Emerging Alberta Biotech Startups Revolutionizing Canada’s Healthcare Industry

January 5, 2024

As an incubator for growth and innovation, Alberta’s biotechnology sector has fostered a raft of groundbreaking startups in recent years. Emanating from 2020 till date, the province has witnessed the rise of numerous Biotech startups perfectly situated to transform the world with their ground-breaking endeavors. These enterprises, being the pioneers of the country’s transformation in Biotech, are pushing the boundaries in Agriculture, Dietary Supplements, Medical, Life Science, Manufacturing, and Artificial Intelligence, amongst others. In this article, we delve into the workings of some of these exceptional startups.

A noteworthy trend among Canadian startups is their voracious appetite for disruption, coupled with enticing prophecies of a future driven by innovation. Evidently, they are imbued with the spirit of adventure, setting out to brave uncharted territories shrouded with elements of the unknown. The sprouting startups in Alberta reflect this Canadian outlook, pooling their valuable resources to revolutionize the biotech sector.

The economic implications of their pursuits are far-reaching. By breaking fresh grounds, these startups introduce new product lines and value propositions into the market. This not only benefits consumers but also enhances the economic competitiveness of the region. Without further ado, let’s explore these startups in detail.

Tersa Earth

Tersa Earth, founded by Vikramaditya Yadav, operates within the Biotechnology ambit, hailing from Vancouver, Alberta. The biotech start-up is hard at work devising solutions that solve environmental issues whilst promoting a sustainable environment. For more information, you can follow their activities on their Linkedin page or catch them on Twitter at @tersa_earth.

Northern RNA

Northern RNA, a Calgary-based startup was instituted by Brad Stevens and Thomas Hansen. The company operates in the Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Medical industries. They aim to revolutionize the field with their innovative solutions. Check out their Linkedin page for further updates.


AgGene, a brainchild of Logan Skori and Marcus Samuel, is a startup operating from Calgary. Belonging to the Agriculture, Biotechnology, Food and Beverage, Life Science sectors, the startup plans to innovate ways to better our lives. To find out more, check their Linkedin page.

Skymount Medical

Cementing its place in the Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Medical sectors, Skymount Medical operates out of Calgary, Alberta. One of its key products is the Deep Drug platform, an AI-based tool that expedites formula generation, thus reducing time and costs related to drug discovery. More about Skymount Medical can be found on their Linkedin page, or their Twitter handle @skymountmedical and Facebook page.

Allos Bioscience

Allos Bioscience has its roots in Lethbridge, Alberta. A proud member of the Biotechnology, Chemical, Life Science, Medical sectors, it’s paving way for intriguing and unique applications within those realms. To learn more, follow them on Linkedin or Twitter with the handle @allosbioscience.

Teser Technologies

Established in Calgary, Alberta, Teser Technologies is gaining momentum in the Biotechnology, Health Care, Manufacturing sectors. Specialising in UV-C sanitization, they manufacture sanitization chambers that disrupt DNA chains, kill pathogens and halt the spread of disease. Their latest updates can be followed on Linkedin, Twitter @tesertechlang=en and Facebook page.

NanoTess Inc.

NanoTess Inc., meticulously founded by Megan Leslie, is driven by a passion to develop nanotechnology solutions for fighting various health-related issues. Operating out of Calgary, Alberta, they are unearthing small and mighty solutions for unmet health needs in the Biotechnology and Health Care sectors.


AnthoBio is a startup hailing from Calgary, Alberta. Making strides in Biopharma, Biotechnology and Dietary Supplements, AnthoBio is looking to change the world one innovation at a time.

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