E-Commerce Industry Innovations: Showcasing Ottawa-Based Canadian Startups

January 23, 2024

In recent years, Ottawa, Ontario, has been a bustling hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. This city is home to a diverse and inspiring range of startups from the e-commerce industry, especially ones emerging in 2020 and beyond, that have begun to make waves on a local and even global scale. A few stars from this thriving startup scene stand out above the rest. Let’s delve in and explore the innovative e-commerce startups making waves in Ottawa.

These startups have turned adversity into opportunity, thriving in the face of a global pandemic to offer innovative solutions. From digital groceries and health-conscious teas, to social commerce for athletes and sustainable fashion choices, these new businesses are truly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in e-commerce. They embody innovation, entrepreneurship, and resilience, fueling Ottawa’s thriving startup scene while propelling the city further into the global business spotlight. Here, we bring you a roundup of the best new Ottawa-based e-commerce startups.

Though they span across various sectors, all these startups share a common attribute: they leverage technology to bring innovation and convenience to their customers. Whether in food and beverage, healthcare, retail, or other sectors – these startups are disrupting their spaces by capitalizing on the ongoing growth and acceleration of e-commerce.

Spice Divine

As a newcomer to Ottawa’s e-commerce scene, Spice Divine has quickly carved out a niche in the grocery and retail industry. Operating as an Indian marketplace, they delight their customers with an array of spices, groceries, and spiritual items. Through their reliable online grocery delivery service, they’ve become an essential resource in our increasingly digital lives. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Birch Moon Wellness Co.

Summing up their ethos, Birch Moon Wellness Co. endeavours to bring humans closer to nature through a simple yet significant medium – tea. Their functional teas, packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, aim to elevate their customers’ lifestyles. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


INRUCA is more than just a company that designs and sells products, they dare to push the human race forward sustainably. They’re a determined family that’s not afraid to take risks and overcome fears. Join their innovative journey on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


At Partum they are operating at the intersection of e-commerce and healthcare. Creating digital tools and platforms that help individuals and families navigate the complex landscape of modern healthcare. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


MILLIONS.co uniquely combines social media, personalized video interactions, and e-commerce. Their platform empowers professional athletes to connect deeply with their fans and unlock new revenue channels. Check out what they’re up to on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Belotika is a sustainable and inclusive premium activewear brand that was established in 2021. They provide ethically- and sustainably produced premium activewear for every body, promoting confidence and positivity.

Hubswirl Inc.

Introducing Hubswirl, an innovative online community that empowers users to network, collaborate, and share content. They also provide an interesting twist as their members can earn from blogs, and content contributions through an advertising revenue share program.

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