Canadian Cloud Infrastructure Startups: Innovating the Tech Sphere Nationwide

January 5, 2024

Canada is fast emerging as a prominent hub for technology startups, with the nation’s vibrant tech ecosystem giving rise to companies renowned for their innovation and dynamism. This article showcases some of the most remarkable Canadian startups in the cloud infrastructure industry that sprang to life in or after the year 2020.

These burgeoning startups are leading the way in shaping the future of cloud computing and breaking new grounds in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity. As they continue to evolve and achieve milestones, they are gaining recognition for contributing prominently to Canada’s economic growth and technological prowess.

Here, we present profiles of these inspiring startups, detailing the vision that guides their endeavors, the industries they operate in, and the masterminds behind their inception. Let’s delve into the inspiring world of these ambitious Canadian startups:

MSP Corp

Located in Guelph, Ontario, MSP Corp is a cloud computing organization that forays into IT management and software development spaces. Founded by Jason Dacosta and Ravi Ramharak, MSP Corp focuses on empowering managed service providers through technology, resources, and business support. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Based in Toronto, Ontario, Accelerified operates in the realms of artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure, and IT consulting. While the founders remain nameless, their work has been instrumental in areas like machine learning. Stay updated with their latest endeavors on their LinkedIn page.

Cloud Architects

Vancouver’s Cloud Architects specialize in cloud computing, data services, cloud management, cloud security, and developer platform. Founded by Sean Mehrabi, this IT services, and IT consulting firm also boasts a strong social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Metrik Connect Solutions

Metrik Connect Solutions, headquartered in Calgary, specializes in cloud infrastructure, IT consulting, and cybersecurity. LinkedIn offers more insights into their business model.


FYELABS, based in Hamilton, Ontario, operates in cloud infrastructure, IT consulting, and Internet of Things (IoT) under the leadership of Ghada Badawy, Souvik Pal, and Suvojit Ghosh. You can follow their updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

NZE (Net-Zero Edge)

Dartmouth-based NZE, founded by Kyle Burton, specializes in the construction, deployment, and maintenance of subsea data centers. They seek to revolutionize data center cooling and server reliability. Their activities can be tracked on their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

KeepSec Technologies

KeepSec Technologies, founded by Jordan Coupal and Kevin Coupal in Saint-léonard, Quebec, offer a wide range of services from advanced server infrastructure to public and private cloud. Stay in touch with KeepSec on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Based in Quebec, Quasis offers services in artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure, mobile apps, and web development. Their projects and ideas can be followed on their LinkedIn page.

Fonotel Communications Inc.

Fonotel Communications is a leader in telecommunications services in Montreal, Quebec. Founded by Mohamed El-Mohri, it provides custom-design VoIP solutions addressing special customer needs. Keep up with Fonotel through their LinkedIn page.

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