CleanTech Startups in London, Canada: Pioneers in Canadian Sustainability Innovation

January 3, 2024

In the wake of environmental consciousness and sustainable innovation, London-based start-ups have emerged as pioneers in the CleanTech industry. These companies, established in or after 2020, are making a significant impact in the realm of renewable energy, sustainability, and green technologies. Each start-up possesses a unique vision and compelling strategy to combat environmental issues and foster a more sustainable tomorrow.

This article highlights a series of London-based CleanTech startups in various sectors and their innovative solutions for a greener and more sustainable future. From GreenTech staffing to the development of advanced sustainability platforms, these start-ups showcase the potential future of technology in mitigating adverse environmental impact and accelerating the global transition to clean energy.

The mission of these London-based CleanTech start-ups is not only contributing to a more sustainable world but also shaping the global CleanTech landscape. Let’s explore some remarkable CleanTech start-ups from London.


Established by Kayleigh Bottomley in 2020, Storm4 is leading the way in global GreenTech recruitment. Specializing in connecting organizations with talent driven to create a sustainable tomorrow, Storm4 focuses on businesses at the forefront of renewable energy and ‘clean’ innovation. The company recruits highly specialized teams with key GreenTech skillsets across C-Suite, Product Management, Data & Analytics, Finance & Operations, Engineering, and DevOps.


London-based Altruistiq, established in 2020 by Saif Hameed, provides a platform for enterprises to automate sustainability data measurement, management, and exchange, enabling companies to implement environmentally friendly practices with ease.


Launched by Andrew Shebbeare and Matt Isaacs in 2020, Counteract focuses on combating the climate crisis by providing financial and strategic support to engineer and scientist entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to capture or store greenhouse gases at a global scale.


Focused on water purification and mineralization, Sküma transforms tap water into a quality functional beverage replenishing essential electrolytes. Founded by Alexandre Mahe and Georges Khairallah in 2020, Sküma offers a convenience-based alternative to commercially sold bottled water.


As a nonprofit organization, TerraPraxis focuses on innovating and incubating scalable solutions for neglected areas of the decarbonization challenge, providing global access to affordable, reliable, emission-free energy. Founded by Eric Ingersoll and Kirsty Alexander in 2020, TerraPraxis is headquartered in London, England.

H2 Bulletin

H2 Bulletin provides well-researched and highly authoritative news and market research, making it the leading market intelligence provider for the next generation of power systems.

Tersus Services

Tersus Services offers expert janitorial services with a CleanTech flair, setting the standard in the catering industry.

Be Nosy

Developed by Carina Cunha and Dorette Hibbert, Be Nosy offers wearable tech that purifies the air, preventing users from breathing in pollution, viruses, and allergens. Its patented technology is more effective than any other solution in the market, providing a layer of defence against airborne threats.


Founded by Chux Okafor, DOCK’N’LOCK is making significant strides in the CleanTech field, showing promising growth since its establishment.


Developed by Jose Paris, zumocharge is an app-based service that connects electric vehicles to the existing charging infrastructure, facilitating easy charging even for those without access to a driveway. This innovation tackles a significant problem experienced by up to 1.2 million electric vehicle owners in London alone.


Co-founded by Benjamin G. Davis and Gustaf Hemberg in 2020, Scindo is a CleanTech start-up developing advanced enzyme systems. Focused on transforming agricultural feedstocks into natural ingredients and upcycling plastic waste into high-value molecules, Scindo aims to replace petrochemical ingredients in several industries. With these sustainable feedstocks, Scindo significantly contributes to the reduction of environmental impact.

In conclusion, these London-based CleanTech start-ups stand on the forefront of innovation in a range of sectors, all geared towards creating a more sustainable world. These organizations are illustrative of future business trends as companies globally shift towards environmentally friendly practices leveraging smart, clean technologies.

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