Canadian CleanTech Startups Revolutionizing Eco-Friendly Solutions From Home Turf

January 3, 2024

Increasing concern for the environment has shifted interest towards clean technology (cleantech) across the globe, and Canada is no exception. This drive towards sustainability has given rise to numerous innovative startups from coast to coast. As a country rich in renewable resources, Canada provides a unique breeding ground for companies committed to tackling major environmental challenges. This article showcases some of the most promising cleantech startups in Canada, all established in 2020 or later.

The selected startups operate across a broad range of industries from energy and mining to food and technology, amongst others. Each strives to create lasting improvements to both regional and global environments through innovative technologies and services. Our main goal is to celebrate these champions of sustainability, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship, bringing them to the forefront of conversations in both business and environmental sectors.

We will look at 11 startups based in Canada’s most vibrant cities – from Victoria to St. John’s. These cities are becoming hubs for innovation and growth, attracting talented entrepreneurs who are passionate about making the world a better place. Here, we delve into each company’s unique contribution to the world of cleantech.

Kathairos Solutions

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Kathairos Solutions is a forward-looking cleantech company dedicated to combating global warming. Focused on the oil and gas industry, the company transforms carbon waste products into useful substances while aggressively targeting other environmental challenges. The team at Kathairos Solution is motivated to create a more sustainable planet using unique technologies.Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.


Focused on reducing paper wastage, Dux offers a SaaS platform that helps product manufacturers create and share digital instruction manuals. As a Toronto-based cleantech startup, Dux believes in delivering cost-effective, sustainable solutions to its consumers, providing digital manuals that can be effortlessly accessed and saved on any device. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.


Providing hassle-free cleaning services in and around Calgary, Alberta, MopSpot offers a professional cleaning platform to homeowners and short-term rental operators. The company is committed to maintaining a clean and healthy environment through their meticulous services. Facebook.

Farmer’s Legacy Biotech

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Farmer’s Legacy Biotech aims to intersect agriculture and biotechnology to form sustainable solutions for the food and beverage industry.

Clean Nature

Quebec-based Clean Nature offers innovative solutions to one of the pressing environmental issues – chloride contamination in water sources. The company employs artificial intelligence to create smart decision-making tools to reduce contamination and mitigate environmental harm while ensuring road safety. Facebook & LinkedIn.

Solaires Entreprises Inc

Solaires Entreprises Inc, based in Victoria, British Columbia, is focusing on creating sustainable energy solutions by replacing silicon with perovskite in solar cells. They aim to create affordable solar photovoltaics with higher energy conversion efficiency. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Machinery Analytics

Vancouver-based Machinery Analytics is an AI startup providing innovative solutions to the automotive and electric vehicle industry. They aim to improve performance and sustainability through machine learning and software engineering. LinkedIn.

Kanin Energy

Kanin Energy is a Calgary-based startup providing cleantech solutions to heavy industry operations. The company aims to monetize waste heat and implement sustainable practices within these industries. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.


Aquafort is a unique amalgamation of AI, aquaculture, healthcare, and software based out of St. John’s, Newfoundland. The company’s predictive analytics software contributes to the efficient management of fish health and welfare, thereby transforming the aquaculture industry. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Sulphide Remediation Inc.

Based in Surrey, British Columbia, Sulphide Remediation Inc. is a team of mining engineers committed to mitigating the issue of acid rock drainage from historical coarse rock waste piles. Their environmentally friendly approach includes sorting waste to remove acid-generating rocks ensuring safe disposal and contamination-free by-products. Twitter & LinkedIn.

Liven Proteins

Liven Proteins, based in Toronto, operates on the intersection of AgTech, Biotechnology, CleanTech, and the Food and Beverage industry. With the promise of delivering sustainable protein food products, the company aims to make a positive environmental impact. LinkedIn.

Every journey begins with a single step, and these startups are not just promising but are also taking responsible steps towards a more sustainable future. As we move forward, let’s celebrate, support, and be inspired by their innovative, environmentally friendly initiatives.

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