Canadian Consulting Startups: Spotlight on Richmond-based Innovations

January 4, 2024

The entrepreneurial landscape is ever evolving, with new companies coming up each day, each bringing change, innovation, and novel ideas into their respective industries. Today, we will highlight some standout startups in the Consulting industry, all of which have been founded in 2020 or later, and are headquartered in Richmond, providing a broad spectrum of services and sectors. These companies are adding value to their clients and communities through their unique offerings.

Richmond, as it turns out, is a burgeoning hub of startups in various sectors, with new ventures choosing to call the city home because of its collaborative ecosystem, access to resources, and a business-friendly climate. The consulting firms that we will discuss also operate in a diverse range of industries, including Real Estate, Food Delivery, Employment, Financial Services, Business Development, Events, Insurance, Property Development, and Community building, which further attests to the multi-faceted appeal of Richmond as a base for startups.

These companies are a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and innovation, and each contributes to the vibrancy and dynamism of the Richmond business community. Without further ado, let’s get to know these startups better:

Presage Security

Presage Security is a Consulting firm specializing in Information Technology and Software. While the founders remain unnamed, their focus on creating innovative technological solutions is clear. Connect with Presage Security on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Boone Residential

Founded by Mike Boone, Boone Residential is an innovative startup in the Consulting, Real Estate, Rental Property, and Sales industry. Find Boone Residential on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


ChefSuite offers a wide range of services in the area of Consulting, Cooking, and Food Delivery, with a particular focus on providing commercial cooking facilities and related services. You can connect with ChefSuite on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Storey Consulting

Storey Consulting specializes in employment and skills within the property and construction sector. Their wide range of services are designed to deliver and communicate social value. Follow Storey Consulting on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Community Tax & Financial Services

Operating within the Finance, Financial Services, and Management Consulting industries, Community Tax & Financial Services is committed to providing top-notch financial services. You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Saved By The Biz

Saved By The Biz provides a variety of business solutions such as consulting and SEO strategy services. They are available on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Eden Airlines

Focusing on Consulting, Events, Gift Card, and Retail, Eden Airlines offers a one-stop solution. You can connect with Eden Airlines on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Capital Region SBDC

Capital Region SBDC operates within the Association, Communities, and Consulting industries. Their operations facilitate growth and development within these sectors. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Richmond National

In the Consulting, Insurance, and Property Insurance areas, Richmond National is a notable name. They can be found on LinkedIn.

The Lease Admin

Founded by Andrew Nguyen, The Lease Admin provides real estate back office services such as consulting and property management. They can be found on LinkedIn.


Founded by Shahed K., IndyGC specializes in Business Development, Communities, and Consulting. They aim to build a strong community, sharing content, resources, and connections amongst members. Find them on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these startups offer a fascinating glimpse into the diversity and vitality of the entrepreneurial culture in Richmond. Each one is unique, but they all share a common determination to create value, drive innovation, and contribute to their communities. While many of these companies are still in their early stages, they are already making their mark and we look forward to watching their continued growth and success.

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