Canadian Blockchain Startups: Innovations Flourishing in British Columbia

January 3, 2024

The bustling province of British Columbia is home to a rapidly growing startup scene, particularly in the evolving field of blockchain technology. Startups in this realm are known for their disruptive technologies, addressing various industries from gaming and finance to property development and online learning. Here we spotlight entrepreneurs who have launched companies from 2020 onwards, showcasing their unique contributions to the blockchain industry.

British Columbia has a thriving technology sector driven by its robust and innovative ecosystem. From Vancouver to North Vancouver, these startups are leveraging blockchain to solve complex problems and deliver innovative solutions, showcasing the province's vibrant mix of talent, creativity and ambitious vision.

Let's delve deeper into the pulse of the blockchain community in British Columbia. Discover these companies, their innovation, and the passionate teams behind them.

Matrix Labs

Based in Vancouver, Matrix Labs blends 3D technology, blockchain, and virtual reality to construct the metaverse and deepen the impact of blockchain technology. This zealous group of blockchain enthusiasts focus on expanding the influence of blockchain technology. Find more about them on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter @0xMatrixLabs.


Also located in Vancouver is NFTX, a financial services startup that empowers users to create and trade fungible and composable funds, which track coveted NFT collectibles. Co-founded by Alex Gausman, NFTX is making unique NFTs more accessible and tradable. Keep up with them on Twitter @NFTX_.


Propulux uses blockchain to revolutionize the real estate industry. Their platform bridges the gap between landlords, agents, and tenants by providing a seamless, fully digitalized solution for real estate transactions. Learn more about their game-changing approach on their LinkedIn page or follow their updates @propulux on Twitter.

Atlas One

Atlas One, another Vancouver-based startup, marries fintech with blockchain. This venture capital firm was co-founded by George Nast. Engage with them on LinkedIn, follow their updates on Twitter @atlasonedigital, or even like their page on Facebook.

Tiny Colony

North Vancouver startup Tiny Colony is making waves in the gaming industry. This startup is utilizing blockchain to introduce exciting and innovative video games to the world. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter @TinyColonyGame.

Kamu Data

Vancouver startup Kamu Data uses blockchain technology to increase the efficiency of exchanging structured data in real-time. This software company aims to enable data collaboration on a scale similar to that of software. Learn more about their work on LinkedIn.


An education tech startup founded by Bahareh Honarmandian and Pooria Arab, Richedu is innovating the education sector. They focus on motivating students to study by turning assignments into coins, thus introducing a gamified approach to the conventional education system. Connect with them on LinkedIn, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter @Richeduu.


Mainly dealing in NFTs, Doodles specializes in the creation of imaginative and distinct traits with faces, hair, hats, body, and backgrounds. Explore more about Doodles on their LinkedIn and get their latest updates on Twitter @doodles.

LayerZero Labs

LayerZero Labs stands at the forefront of apps, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. This innovative software company works towards bringing decentralized apps (dapps) together despite being on different blockchains. Follow them on Twitter @layerzero_labs or connect with them on LinkedIn.

TerraZero Technologies

Based in Vancouver, TerraZero Technologies coalesces web3, blockchain, 3D modeling, and animation into its platform. Building on technology that's available since 2021, they deliver distinct software solutions across diverse industries. Get to know more about them on LinkedIn and Twitter @terrazerotech.


Finally, Defined, co-founded by Braden Simpson and Mike Rowe, aids users in querying and interacting with on-chain data across numerous blockchains and Defi protocols. Keep abreast of their crypto platform developments on Twitter @definedfi.

British Columbia continues to churn out promising blockchain startups, fostering a dynamic arena for exponential innovations in this space. Whether you're part of the tech community, an investor, or just a blockchain enthusiast, stay tuned to this space and watch these companies grow!

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