Canadian Computer Vision Startups Flourishing in London: An Insightful Highlight

January 4, 2024

As part of our continued spotlight on Canadian startups, we turn our attention to London, England. A vibrant city known for its rich history, diverse culture, and technological innovation, London is home to an array of exciting startups launched in 2020 or later. In this article, we cast our gaze upon a clustered group of startups, all operating within the burgeoning Computer Vision industry.

Computer vision is the science teaching computers to ‘see’ and understand content within digital images or videos. By using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, these startups are revolutionizing various industries from healthcare to e-commerce. They are allowing machines to interpret visual data, a critical part of automation and AI capabilities to mimic human tasks.

In such a specialist, complex field, these startups have shown impressive innovation, developing cutting-edge technology around computer vision and improving efficiencies across a range of sectors. Let’s take a look at these promising businesses that have the potential to make significant impacts in their respective fields.


Founded by Eric Landau, Leeho Lim, and Ulrik Stig Hansen, Encord is an AI-assisted platform that streamlines data annotation, active learning pipelines, and error diagnosis. They offer technology-driven solutions for dataset errors and model biases. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Under the leadership of Founder Kanwal Bhatia, Metalynx aims to democratize computer vision technology. They help non-technical experts to build their own computer vision applications, breaking down technical barriers through their intuitive software.


Launched by Abhi Arora and Deniz Cicek Elitez, Verchable brings the worlds of AI, machine learning, and video together. More information on their work can be discovered on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Founded by Mohammad Khodadadi, SATIS.AI is revolutionizing the food service industry with an autonomous kitchen operating system. This ambitious startup is targeting both food delivery and restaurant sectors to reduce errors and improve efficiencies. Check out their LinkedIn here.


The brainchild of Ali Rezaei Haddad, NeuroNav offers an augmented reality and computer vision platform for surgical navigation, significantly improving surgical performance. Follow their updates on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Grayscale AI

Grayscale AI, led by Dragos Stanciu, pioneers in providing next-generation computer vision and neuromorphic AI technologies. With a focus extending from aerospace to robotics, this company aims to advance efficiencies while reducing costs. Learn more on their LinkedIn page.


Under the leadership of founders Eddie Forson and Stathis Eleftheriadis, EnVsion offers an end-to-end platform that enhances business capabilities with videos. Stay updated with EnVsion’s latest advancements on their LinkedIn or Twitter page.


Founded by Rosty Kerei and Sergii Khomenko, Autocanteen offers AI-powered self-checkouts for canteens with visual recognition. Follow their latest updates on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Founded by Gina Farran, Glaize is pioneering beauty care with computer vision technology. They offer made-to-measure gels, redefining traditional nail care practices. Stay updated with Glaize on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Instill AI

Under the auspices of Ping-Lin Chang and Xiaofei Du, Instill AI aims to enhance accessibility to AI technology and manage unstructured data effectively. Stay updated with their latest technology on their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages.


Giulio Capodimonti and Pietro Dalpane’s DeepGears is working to solve sizing issues and reduce returns in online shopping. With their technology, shoppers can visualize garments on a virtual avatar matching their body measurements. More details can be found on their website.

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