Canadian Bitcoin Startups: Innovating Cryptocurrency Ventures in the Great White North

January 4, 2024

A new wave of cryptocurrencies is rippling worldwide, representing a paradigm shift in the financial industry. Bitcoin, the pioneer, remains at the forefront, marking a new era of decentralization, security and privacy. Being fueled by emerging start-ups is this blockchain revolution, with Canada becoming a hub where entrepreneurs dare to reimagine the global finance structure. Let’s explore some of these fledgling companies, each contributing in unique ways to the rapidly unfolding Bitcoin ecosystem.

Toronto seems to be the epicenter of this inventive burst, with a cluster of startups harnessing blockchain technology to various ends. Equally vibrant are cities like Montréal, Calgary, and Vancouver. Distinctive and innovative, each startup offers transformative solutions, from building inclusive financial systems to reshaping education and enabling economic growth.

Among these startups, the year 2020 has been particularly rich, birthing innovative ventures set to disrupt the Bitcoin industry. Illustrious examples include Piggy Capital, Desentra, and GAVIA.IO amongst many others. Let’s delve deeper into their stories.

Piggy Capital

Registered as a money service business, Piggy Capital makes it possible for individuals and corporations to convert Bitcoin into reserve currency. Their main objectives are promoting sustainable economic growth and providing the ability to purchase real estate or vehicles with Bitcoin.


Desentra is revolutionizing crypto education by making learning easy, practical, and mobile. Their courses are short, user-friendly, and can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. Driven by a mission to enhance crypto knowledge and experience, Desentra revamps learning formats, ensuring it’s applicable for any knowledge level.


Based in Montréal, GAVIA.IO aims to democratize cryptocurrency access, offering a user-friendly solution to meet customers’ financial aspirations. They believe that cryptocurrency offers unprecedented control over personal currency while ensuring compliance and transparency.


Mash is focused on remonetizing the internet, enabling monetary exchanges between creators, organizations, and their users. This Toronto-based startup emphasizes the need for instant settlement and minimum friction enabled by Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

Modern Mining

Modern Mining is a Calgary-based startup that leverages advanced technology to drive the cryptocurrency mining industry.


As a DeFi-Crypto payments platform, Storspay allows merchants to receive low-fee crypto and fiat payments, offering consumers cashback on all expenses. They are particularly dedicated to reducing transactional frictions and forging an all-new, user-centric value exchange experience.

Arxnovum Investments

Arxnovum Investments is a crypto-focused investment firm that provides insights into the vulnerabilities of cryptocurrency investments and offers techniques to mitigate them through private pools.


1800BITCOIN delivers Bitcoin exposure and educational products to the mass market, selling Bitcoin directly to consumers online and over the phone.


With its core principles of simplicity and education, WonderFi aims to create better access to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), serving as a trusted gateway for users to embrace the new financial system.

Lincoin Technologies Inc.

Lincoin Technologies Inc., a Bitcoin mining technology company, is setting new standards for the next generation of tools, placing a strong emphasis on transparency, monitoring, and auditability in the sector.

S6 Global

S6 Global is committed to harnessing the power of digital currencies to democratize finance, demonstrating a robust commitment towards leading the evolution of the financial industry.

To wrap up, Canadian startups are primed to bring about considerable transformation in the Bitcoin industry, riding the wave of emerging technologies. They are turning crisis into opportunity, leveraging innovation to bring about an inclusive digital economy.

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