthcare and related fields.

While the global pandemic presented unprecedented challenges to many fields, it has also brought forth new opportunities and sparked innovation in the biotech sector. The startups we will be discussing here have not only embraced these changes but have worked hard to capitalize on them, developing innovative solutions to tackle modern problems. Their operations stretch across a wide spectrum of the biotech field, representing the future of this dynamic industry.

Let us delve into these exciting startups coming from Victoria, showcasing their pioneering work and how they are making a marked difference.

Currus Biologics

Founded by Samantha Cobb, Currus Biologics is a Melbourne-based biotechnology firm focused on developing CAR-T cell therapies for the treatment of solid tumour cancers. You can follow them on their LinkedIn page for updates and news.

AWB BioTech

Located in Melbourne, AWB BioTech, founded by Jay Fang, operates in the domain of biotech advancements. Connect with them via their LinkedIn platform.

Chimeric Therapeutics

Paul Hopper-formed Chimeric Therapeutics is creating ground-breaking CAR T cell therapies for solid tumors. Their research, based on scorpion venom’s CLTX peptide, shows promise against glioblastoma and is presently in phase 1 clinical trials. Visit them on their website or connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter via @Chimeric.

Axolotl Biosciences

Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Axolotl Biosciences is breaking new ground in biotech through 3D Printing technology. Their bioink prints humanized brain tissues for neurodegenerative research and drug screening. Follow them on their website or their Twitter handle @Axolotl_Biosci.

ASEP Medical

ASEP Medical, founded by Robert Hancock and based in Victoria, is tackling one of the most expensive conditions for hospitals – sepsis. Their novel approach focuses on the detection of immune signatures over pathogen presence. Connect with them via their website or LinkedIn platform.

Co-Labs Melbourne

Co-Labs Melbourne operates at the intersection of biotechnology, coworking and professional networking. They provide a conducive environment for collaborations and co-working in the biotech industry. Connect with them via their website, or through Twitter via @CoLabsMelbourne, Facebook or LinkedIn platform.

Focusing on rhinology and ENT applications, develops precision medicine tools to provide otolaryngologists with actionable clinical insights. Their primary focus is on Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS). Learn more about their innovative solutions on their website.

Tiny Bright Things

Tiny Bright Things, co-founded by Christopher Bolton and Raymond Dagastine, has invented Halo microscopy transforming the way researchers and manufacturers examine small or transparent things. This Melbourne-based company provides actionable assistance to manufactures and researchers alike. Visit them on their website or connect through their LinkedIn platform and Twitter via @tiny_bright.


Steribright, founded by Robert de Burgh-Day, operates in Collingwood, Victoria, and delves into the field of biotechnology, hardware, smart building, software, and sustainability. Connect with them via their website or LinkedIn platform.

VoxCell BioInnovation

VoxCell BioInnovation, founded by Karolina Valente, is creating truly biomimetic solutions for drug development and oncology research. Their specialized vascularized cancer tissue models are truly innovative. Check them out on their website or stay updated via their LinkedIn page.

Ten Carbon Chemistry Pty Ltd

Founded by Thomas Rau, Ten Carbon Chemistry’s proprietary technology uses plant-based active ingredients for broad spectrum antipathogenic activity with an impressive safety profile. They tackle pathogens like COVID-19, E.coli, Salmonella, and Ebola among others. Connect with them via their website, LinkedIn or Facebook using @Doxallclean.

Strategy and innovation are the keys to survival in the competitive biotech industry and these startups represent the best that Victoria has to offer. Their groundbreaking work is testament to the ingenuity and spirit of innovation that continue to drive the industry forward. Their contributions have made Victoria an epicenter of biotech excellence.

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