Emerging Biotech Startups Transforming Toronto’s Science Scene: Canadian Spotlight

January 4, 2024

Canada has become a hotbed for startups within the biotechnology sector, drawing international attention with its wealth of resources and potential. Toronto, the most populous city in Canada, is establishing itself as a hub for biotech startups, with many companies deciding to set up their headquarters there. Today, we will look into some incredible Biotechnology startups who began their journey in 2020 or later, each contributing to a brighter, healthier future.

These startups are playing a pivotal role in taking medical advancements forward, solving complex biological problems using the cutting-edge technology, and helping to revolutionize health care. These companies are working on breakthrough technologies and treatments in various fields, including health care, pharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence, diagnostics, and more.

Whether they’re harnessing the power of AI to fast-track the production of biologics or diving into the burgeoning field of psychedelic therapy, these Toronto-based businesses are leaders in their respective fields. Below are some startups that you should definitely keep an eye on.

Awakn Life Sciences

Formed by Anthony Tennyson and Jonathan Held, Awakn Life Sciences is a biotechnology company that develops and delivers psychedelic medicine to treat addiction. Awakn’s team consists of chemists, scientists, psychiatrists, and psychologists who are developing the next generation of psychedelic drugs, therapies, and enabling technologies. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


Founded by Fabio Chianelli, PharmaTher Holdings Ltd is a clinical-stage biotech company that researches, develops, and commercializes novel uses, formulations, and delivery methods of psychedelics to treat mental illness and pain disorders. Stay updated with their progress on their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Deep Biologics

Deep Biologics, founded by Dea Shahinas and Shraddha Dubey, combines breakthrough AI technologies to overcome bottlenecks in biologics production. They use a combination of in silico technologies and conventional screening for unprecedented depth, quality, and speed in biologics discovery pipelines. Their updates can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Adrian Uthay, Douglas Fraser, and Peter George, Neurolytixs is a part of the healthcare sector within the biotechnology industry. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Spartan Finance

Spartan Finance, created by Sajjad Abbas and Shakeel-Abbas Hussein, provides a comprehensive dashboard for biotech research, free online courses related to drugs and the pharmaceutical industry, and an algorithm alerting about significant events from catalysts to FDA drug approvals, stock dilutions, and more.

Arma Biosciences

Arma Biosciences, founded by Hanie Yousefi, Shana Kelley, and Surath Gomis, is a developer of a sensor platform for monitoring various physiological markers. Their sensing tips are compatible with different types of body fluids and can detect a range of health indications.

Neural Therapeutics

Neural Therapeutics specializes in psychedelic-based medical therapeutic and dietary supplements. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Janet Qi, Purminds operates in the Cannabis and Neuroscience sector of the biotechnology industry. You can stay updated with them via their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles.

Antiseptic Pro

AntisepticPro is a life sciences and biotechnology manufacturer of natural nutrition supplements, OTC products, and wellness products. They specialize in supplying organic and pure nutraceuticals and over-the-counter products including disinfectant and sanitizers, in addition to top of the line air purifiers. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Divergence Neuro

Founded by Alex Ni, Divergence provides an AI-driven mental health technology platform that connects therapists and patients through smart relational technologies. Their powerful, cloud-based platform enables mental health care providers to deliver better outcomes. Monitor their progress via their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

Liven Proteins

Liven Proteins, founded by Fei Luo, operates in the Agtech, Biotechnology, Cleantech, Food and Beverage, and Sustainability sector. Stay updated with their advancements on their LinkedIn page.

These startups show that Toronto is leading the charge in biotech innovations, which promise significant changes in the healthcare landscape. By joining technology and biology, their disruptive solutions not only promise to improve the lives of many but also solidify Canada’s place as a major player in the global biotech stage.

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