Emerging British Columbia Art Startups Shaping Canada’s Creative Landscape

January 3, 2024

The Canadian startup scene has flourished in recent years, with British Columbia in particular harbouring a wealth of innovative young companies. A significant percentage of these startups are disrupting the traditional ways of functioning across various industries, paving the way for a new era of Canadian businesses equipped with state-of-the-art technology, unique business models, and fresh perspectives. This article highlights some of the most promising startups based in British Columbia that were launched in 2020 or later.

These startups display ingenuity, resilience, and ability to address complex challenges across various sectors, such as agriculture, artificial intelligence, real estate, and healthcare, to name a few. With their unique approach, they are pushing boundaries and pioneering ideas combining creativity with technology to shape the future of business across the globe.

In this curated list, we are focusing on the businesses that have already made their mark in the industry within a year of their inception. Here’s introducing some of those startups that are involved in designing and delivering game-changing solutions in their relevant sectors.


Fuelled by the vision of Arthur Chen and Roman Kozak, Verdi is a startup that is transforming the agricultural industry with data science. The company empowers farmers with accurate data to make informed decisions, primarily in the area of irrigation. Follow them on LinkedIn for more information.

ESG Analytics

Co-founded by Qayyum Rajan, ESG Analytics is an analytics platform that offers detailed insights into environmental, social, and governance factors for businesses, countries, and ETFs. They use alternative data and artificial intelligence to support sustainable and responsible investing. Check their Linkedin profile for more updates.


Faizan Ali Khan is the driving force behind LetHub, a startup that combines AI with real estate leasing to revolutionize property management. The company’s intelligent software greatly simplifies the leasing process. Lear more at their Linkedin page.


SceneBox, founded by Yaser Khalighi, equips engineers with the tools to manage data more efficiently, saving precious time for model development. This AI-based startup is transforming the way engineers handle perception data. Follow them on Linkedin for more updates.


Focusing on health and wellness, bots4impact is a health chatbot design agency developed by Helen Goddard, Lisa Andres, and Thara Vayali. They offer unique chatbot solutions to engage and educate customers. Check out the latest news from them on their LinkedIn Profile.

Machinery Analytics

With Mitch LeBlanc and Peter Kostka at the helm, Machinery Analytics merges multiple fields including AI, Electric Vehicles, Machine Learning, and CleanTech to develop advanced automotive solutions. Find out more about them on their LinkedIn.


Spade, founded by Cooper Hart and Oban MacTavish, is innovating the Fintech space through AI and Machine Learning. Their transaction enrichment API is designed to support FinTechs in delivering improved user experiences. Get more information about they work through their LinkedIn Profile.

Recon Health

Developed by Bozena Kaminska, Dr. James Miller, Karim Arabi, and Scott McMillan, Recon Health aims to revolutionize remote patient monitoring with the help of Edge Computing and embedded AI. Their Virtual Care Patch is a breakthrough in monitoring critical vital signs. Get to know them more on their Linkedin Page.

Ladybug Robotics

Ladybug Robotics, the brainchild of Amirmasoud Ghasemi and Hani Eskandari, solves the issue of manual labor shortage in farming. Their intelligent devices are transforming the farming industry. Stay updated via their Linkedin.


Strataji is making strides in the Real Estate and Artificial Intelligence sector. Although data regarding their founders isn’t available, they are helping businesses overcome challenges through their innovative solutions. Their Linkedin provides more details.

Nexera Robotics

Nexera Robotics, a North Vancouver-based startup, uses robotics and AI to deliver complex solutions despite the lack of information on their founders. Stay connected via their Linkedin and Facebook.

In conclusion, these startups are making impactful strides in their respective fields. They are the testament to British Columbia’s rapidly evolving business landscape. It will be exciting to see how these companies continue to innovate and inspire new startups in years to come.

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