Edmonton’s Software Scene: Unveiling the Top 15 Innovative Companies Transforming Technology

December 5, 2023

1. PainWorth: Revolutionizing Legal Claims

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PainWorth stands out as a legal services application that harnesses artificial intelligence to automate personal injury claims, offering a novel approach to aid injury victims.

2. Dealcloser Inc.: Streamlining Legal Transactions

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Dealcloser Inc. has created a unique transaction management hub for legal professionals, making legal transactions more efficient and seamless.

3. CityScan Technologies Inc.: Innovating in Transportation

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CityScan Technologies Inc. is at the forefront of delivering innovative software solutions to the global transportation industry.

4. GreyJay Energy: Pioneering Energy Efficiency

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GreyJay Energy is an energy service technology company focused on transforming buildings into efficiency superstars through innovative software solutions.

5. Collegium: Redefining Construction Tech

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Collegium offers a unique integrated Smart Contract, ProcureTech, and FinTech platform specifically designed for the construction industry.

6. Goal Zero: Enhancing Safety Management

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Goal Zero provides cutting-edge safety management solutions, ensuring workplace safety and compliance.

7. Aliud: Connecting Commerce Socially

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Aliud is a SaaS service that bridges the gap between independent sellers and buyers through innovative social-ecommerce services.

8. Rewardful: Empowering Brand Advocates

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Rewardful turns loyal customers into active promoters with its affiliate and referral programs integrated with Stripe.

9. FRENT: Leading in Furniture-as-a-Service

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FRENT introduces an AI-enabled online platform adopting a Furniture As-a-Service (FAAS) business model, changing how we perceive furniture rental.

10. Hendrix: Building Productivity Solutions

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Hendrix is dedicated to developing productivity solutions for the modern workforce, enhancing efficiency and collaboration.

11. Iron Goblin: Crafting Fantasy RPG Worlds

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Iron Goblin is an independent game development studio focused on creating immersive fantasy role-playing games with a social cooperative play aspect.

12. Sparrow Connected: Transforming Corporate Communications

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Sparrow Connected offers a corporate communications platform that revolutionizes how companies communicate and engage with their employees.

13. vrCAVE: Elevating Virtual Reality Experiences

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vrCAVE is reshaping the virtual reality landscape by providing high-quality shared entertainment experiences.

14. Ghostlab: Innovating Financial Tech

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Ghostlab is focused on improving the functionality and accessibility of modern financial technology and services through innovative software design.

15. Jambo: Simplifying Stakeholder Engagement

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Jambo offers the fastest and easiest software solution for stakeholder engagement and consultation, streamlining the process for businesses.

The diverse range of software companies in Edmonton, Alberta, showcases the city’s growing reputation as a hub for technological innovation. Each of these 15 companies is not only contributing to the local economy but also making global impacts in their respective fields.

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