Discover Ontario’s Innovative Computer Vision Startups: The Canadian Vanguard

January 6, 2024

As Canadian tech continues to gain momentum, Ontario has become a vibrant hub for innovative startups. Many of these fresh and promising names are operating within the burgeoning field of computer vision. This industry applies AI and machine learning methodologies to imitate the human vision system, a technology with immense potential across a wide range of sectors. In this article, we will spotlight several emerging startups with an inception of 2020 or later, all proving their mettle in the computer vision sector:

Each of these startups, based in Ontario, is unique in its approach, from offering AI-powered home security services to implementing computer vision in the healthcare industry. Despite their distinct business models, they all share a common foundation: the utilization of computer vision technology to drive innovation and provide effective solutions to modern problems.

Given below are brief bios of each company along with founders’ details and the company website for those interested in exploring them further:


Founded by Anik Seth, Jiping Sun, and Kiran Kadekoppa, HUEX Labs is a Toronto based startup. The company is in the process of creating AiDA, the Automated Intelligent Digital Assistant. AiDA is a voice-enabled digital assistant to aid businesses in managing customer conversations in real-time industry environments. They concentrate on tasks such as taking orders, handling inquiries, and addressing requests in a human-like manner to create an unparalleled customer experience.

SBX Robotics

Another exciting Toronto-based startup, SBX Robotics, is working on improving computer vision models with synthetic data for training. Founded by Ian Dewancker and Josh Kuntz, SBX combines real and synthetic image data for better training their computer vision models.

Machine Learning Estimation

Founded by David Yang and Michael Lawton, Machine Learning Estimation has developed software that takes-off detailed quantities from building designs. This software, primarily used in the construction sector, allows you to upload PDF drawings, download marked-up versions, and integrate them with an existing estimating program.

Fortius Labs

Fortius Labs, founded by Abdelhamid El Bably and Benjamin Lee, is a healthtech company that is using computer vision to revolutionize musculoskeletal healthcare. Fortius Labs develops software that automates and objectifies movement-based injury risk and performance assessments by analyzing 3D human motion from webcam/smartphone videos.

Wolf iris AI

Another Toronto-based startup Wolf iris AI provides a proactive approach to home and business security. Using its AI-powered, 24/7 live video monitoring technology, Wolf iris AI intervenes before a security incident occurs, a massive step forward from reactive security measures.


METAWORLDX, founded by Raza Jafri is pioneering a new form of visualization. They build, deploy, and license digital environments. Think visualization of engineering, planning & architecture, and entire cities – a non-static, interactive digital version. Any city, development, or infrastructure project is potential fodder for a METAWORLDX Digital Twin.

In conclusion, even in its relative infancy, the computer vision industry in Ontario has displayed immense promise. These startups are collectively defining a new epoch in tech innovation, with rippling impacts which will redefine multiple industries. They are testament to the ever-growing tech ecosystem in Canada, with Ontario at its heart.

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