Canadian Cloud Computing Innovators Thriving in Sydney: A Showcase

January 6, 2024

As part of our series on startups, Beststartup Canada is excited to introduce a selection of innovative new companies emerging from the Cloud Computing industry in Sydney, Australia. Although we focus on Canadian startups, understanding the global entrepreneurial landscape is crucial for knowledge-sharing and the development of a robust startup ecosystem. These companies have quickly adapted to unprecedented times and are pushing the boundaries of innovation, despite being incepted in 2020 or later. They are changing the face of cloud computing, contributing significantly to various industry sectors with their unique business models and cutting-edge technology. Let’s take a look at these bold and disruptive startups:


DigiConsult is a digital consultancy that focuses on optimizing delivery, quality, investment, and value for its clients. Their expertise spans across Software Services, Technology Infrastructure, and Delivery Governance. Despite their primary focus being the non-profit and education sectors, their services are adaptable across multiple industries. Their strategy is to ultimately use technology to solve customers’ business challenges.

Kontext Pty Ltd

Kontext Pty Ltd is a platform designed to aid enterprises in managing and driving digital programs efficiently and comprehensively. Their goal is to revolutionize the way businesses function in a digital sphere, raising the bar for their competitors in the process.


Kivera is at the forefront of cloud security. They focus on enforcing governance and security policies across cloud deployments. Their patented technology provides deep visibility into cloud requests and prevents security misconfigurations from becoming potential vulnerabilities.

Sierra Cloud

Sierra Cloud offers strategic programming services, leveraging their multi-cloud and cross-platform domain and industry expertise. Providing in-house innovation and strategic consulting services, the company presents a modern solution to navigating the increasingly complex world of cloud services.

Strong Compute

Unveiling a new perspective on cloud computing, Strong Compute is focused on performance-driven pricing rather than consumption-based pricing models. Using software and hardware optimizations, they are aiming to build a faster future of cloud computing. They’re making strides in AI and targeting the $500B cloud market with their innovative approach.


XtreamCompute is dedicated to enhancing connectivity for cloud gaming, Metaverse, AR, and VR applications. Their next-generation, high reliability, and low-latency connectivity initiative is set to push the boundaries in these exciting and rapidly growing sectors.

Every startup mentioned here represents the pioneering spirit necessary in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world. Each company has demonstrated incredible creativity and drive despite their recent inception. As the Cloud Computing sector continues to grow and evolve, these startups are undoubtedly ones to watch.

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