Cutting-Edge Mobile Startups Transforming Calgary’s Tech Scene in Canada

January 29, 2024

In 2020, Canada experienced a boost in its startup ecosystem. Despite the economic uncertainty of a global pandemic, many Canadian entrepreneurs rose to the challenge. Calgary, in particular, played a significant role in advancing the mobile industry. This article spotlights some of the innovative mobile startups that originated in Calgary, Alberta in 2020. These companies are pioneering solutions across a diverse range of industries from mobile applications and information technology to health care and financial services.

It has been exciting to witness Calgary’s startup ecosystem thrive. From creating groundbreaking mobile apps to spearheading revolutionary digital solutions that make business operations easier, the city has truly come into its own. What you’ll discover in this list of startups is more than companies launching impressive technological services; you’ll see resilience, hard work, and the determination to disrupt industries with the power of mobile technology.

Let’s take a tour through some of Calgary’s blooming startups and immerse ourselves in their groundbreaking work.


From lending hands to small and medium businesses to creating state-of-the-art mobile applications, the Calgary-based startup Eimhe is making significant waves in mobile tech. Although their founder’s identities remain private, their impact in the industry is profound and continuously felt.

ENA Solution

Focusing on information technology and mobile applications, ENA Solution is another Calgary-born startup gaining attention. With an aspirational mission and a confident leadership team, this startup is sure to make strides in the industry’s future.


Aiding in transaction processing and mobile payments, Flitwire has shown great promise as it inscribes its name in the financial services sector. Watch this space for game-changing steps by Flitwire in redefining financial transactions.

Memory Anchor Inc.

Memory Anchor Inc., co-founded by Matthew Cudmore and Ryan Mullens, is enriching the Augmented Reality experience. The startup has been focusing on building immersive and creative mobile applications that elevate user engagement.

Cherry Health

Founded by Jordan Vollrath and Maximilian Kerz, Cherry Health is making strides in Canada’s healthcare and mobile apps industry. The company’s work in connecting physicians with over 1100 Canadian hospitals, clinics, and healthcare employers is revolutionary, making healthcare accessibility significantly easier.

Buoyancy Works

Founded by Jon Macconnell, Buoyancy Works aims to support people during career transitions using behavioural science and technology. The startup focuses on personal wellness and offers innovative solutions in the realm of education, mobile tech, and career planning.

Vasoo Tech

Vasoo Tech is a mobile apps company offering solutions from content creation and graphic design to SEO and web development. This Calgary-born startup is bringing a new dimension to the mobile industry and showing promising potential.

Overall, 2020 was a year of progress and innovation for the mobile startup scene in Calgary. These companies have shown immense resilience and adapted to the challenges of the industry, creating innovative solutions that are revolutionizing their chosen markets. Let’s look forward to more groundbreaking work from these startups as they continue to play their part in shaping the future of mobile tech in Canada.

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