Emerging Advice Startups Transforming Canadian Industry from Victoria Base

January 4, 2024

The realm of startups located in Victoria, Australia is dynamic and diverse, with many eminently innovative companies emerging in the Advice industry recently. This article showcases some of the intriguing startups to look out for, all of whom were established in 2020 and beyond.

These start-ups span across a multitude of fields, ranging from financial services to real estate and venture capital. In a world where strategic advice is a prime factor for decision making, these companies are set to make a significant impact.

Without further ado, we delve into these captivating startups that are making waves in their respective fields in Victoria’s bustling business landscape.


Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Sayers operates within the Advice, Financial Services, and Wealth Management industry. With no founding members disclosed, the company’s detailed operation plan and services remain discreet. However, their involvement in wealth management sets them apart as a noteworthy player in the arena.

EMT Partners

Established by Peter Davey, and Trent Blacket with a headquarters situated in Melbourne, EMT Partners specializes in Entertainment, Media, Sport, and Technology advice, also encompassing Impact Investing, and Legal services.

Rent Converters

Operating in the Advice, Consulting, Finance, and Real Estate industry, Rent Converters, is spearheaded by founder Matt Lanigan and is notable for its strategic yet diverse approach to business.

Bluestone Property

Bluestone Property Corporation was founded by James Anderson and excels in the Advice, Construction, Consulting, Real Estate, Rental Property, and Sales industry. The firm prides itself on offering a broad spectrum of services related to property investment and real estate.

Advisor Risk Management

Launched recently in Melbourne, Advisor Risk Management is strategically positioned within the Advice, Compliance, Financial Services, Insurance, and Risk Management industry, notably maintaining a robust presence despite an undisclosed founders list.

Growth CFO

Founded by Damian Lococo, Growth CFO stands out in the Advice, Business Development, Consulting, and Financial Services domain, following a distinct business model that aims to transform the conventional advisory paradigm.


Melbourne-based startup BizHero serves in the Advice, Financial Services, FinTech, and Lending sector, encompassing a global presence despite an undisclosed founder base.

Sentient Impact Group

With a presence in the Advice, Financial Services, and Impact Investing space, Sentient Impact Group is carving out a unique niche despite the undisclosed identity of its founders.

Lion Heart Investment

Lion Heart Investment, based in Box Hill, Victoria, is recognized in the Advice, Finance, and Financial Services area. Their dedicated and passionate team develops products and solutions tailored to their clients’ needs.

Flinders Lane Capital

Founded by Peter Lang, Flinders Lane Capital operates in the Advice, Finance, Lending, and Venture Capital industry, depicting a promising future for startups in Victoria.

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