E-Commerce Excellence in Quebec: A Spotlight on 15 Innovative Companies

November 29, 2023

E-commerce in Quebec is booming, with a range of innovative companies emerging in various sectors. From unique online marketplaces to sustainable product offerings, these businesses are shaping the future of online shopping. Here’s a look at 15 notable e-commerce companies in Quebec.


Website: MioCommerce.com
About: MioCommerce.com is revolutionizing SMBs’ approach to e-commerce with its all-in-one platform, tailored for service-based businesses.


Website: Shopicar
About: Shopicar offers a comprehensive online automotive marketplace, streamlining the buying and selling process for vehicles.

Angel Softwares

About: Specializing in Web3 SaaS, Angel Softwares stands at the forefront of integrating advanced technologies into e-commerce solutions.


Website: Articho
About: Articho is redefining art acquisition, offering a unique online marketplace that connects art lovers with exceptional pieces.

Bamboo Underwear

Website: Bamboo Underwear
About: This brand is making waves in the lingerie industry with its eco-friendly and comfortable bamboo-based products.

Transformer Table

Website: Transformer Table
About: Offering customizable furniture, Transformer Table is innovating the way we think about and purchase home furnishings.

The Hair Routine

Website: The Hair Routine
About: This company brings sustainability and data-driven insights to the haircare industry with its unique product range.

Yes We Vibe

Website: Yes We Vibe
About: An eclectic array of accessories is just a click away with Yes We Vibe’s vibrant e-commerce platform.


Website: Moast
About: Moast is transforming e-commerce with its peer-to-peer showroom concept, enhancing the online shopping experience.


Website: Tabarnapp
About: Tabarnapp is a one-stop solution for Shopify apps and themes, simplifying the e-commerce process for retailers.


Website: MYNI
About: MYNI is leading the charge in eco-friendly cleaning products, combining sustainability with high-quality ingredients.


Website: Polysleep
About: As a premier mattress company, Polysleep is redefining sleep comfort with its innovative products.

Bijoux Medusa

Website: Bijoux Medusa
Location: 296 Rue Tessier, Chicoutimi, QC G7H 4Z7 Canada
About: Bijoux Medusa stands out in the jewelry sector, offering exquisite pieces that cater to diverse tastes.


Website: OTOLANE
About: This online wholesale auto auction platform is streamlining the vehicle trading process for dealers and buyers alike.

Rose Buddha

Website: Rose Buddha
About: Specializing in sustainable athleisure wear, Rose Buddha offers handmade products that blend style with eco-consciousness.

These 15 companies exemplify the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit thriving in Quebec’s e-commerce sector, offering unique products and services that cater to a wide range of consumer needs.

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