Edmonton’s Emerging Software Startups: Pioneering Innovation in Canada’s Tech Scene

January 29, 2024

With the rise of new advances in technology like artificial intelligence and cloud computing, a new generation of software startups is taking root. This is particularly true in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where a vibrant community of innovative entrepreneurs are developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions. All of the companies featured here were created recently, with an inception date of 2020 or later. Let’s take a look at some of the startups changing the face of the software industry in Edmonton.

Areto Labs

Founded by Jacqueline Comer, Kasey Machin, and Lana Cuthbertson, Areto Labs offers a unique blend of Software, App development, Information Technology, and Community-based services. They have developed cutting-edge apps and bots that have been successfully integrated into various digital community platforms that help build and shape a company’s culture. You can get connected with them through Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Involved in the unique blend of Construction, FinTech, Property Development, and Software, Collegium is redefining how buildings are produced. The company is innovatively using fully integrated technology platforms and unique processes to trim down the costs and time of building construction. Their revolutionary technology has resulted in impressive returns on invested capital and a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership. Reach out to them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Traiffic Labs

Traiffic Labs is operating in the Artificial Intelligence and Software industry. This recently founded company is highly promising with increased interest in the industry, and we eagerly watch their bring exciting new developments and innovation to the table.

Browse AI

Browse AI was founded by Ardalan Naghshineh and provides a powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Integration, along with Sales and Marketing Automation. Their online automation software is designed to perform web actions in the cloud. This includes tasks like downloading data from websites, monitoring websites for changes, transforming websites into APIs, along with price and real estate data monitoring. Find them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Ethically Aligned AI

Founded by Katrina Ingram, Ethically Aligned AI is committed to providing ethical solutions to businesses looking to incorporate AI into their practices. Their services include audits, advisory services, research, and tools designed to decrease potential harm to finances and reputations. They can also provide customized online training for using AI responsibly. Find them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Iron Goblin

Headed by Dean Roskell, Iron Goblin is an independent game studio working with the Unreal 5 engine. They strive to create games that foster social interactions and bring friends closer. Reach out to them on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Founded by Solehin Sagor, TechCare aims to help businesses thrive in the digital age. They offer a monthly subscription service for web design and technology support. Their professional team includes adept web designers and developers. Become their fan on Facebook and connect with them on LinkedIn.

Fairly Staffing

Fairly Staffing was founded by Aisha Turna and operates in the health care and software industry. They can be connected through Facebook.


MAXLAB.IO, a product design company headed by Max Olender, aims to elevate the level of product development, hardware, and embedded software solutions Alberta and BC have to offer. With a specific focus on IoT and Smart Device Integrations and Electronics and Hardware Development, they provide top-notch Product Design services. Link up with them on LinkedIn.


Focused on incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) within the construction industry, SketchDeck.ai provides an innovative solution for design needs. They are revolutionizing the industry with these AI and ML tools. Reach out to them on LinkedIn.


Operating across multiple domains including Enterprise Software, Gamification, ICT, IT, Mobile Apps, and Virtual Reality, Launch57 offers a multitude of solutions to meet specific business needs. Their solutions operate on a variety of devices, all securely hosted on the cloud. Learn more about them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

The Software industry in Edmonton, Alberta is coming up with some of the most cutting-edge startups that leverage AI, cloud computing, and other advanced technologies. The 2020 inception companies showcased above are just a brief insight into the innovative solutions these startups in Edmonton offer. Even as they continue their journeys, we eagerly await the exciting and impactful solutions they will bring to the table in the very near future.

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