Emerging Calgary-Based Energy Startups Revolutionizing Canada’s Sustainable Future

January 17, 2024

With the increasing global focus on sustainable practices, the energy industry is going through a significant transition. Part of this shift involves startups with innovative ideas, a willingness to disrupt and a vision to spearhead change. Beststartup Canada presents a detailed review of the startups operating in the energy sector, aiming to lift the veil off Calgary’s thriving energy industry. Born out of the need for environmental-friendly practices, these startups have significantly stood up to the challenge and have shown great promise for the future.

In the midst of a global energy transition, Canada has emerged as a leader in embracing clean energy solutions. Specifically, Calgary, Alberta, has given rise to a number of startups that are revolutionizing the energy sector. These companies are not only focusing on providing clean energy solutions but are also taking firm steps towards decarbonization and sustainable resource management. This article puts the spotlight on some of these companies which were founded in 2020 or later, showing the innovative mindset and forward-looking vision that the local energy sector entrepreneurs possess.

Let’s dive deep into the promising world of Canadian energy startups spanning industries like Oil & Gas, CleanTech, Renewable Energy, and more. These startups are positively impacting the energy landscape by focusing on areas such as energy efficiency, waste management, energy transition technologies, and renewable fuel production. We’ll take a closer look at each one of these companies, their mission, and what they bring to the table.

Avatar Innovations

As a corporate venture studio, Avatar Innovations builds an energy future through leadership, entrepreneurship, collaboration, and capital for decarbonization. By filling a critical gap in the energy innovation ecosystem, Avatar’s contribution is commendable and significant. [LinkedIn]


Operating in the renewable energy sector, SpectrumH2 focuses on manufacturing and provides alternative energy solutions. [LinkedIn]

Kanin Energy

Founded by Daniel Fipke, Jake Bainbridge, Janice Tran, and Rod Fitzsimmons Frey, Kanin Energy works on developing projects for heavy industry to help them monetize their waste heat and decarbonize their operations. The company has a strong online presence with an interactive website and active social media profiles. [Facebook] [LinkedIn]


Dedicated to commercializing energy‐transition technologies, Entropy is an important player in the clean energy sector. [LinkedIn]

Tidewater Renewables

With a focus on energy transition and renewable fuel production, Tidewater Renewables is another impressive startup based out of Calgary.

Innova Hydrogen

Launched in 2021, Innova Hydrogen is led by Brian Alford, Donny Bobocel, Kamelia Giles, and Matt Desroches. The company develops innovative and proprietary hydrogen-producing technology for the energy sector. Innova Hydrogen’s revolutionary technology reduces carbon emissions and offers valuable products in the form of high-purity hydrogen gas and customizable, tailor-made graphene. [LinkedIn]

Novus Earth

An innovation-driven corporation, Novus Earth Energy develops and implements decarbonized technologies that enable sustainable stewardship of the earth’s resources. [LinkedIn]


NeoLithica focuses on advancing its Alberta lithium projects to production using advanced DLE technology.


The brainchild of Brook Papau and Tanya Baeza, Orennia provides trusted commercial analytics to help inform investment and capital allocation decisions for renewable and zero-carbon energy. Orennia’s insights, curated by highly experienced industry experts, help investors make confident investment decisions. [LinkedIn]

Cygnet Energy

Founded by David Maddison, Leanne Juneau, and Michael Wilhelm, Cygnet Energy focuses on capturing scalable resource prospects in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin​. [LinkedIn]

Rocky Mountain Solar Co.

Operating in the renewable energy sector, Rocky Mountain Solar Co. also advances the manufacturing and semiconductor industry. The company stays well-connected through their active online presence. [Facebook] [LinkedIn]

Featuring a mix of seasoned entrepreneurs and fresh new faces, these startups are raising the bar for energy innovation in Calgary and transforming the sector. By focusing on sustainable practices and clean energy solutions, they are contributing significantly to energy transition and playing a pivotal role in shaping the energy future of Canada.

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