Emerging Calgary-Based CleanTech Startups Redefining Sustainability in Canada

January 6, 2024

With the global focus on sustainability and reducing environmental footprints, there has been a surge in innovative Canadian startups in the CleanTech industry. These startups are trailblazing the way by providing new technologies and solutions that aim to counteract climate change and usher in a greener future. This article showcases a selection of such startups headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, all which began their journey in 2020 or later.

The featured startups are a diverse blend, ranging from those targeting the energy sector to those providing unique service industry solutions. All of them however, share the common goal of promoting environmental sustainability, and revolutionizing their respective fields with creative, clean technology.

Owing to its rich energy sector history, Calgary creates the ideal environment for these startups to thrive. New and innovative businesses standing on the cutting edge of the CleanTech industry find the support, talent, and resources they need to grow and innovate. Here are six of these game-changing startups.

Kathairos Solutions

Kathairos Solutions is a CleanTech startup targeting the unprecedented challenge of a warming planet. The company’s focus is on providing environmental consulting services to the oil and gas industry. With their cutting-edge solutions, they aim to encourage a sustainable shift within the industry.
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MopSpot is offering a unique blend of CleanTech and service industry solutions. They provide convenient and reliable cleaning services to homeowners and short-term rental operators in Calgary and its surroundings.

Kanin Energy

Founded by Daniel Fipke, Jake Bainbridge, Janice Tran, and Rod Fitzsimmons Frey, Kanin Energy is aiding heavy industry to reduce their carbon footprint and monetize waste heat. Their groundbreaking technology offers energy management and waste management solutions.
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Entropy is committed to commercializing energy‐transition technologies. Through their work, they promote cleaner energy solutions that have potential to revolutionize the industry.

AI Shading

Founded by Zack Zhang, AI Shading is paving the way for green consumer goods and smart homes/buildings with their AI & IoT-enabled technologies. With their novel solutions, they aim to reduce the environmental footprint of homes and buildings.

Carbon Zero Finance

With its foundations laid by Jai Kumar Joon, Carbon Zero Finance engages in innovative technologies like Blockchain, IIoT, and AI to track and trade carbon. Their services help millions of people in accessing clean, fresh air while reducing pollution and nurturing environmental sustainability.
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