Canadian Clinical Trials Startups Thriving From London Base

January 5, 2024

The clinical trial industry plays a pivotal role in discovering new treatments and enhancing health care globally. Even today in the era of pandemic, clinical trials are more in the public eye than ever before. For a startup to thrive in this environment it must demonstrate extraordinary innovation, versatility, and resilience. Below we highlight some of the exceptional startups instituted in 2020 or later that are flourishing in the clinical trials industry and are headquartered in London.

These startups are navigating the challenges of the industry, building businesses and creating jobs, while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. They innovate new therapeutic methods, discover prevention drugs and conduct clinical trials that push the field forward. They are altering the landscape of healthcare in unprecedented manners.

Let’s delve into the outstanding work they’re doing and the products they’re developing which are truly top-notch.

Clerkenwell Health

Founded by Alastair Moore and Tom McDonald, Clerkenwell Health is an innovative mental health company which excels in clinical research support services and psychedelic-assisted therapies. They aim to expedite the adoption of these treatments across Europe via independent psychedelic-specialist CRO services. Their patients-centric approach places them at the forefront of clinical trial design and delivery of gold-standard therapy protocols.

Inspira Pharmaceuticals

Launched in 2020 by founders Nick Woolf and Rory McGoldrick, Inspira Pharmaceuticals is devoted to conducting research and development on treating respiratory diseases. Their central mission is to create technology for therapy and preventive medicines.

Roquefort Therapeutics

Roquefort Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that develops products through the pre-clinical phase. Founded in 2020, it is headquartered in London.

Queen Square Analytics

Specializing in data analytics in neurology, Queen Square Analytics aims to treat neurological diseases. They provide contract research for neurological clinical trials, notably on multiple sclerosis, aiding doctors in diagnosing and treating neurodegenerative disorders.

Lindus Health

Co-founded by Meri Beckwith, Michael Young, and Nik Haldimann, Lindus Health is a clinical research organization running clinical trials. They offer a wide range of services including ethics, IRB submission, trial monitoring, data management, regulatory, and payor affairs, among others.

Neobe Therapeutics

Founded by Annelise Soulier, Neobe Therapeutics is contributing significantly to the clinical trials, healthcare, and medical therapeutics industries.


GeneHub is a clinical trials accelerator that collaborates with patients and drug development companies to enhance access to pertinent medication.

Clinical Trials Arena

Clinical Trials Arena has created a niche for itself in the B2B, clinical trials, medical, and social network industries. They have effectively utilized their substantial digital footprint to provide an extensive array of services.

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